Before coming to IT I was working as a personal assistant to a vice-minister in Russian government. The job taught me to always be in search of the best possible solution to the problem I'm presented with, to be self-reliant and, most of all — to deliver. I have several web-applications under my belt as a PM of a great team of developers I've been constantly working with. We work mostly in MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) and I know my way in Js/React/Node.js but use this knowledge to communicate better with my fellow developers. I also know a lot about typography and can tell good design from great design. My most important skill is the ability to understand our clients' needs and make sure our developers understand them too. My second most important skill is to respect deadlines. If the job cannot be delivered on time, I'll communicate that in a timely and solution-oriented manner. But chances are — it will be delivered on time. For my pm duties I prefer to use Asana/Telegram, hovewer I'm more than familiar with Slack/Trello/Basecamp, the choice is up to you.

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