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We are a Cloud Solutions provider company delivering secure, scalable, robust, and cutting-edge solutions to clients all over the world. We provide custom and end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions with the core aim of achieving tangible results for our clients. 🥇Expertise ➤ Docker container ➤ CI-CD on Aws, Azure, and GCP ➤ Kubernetes ➤ Jenkins, Azure Pipelines ➤ GitHub, Gitlab, Bit bucket 🥇Industries Served ➤ Banking Sectors ➤ IT Development Companies ➤ IT-Security companies ➤ Food Industries 🥇Developed Solutions successfully on ➤ AWS and Azure Infrastructure ➤ Azure pipelines ➤ Jenkins ➤ Elastic Search, Prometheus ➤ Kibana ➤ Grafana Tool 🥇Acquired Scripting Knowledge ➤ Ansible ➤ Terraform ➤ Bash Scripting ➤ PowerShell ➤ Java

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Information Security


  1. Kibana
  2. Bash Programming
  3. CI/CD
  4. Ansible
  5. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  6. GitLab
  7. Amazon EC2
  8. Kubernetes
  9. GitHub
  10. Grafana
  11. AWS CloudFormation
  12. Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  13. Jenkins
  14. Azure DevOps

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