I'm an independent researcher and writer looking for opportunities to help others with their own projects. I recently completed a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Education at Hong Kong University. I have more than a decade of experience working with Chinese students and colleagues. I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Hong Kong for four years and spent four years in the ESL industry in Mainland China before that. I have written two book-length reports for the Commonwealth Secretariat, both of which were presented to more than fifty education ministers from across the world. The reports were co-authored but I was responsible for nearly all of the work. The latest book is available for download below. It highlights the attention I pay to explain complex ideas, academic jargon, and statistics with both writing and innovative data visualization. I believe I might be particularly helpful to writers who, like me, write overly long manuscripts and need a 'second pair of eyes' to cut extraneous content, lower word counts, reorganize, and find the strongest arguments in a piece of work. I am also particularly adept at tracking down appropriate citations for quotes and numbers, a skill that overlaps significantly with fact-checking assignments. My research and writing covers everything from agronomy, economics, history, sociology, and critical theory. I am particularly well-suited to work on any project related to social sciences, but would be willing to consider projects from different fields. I am usually capable of understanding research in other fields and disciplines so long as I find the work interesting.

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