20 + years tech vet in silicon valley, I am very passionated to help people for a total solution with modern tech. the quickest solution would be starting from a prototype to finalize tech and team ( React is fine, AWS as cloud for a scalable full stack) … We are a successful vendor on a well-established e-commerce site. We know the demand is there and our sales volume continues to grow on that platform. How could you help us begin driving some of that traffic directly to our site? 1: NextJs is SEO friendly, built-in analytical engine from Google cloud or AWS cloud will provide user profiling, cohorts analysis dashboard; 2: data collected from 1 will be fed in the stream analysis engine for recommendation. API could be customized per user profile 3: built in email, SMS notification will enable built-in campaign. Describe your recent experience with similar projects : I am starting up business with 3 successful launching. Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website jimxzai for github What frameworks have you worked with? React (if necessary Next.js) + MUI or tailwind css to be ready for modern UI and web 3. also would recommend Flutter for long run

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