Hi, I'm Alexander Plotnikov. I like to develop and support interesting projects. My quality is punctual and love for programming. I like to work with a quality code and business logic. My goals: accurately perform your tasks and perform tasks on time. Before starting work on a new project, I wanted to talk with the client to get a full information about their needs and design. I am very honest and calm person. I would like to work with people like me. I like to develop back-end and use Perl and PHP. From PHP framework I like to use the CMF MODX. I enjoy MODX platform and its capabilities. My skills MODX more than 3 years. MODX I can use to develop proety any complexity. If you want I can develop add-ons and modules. When developing in Perl, I prefer to use the framework Mojolicious (or Catalyst). My experience with this framework is about 1.5 years. Like Mojolicious for its simplicity and brevity. I like Catalyst for its functionality. The last few years I'm doing front-end development. Currently, I work the leading front-end developer. I am developing a new version of the interface. In the process, I was using the AMD architecture (Require.js) and MVC framework Marionette.js (Backbone.js). The server part of the project (back-end) Writing in Perl. Thank you for your attention. Below I wrote my important skills. For front-end: - XHTML, HTML5, CSS2-3 - JQuery - For complex interfaces: MVC framework (eg Backbone.js, Marionette.js) - I like modular js with AMD (eg Require.js) For back-end: - PHP5 (OOP style only) - Perl - Perl web framework (Mojolicious, Catalyst) Storage: - MySql - Postrges - MongoDb VCS: - Git CMS / CMF: - MODX Revo (MODX Revolution) - WordPress - Joomla - OpenCart - PrestaShop

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