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These are the things that describe what I can do for you as a UI-UX Designer and Frontend Engineer: 1.) Create designs that are flawlessly curated for the target audience. 2.) Pixel perfect implementation of UI Designs into code. 3.) Write codes that are clean, thoughtfully organized, and well-documented. 4.) Use the most relevant, and up-to-date technology to build your project from the ground up! Hello! I am Christopher O. (aka IMCO, my brand) You can call me Chris! This is a story about how I made it to designing UX, UI, and writing code for the frontend. Design (UI and UX) I have always been a designer first. It all started by making posters for my class back in high school. That opened a way for me to work in a local design studio when I started college. The question that made me understand the psychology behind designs was when I ask my editors "What did you like about this design, and why?" That taught me that people respond to color, balance, structure, and harmony in a particular way. With that in mind, I made it so that my designs are intentional, purposeful, and targeted. A design has to be able to effectively say what it means to say, and who to say it to. I always aim for my designs to be easy to interpret and that it would leave a lasting impression based on what it wanted to communicate. I managed to gain a reputation and build a network from thereon. I started getting offers to design websites for hotels, restaurants, and game UIs. I hadn't realized it then but it was the dawn of my career as a solopreneur. Frontend (Angular, HTML, SCSS) The idea of making my audience interact with the designs I created inspired me to consider writing code. As a creative something that is logically driven can be an intimidating territory to venture into but then it all made sense after creating buttons with hover states. I knew I was hooked! I just didn't want to stop coding anymore! These days if I am not working, I am planning my next app. Making designs come alive by animations and micro-interactions is my definition of fun! As a professional frontend developer today I do not doubt that the core foundations of great code are readability, optimization, and great documentation. Conclusion What I value most of all is my clients' success. I understand that my clients are likely to be visionaries, idealists, entrepreneurs, and/or business owners just like I am. We are similar peoples after the same thing. We want to succeed in our ventures. Ten years in the industry helped me forge very valuable skillsets and experience. It is a long-drawn journey that requires dedication and hard work - and there is much to learn! I am very passionate about perfection, technology, leadership, and growth! Working on a project with me typically starts with a conversation around the question: 1.) What are you trying to make? 2.) How do you think I can help you? If ever you're interested in discussing these questions with me, just let me know! I will not waste your time. I can't wait to see what we can create together!

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