Competitive advantage is indeed at the heart of a firm's performance in competitive markets. I'm enabling the companies to gain a real competitive advantage by applying the right technologies, build state-of-the-art architectures, applying a product development mindset, and doing business analysis. I believe in the principles of passion, focus, and taking charge: • Be passionate about the things you do – or stop doing them. • Focus on a small number of things and finish them before you move on. • Take charge and potentially deliver slightly more than expected. I am Oleksandr, a passionate, hands-on, highly motivated Sr. Engineering Manager, Solution Architect, and Technical Strategy Advisor with over one and half decades of considerable engineering, product, Digital Transformation, and Managerial experience. Past 15 years, I have served in SaaS, B2B scaleup companies, and Fortune 500 companies as: • Sr. Engineering Manager • Interim VP of Engineering | CTO • Enterprise Strategist and IT Transformation Advisor • Technical Strategy Advisor • Lead Solution Architect • Enterprise Architect I have broad and deep technology knowledge and the ability to architect solutions by mapping common customer business problems to end-to-end technology solutions. I architect systems to enable businesses to add value to their products and satisfy their customers by increasing the speed of delivery with good enough product at first then gradually make it better. To succeed, I believe not only in choosing the best technology or approach but also in choosing them because it fits for purpose. Besides whatever we choose, it must be flexible enough to evolve so our technology portfolio can adapt to business goals and technology changes. How do we know if we select the right technology and approaches? The critical point is to be able to measure all decisions, implementations, and processes. I take pride in increasing employee engagement and scaling high-performance teams that align on vision, execute across targets, and improve the value chain. So far, I’m involved in designing and building various applications such as web, mobile, desktop, distributed systems, microservices, IoT, client-side, and back-end solutions running on AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud providers. I enable customer success and digital transformation by leveraging the power of AI, public clouds, and data science. In short: Strategy, Innovation, Teamwork, Results, Commitment, Quality, and Wins are vital things that drive me in my work. Feel free to contact me.

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  1. Solution Architecture Consultation
  2. Data Warehousing
  3. Clean Architecture
  4. Architecture Consultation
  5. Enterprise Architecture
  6. Solution Architecture
  7. Software Development
  8. Microservice
  9. Software Design
  10. API Development
  11. Kubernetes
  12. Data Warehousing & ETL Software
  13. Software Architecture & Design
  14. AWS Application
  15. Security Infrastructure

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