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With over 5 years of experience and working with diverse clients, I have come to realize that the core requirement or need of clients in a writer isn't someone with a good command of English, it is firstly someone who knows HOW to say or write the things that need to be said. Many times, we know what we want to say. As a business owner, you know whom you want to say these things to. You probably already have the channels or platforms you wish to say these things on (email, website, Social Media, etc), and you most definitely have a grasp of when saying these things matter the most. But haven taken care of the what, who, where, and when, you hit a consistent roadblock which is the HOW. In one way or another, a question like this has crossed your mind; 1. How do I tell my mom she looks beautiful without sounding like I'm complimenting her to get something in return? 2. How do I convince the HR team that I am truly hardworking and passionate without sounding like every other applicant? 3. How do I show the graduate school committee that my goals align with their vision and mission without looking redundant and common? 4. How do I propel prospective clients and customers that my service or product suits their needs without seeming desperate, selfish, or even aggressive? Don’t get overwhelmed, there are a lot of hows in communication and as the saying goes, how you say a thing is just as important as what you say, some argue it's even more important. So before we dive into having a vast vocabulary or a grasp of punctuation, I have identified, as a writer, that your first need is the HOW, and I strive to ensure that when you speak or write to your audience, you are not just saying what is right but you're also saying it the right way. I work hand-in-hand with your thoughts, ideas, passion, and intentions to create simple, concise, relevant, and engaging pieces of content enjoyable to your audience and profitable to you. But remember, every ingredient is important in making your soup, in this case, your content sleek! What you want to say, whom you're speaking to, when you're saying it, where, and how all influence each other. You cannot start the journey and stop halfway. So if you don’t know what to say to your audience, we will draw it out from your why and if you haven't identified when is best to release your content, we will undergo market observation and testing, engagement analysis, and commitment on your part to arrive at a comfortable yet consistent timeline. All in all, I am well equipped and eager to see you win in communication, both in speech and in writing! Feel free to contact me as soon as possible, I look forward to working with you. Thanks!

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