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Hello, my name is Szymon and I am a pragmatic and agile software developer with 8+ years experience who consistently improves his programming skills to produce better software every day. I have spent the last 8 years developing and maintaining web applications written using various technology stacks - from PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 to Java, Groovy, Grails, Spring Framework web applications. During that time I have developed multiple products: web sites, e-commerce apps, enterprise applications, iOS applications and scalable applications in the Cloud. My favorite technology stack contains: Java or Groovy with Spring Boot or Grails, Spring Cloud + Netflix OSS (for building scalable microservices), Spring Data (with Hibernate and MongoDB), Spring Security, AngularJS, Spock Framework for writing automated unit tests, Gradle or Maven, Git, Jenkins/Travis CI/Circle CI (continuous integration). I follow "Clean Code" principles during my daily practice and I pay attention to concurrency issues in multi-threaded environments. When I design a core business models, I try to reflect all business processes and concepts while keeping them simple, concise and covered with automated unit tests. I strongly believe in communication and a fast feedback loop to create products that respond to customers needs. Below you can find a list of other technologies, platforms, and tools I'm fluent at: - Amazon Web Services (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, SNS) - Docker - Netflix OSS (Eureka, Hystrix) - Spring Security OAuth2.0 (clients and providers) - Building REST API - Swagger UI for documenting REST API - GPars Framework - JUnit, Mockito, Spock Framework, Geb - Test-Driven Development - Hibernate / JPA with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases - MongoDB - Elasticseach + Logstash + Kibana - Grails Framework - Microservices - Object-oriented programming - Functional programming (Haskell, Standard ML) - Git, SVN - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Jenkins, Travis CI, and Circle CI - GitHub, Bitbucket - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript - PHP - IntelliJ IDEA, vim, gedit - Fedora Linux I'm also an open source committer, you can find me on GitHub with the nickname "wololock". I'm strongly interested in community development and that's why I have run Toruń Java Users Group in February 2014 - currently, we are one of the most active Java Users Group in Poland. If you find this description interesting, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm open to new project opportunities. I'm only interested in projects that are well described, meaningful and have the potential to be a great product/service.

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