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Hakomo is a premium development company for mobile and online systems. We help small and medium size companies and start-ups by development of user-centric apps. WE DESIGN STUNNING INTERFACES AND DEVELOP RELIABLE APPLICATIONS THROUGH PROJECTS OR DEDICATED TEAMS WHAT VALUE DO WE OFFER TO CUSTOMERS? • We turn our expertise in technology, start-ups and UX/UI design into a premium quality of both aspects of our job: product & customer service. • We provide personal and flexible approach to every client. By contracting Hakomo, you get our attention and dedication to simplify your life. • We deliver western quality products and services with Bulgarian prices, making Hakomo a desirable partner with an outstanding value for price ratio. • Our designs are both aesthetic and functional. We make sure they are in line with your visual guidelines so you can effortlessly build your brand equity. • This lateral thinking enables us to build complex systems of premium quality but we don’t keep it for ourselves. We explain to you the inside-out’s of your digital venture and teach you thinking digitally. This way you get more value than just a product you asked for. • We sign agile contracts (with an ‘Exit At Any Time’ clause). WE BECOME YOUR TECHNICAL CO-FOUNDER WITHOUT THE EQUITY • Outstanding digital product is a result of your business needs understanding. We work with you to test, refine, and validate your idea based on real market and user data instead of just taking the assignment. • Our job is not to build the most elaborate system. Our job is to brainstorm for extra opportunities, possible benefits, potential constraints, and how to combine all our knowledge and best practices into a solution that delivers on your business needs and saves your time and resources. THE PROCESS = Understanding your business needs = We have your best interest in mind and that is why we work hard to define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We respect your vision but our goal is not to build the most feature-packed app. It would definitely help our bottom line but that is not what drives your results. It is crucial to understand your business needs thoroughly. We will ask you a lot of questions to grasp the essence of what you really need and to find the most efficient way to develop your product. We want to encourage you to make the best decision for your company’s future – even if that means going to another development agency or building your own team. We’re happy to help you with those decisions and we’re even happier if you opt for pursuing your digital venture with us. = Product Design = Once MVP is approved, the whole team brainstorms and prioritises the key features and basic user scenarios based on your goals, requirements, target audience, and the direction of your project implementation. We create the first prototype of your product in the process called wire-framing. It means we design the product’s layout, arrange the individual elements, content, and navigational systems, and define how it all works together. As soon as our vision meets your expectations, we create final interface design that reflects your branding and visual identity. If you don’t have those, we develop it for you. = Development = When everything is set, we start coding your product and ensure it works how we agreed on. You will be given a chance to play around with it and potentially give us feedback which we quickly implement. We count with this and take deadlines seriously, so you can stay assured the product will be deployed on time. = Maintenance = We guarantee good performance of our apps but you know how it is with Murphy’s Law – sometimes things break. When this happens, we provide the technical support and maintenance necessary to get the product running optimally again. Since each product and project is different, the type of support we provide varies on a case-by-case basis and depends also on your investment into quality assurance. No matter what scenario, we are very flexible in implementation of your ad-hoc requests and additional features. Read on to find out how this all works TRANSPARENCY IS KEY You might be familiar with tools like Trello, Asana, or even Jira but neither of them suited our needs properly. So we did what we know best - built a custom user-friendly system that lets you track your project; add, approve and prioritize tasks; change priorities on the go and even see estimation of the tasks’ price. It is like a dashboard to control what we do in a matter of a few clicks. WE OFFER DEDICATED TEAMS You can specify the number and skillset of potential employees and we establish a team of top-notch developers for you. Our strict selection process evaluates tech skills, communication capabilities, and personal characteristics of every candidate. Their knowledge and experience shall match your requirements and long-term goals.

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  2. iOS Development
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  4. AngularJS
  5. React Native
  6. Django
  7. Android App Development
  8. AWS Application
  9. React
  10. Heroku

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