Main Skills/Languages/Frameworks: Programming Languages: Java, SQL, Objective C, Swift • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, XCode • Operation Systems: Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, OpenWRT), FreeBSD • Database management systems: SQLite • 3rd parties SDK: Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Box, Google Analytics, Parse com • 3rd parties API: Facebook, Google APIs, Parse com • Frameworks: UI, CoreData, Gradle, Batter Knife, Dagger, Socket IO, Sensor frameworks, Android frameworks etc. • Graphics Libraries: OpenGL • SCM: Git, SVN • Libs: Retrofit, Robospice, Otto, Picasso, GreenDao, RxJava, AchartEngine, UIL, ORM lite • Design patterns: MVC, «Singleton»,«Delegation», «Dependency injection», «Observer», KVC, KVO,«Facade», «Adapter», «Chain of responsibility», «Iterator», «Lock», «Prototype», «Abstract factory», и др. • Unit Tests: Robotium, MonkeyRunner, Espresso, Mockito, Junit, • Continuous integration: Jenkins • CoreData, App purchase, APNs, spriteKit and physicsKit, runtime objC, XML, MapKit, Google Map, Google Api Geo Coding, UIKit, JSON • Foreign Language: English(Advanced)

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