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Here are some of my expertise: CRM : Salesforce • Zoho • Hubspot • Agile • Oracle • Zendesk Web Dialer: 3CX • ViciDial • SpitFire • RingCentral • Cisco Accounts: • SaaS • (Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Service Demo) • HVAC • (Lead Generation, Data Extractions & Processing) • E-commerce • (Email Marketing, Order Process, Customer Service, Billing) • Real Estate • (Data Extraction, Data Mining, Email Marketing, Appointment Setting) • Medical • (Client Retention, Data Processing, Quality Assurance, Billing) • Insurances • (Cold Calling, Lead Generation, Customer Service, Appointment Setting & Sales) • Investments • (Warm Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Onboarding & Payment Process) • Logistics • (Customer Service & Data Processing) • Advertisement • (SEO, Data Mining, Video Production & Social Media) Process: Client Retention • Customer Success • Customer Service • Sales • Appointment Setting • Lead Generation • Data Mining • Product Research • Market Research • SEO & Marketing Development. With 7 years experience handling different accounts from market research, customer service, sales and marketing. You can expect high quality of work execution and extreme professionalism from my part. I also offer marketing consultation for businesses, providing marketing strategies based on your target sales & revenue development. I also offer talent nurturing services for free where some high caliber talents are available to take projects under my supervision to ensure quality work is done. I'm open for negotiation, contact me and let's grow your business!

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Lead Generation & Telemarketing

Customer Experience & Tech Support

Virtual Assistance

Recruiting & Human Resources

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Data Entry & Transcription Services

Market Research & Product Reviews

Project Management

Digital Marketing

Finance & Tax Law


  1. Technical Support
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. Accounting Report
  6. Project Management
  7. Administrative Support
  8. Sales & Marketing
  9. Account Management
  10. Lead Generation Analysis
  11. Data Management

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