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Electrical engineering, electronics development, electronic design, smart home, embedded electronics, prototyping, IoT, PCB, firmware, Linux embedded, C/C++, PHP, ASM, Python, VHDL, Verilog, OpenCV, ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, ESP32, STM32, machine vision


Zeps Tech is a smart electronics development company founded with a great mission to make machines truly intelligent. Together, we make an enthusiastic team of initiative experts that with their broad experience of working in more than 6 industries collectively offer the multidisciplinary approach to electronics development. We work with both individuals looking to form a startup company and established companies looking to expand their tech department. We bridge the gap between your idea on paper and full-scaled technological solution by taking your product from concept, through development, and into production, including offshore manufacturing, and retail packaging. As the result, we produce world-class competitive electronic devices in the shortest terms and fair prices. Our clients: ✅ Sagentia company, Cambridge, UK; ✅ Concepter HQ Inc., New York, USA; ✅ Institute of Plasma Physics, Prague, Czech Republic; ✅ NATO Science Program "Science for Peace”, Brussels, Belgium; ✅ PTB, Braunschweig, Germany and KSSRIM, Kharkiv, Ukraine; ✅ NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Other - IT & Networking

Zeps Tech team with over 16-years of experience offers to share deep expertise with you in solving any question of IoT application development. We can free you from the headache of creating a team of IoT-developers and start to design IoT-compatible software & hardware from scratch.

Machine Learning

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


  1. Computer Vision
  2. Manufacturing & Construction
  3. Embedded Linux
  4. ESP32
  5. Zigbee
  6. PCB Design
  7. Electrical Engineering
  8. STM32
  9. OpenCV
  10. Machine Learning
  11. Altium Designer
  12. Core Bluetooth
  13. Hardware Prototyping
  14. Raspberry Pi
  15. Firmware Programming

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May 19, 2017

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Red Dot Design Award