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Based in India we stand apart from others. We believe in delivering solutions and not just building things for the sake of it. Looking at every project as a problem to solve we are able to deliver quality products every single time. We have completed number of projects in whiteboard Animation videos & 2D explainer videos, Graphic Designs & Photo Editing & photo Manipulation. Having worked with startups and medium sized business we have d ealt with businesses of varying sizes. Our core strategy is to find out a major problem that the business is facing right now and guide them to a custom/effective/personalised solution. In fact that is our motto too, Design with purpose. Every button, every element on a page serves a specific purpose and is not just a decorating piece. We believe in focused approach so we have people with us who have experience and a passion for their profession. Each member of our team believes in our mission of delivering awesome work and is ever ready to go that extra mile for any project. We care for our clients and work on each job as it was our own. There is a particular process that we follow for each job but the basic principles remain the same for each one. Firstly we write custom proposals for each job and believe in quality over quantity. Writing targeted proposals helps us stand apart from the crowd and makes the client feel that we care for him. After proposal is accepted we engage the client in further discussions and try to find out a burning pain point that we should target in our end product. If everything goes well it leads to the research phase in which we research extensively about our client’s business and immerse ourselves in that environment. This helps our minds to connect the dots and find effective solutions to client’s problems. This phase is followed by the actual work i.e. designing or developing a product. And also we don’t simply abandon our clients after the job is done. Real work starts after. You can often judge the character of a company from its after sales service and we are hell bent at delivering on this front at any cost. Treating every client as part of our team this approach comes naturally to us and we are determined to excel at this. We respond usually pretty fast albeit on holidays or weekends this might extend to a few hours at most.

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  1. 2D Animation
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Photo Editing
  4. Animation
  5. Video Production
  6. Adobe After Effects
  7. Photo Manipulation
  8. Adobe Photoshop
  9. Whiteboard Animation

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