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Exploratory Data Analysis, Regression, Classification, Descriptive Statistics, Neural Networks


We've worked on different projects in education, health research, psychometrics, R package development. We've contributed to the Brazilian 2020 Census for three months in planning it. I'm currently working at UFRN as a Statistician in Quality Management, training young data scientists in a SCRUM team. It's been a very fulfilling experience. I hope we have a mutually beneficial relation!

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Machine Learning

Some key-words: SCRUM (Agile), R, Shiny, Markdown, PowerBI, Linux Programming, Spark, SQL, Python... MCMC, Regression Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, classification, and regression algorithms) are in our Repertoire.


  1. Data Analysis
  2. Python
  3. Scrum
  4. SQL
  5. Data Science
  6. Linux
  7. Apache Spark
  8. Statistical Computing
  9. Linear Regression
  10. Experiment Design
  11. Exploratory Data Analysis
  12. Classification
  13. Logistic Regression
  14. R
  15. R Shiny

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