Modern full-stack cloud developer with extensive experience in developing cloud-based applications using AWS, MERN, JAMstack, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and CI/CD pipeline technologies. Completed numerous large world-class projects with a 100% completion rate. Contributing to Panacloud’s open source CLI project for Serverless API development. Extensive experience in software architecture, design, development, implementation, and integration. Worked as a developer in the US tech industry for over 15 years. Hands-on work including thousands of hours of development work logged recently resulting in multiple successful projects for cutting edge startups like Panacloud and PIAIC as well as enterprise consulting with Accenture on many different client accounts in both the public and private sectors. Have developed the front-ends for SaaS and mobile applications, as well as extremely scalable and fault-tolerant cloud back-ends using AWS serverless technologies using the event-driven architecture. Use AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to define Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitHub Actions for developing CI/CD pipelines. AWS CloudFront and Netlify to deploy React and Next based frontends and Contentful as a headless Content Management System (CMS). Use AWS Lambda functions, containers, and Fargate for serverless compute services. Have developed APIs supporting both RESTful OpenAPI and GraphQL specifications. For databases, I have experience in using key-value (DynamoDB), document (MongoDB), relational (MySQL, Oracle, and Aurora Serverless), and graph (Neptune) databases. Have developed streaming data solutions with Kinesis. For advanced serverless orchestration, have used AWS Step Functions and AWS EventBridge for integration. AWS VPC for making applications secure. In addition, I am a big proponent of Test Driven Development (TDD). Worked with a combination of Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking concepts and methodologies. Excellent communicator, mentor, instructor, and coach. Have acted as liaison among teams, clients, users, stakeholders, and external parties to get projects from idea to deployment. Have taught the latest state-of-the-art front-end and cloud technologies to thousands of students/developers free online and onsite. To sum up, my latest and recent work is on AWS Serverless SaaS using AWS CDK, GitHub Actions, React, Redux, Storybook, Next, AWS CloudFront, Contentful, AWS Lambda, Docker, API Gateway, AppSync, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless Relational DB, SQL, Neptune Graph DB, Gremlin Graph Traversal Language, AWS EventBridge, and Kinesis Data Streams.

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