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Web Design and Website Development / Mobile app development


IT LAMA is a software development company. ✅We find solutions to business challenges. ✅To get the job done, we cooperate with the most talented programmers, designers, and online marketing specialists. ✅We always strive to find the most competitive solutions and reach the highest efficiency in all our projects. ✅Our managers are first of all technical experts. They are fully customer-oriented and have diplomatic ways of dealing with disputable issues. ✅We guarantee confidentiality and strictly observe NDAs. ✅We are well aware of how important deadlines are for you. Through making contracts, we guarantee timely completion of our works. If we fail to meet your deadlines – we are always ready to accept penalties. ✅We are motivated by building long-term partnerships. ✅If you cooperate with us, we will bring your idea to life.

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  1. SQL
  2. Web Design
  3. Vue.js
  4. PHP
  5. HTML5
  6. Google Ads
  7. Node.js
  8. Yii2
  9. JavaScript
  10. CSS 3
  11. OpenCart
  12. WordPress
  13. jQuery

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