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More of your ideal customers buying from you. Smart Branding™ | STRATEGY FIRST, THEN TACTICAL EXECUTION Who doesn't want more customers? How are you going to get them without a plan? How is your ideal, target audience going to have you FIRST in mind to solve their problems? We help you answer these questions, and get your strategy in order, then put together a tactical plan to execute that strategy, so your target audience will understand that YOU are the solution they need. Attract & Retain your ideal customers, gain sales, marketshare, and mindshare. BRAND STRATEGY • CREATIVE DESIGN • WEBSITE • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • CONTENT MARKETING • VIDEO • DIGITAL and SEARCH MARKETING • Brand Strategy: Who are you and what do you offer your customer that no one does, or does as well? • Modern, Responsive, Effective Website • Get Your Message Out via Social Media, an absolute must-have • Content that effectively moves your customers through the Sales & Marketing Funnel to purchase • Email marketing to coax customers along • SEO and PPC Search Marketing to broaden your reach and gain new customers in the top of your Sales & Marketing funnel • BRANDING • DESIGN • WEBSITE • VIDEO • CONTENT MARKETING • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • DIGITAL MARKETING • BRAND STRATEGY: Who are you and what do you offer your customer that no one does, or does as well? • Complete Brand Strategy Development (Brand Book, Voice, Archetype) • Brand Positioning CREATIVE DESIGN • Visual Design, Brand Identity • Custom Logo, Font Typefaces, Color Palette (Style Guide) • Business Card and Letterhead Design • Marketing Material Design WEBSITE DESIGN • Expert Website Design and Development (see our portfolio) • Modern, Responsive, Effective Website, integrated with Landing Pages, Calls-To-Action (CTA's) and Email Marketing systems (like MailChimp) • WordPress and WooCommerce • HTML5, CSS3 • Joomla, Magento, other CMS technologies SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Overall Social Media Strategy • Social Media Visual Design (Logo, Banner) • Social Content Strategy (hashtags, content mix design, identifying target audience, follower growth) • Social Media Content Creation (content writing and graphic design of posts) • Social Media software like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Pilot, Social Report • Social Media Scheduling and Calendar creation • Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest CONTENT MARKETING Content that effectively moves your customers through the Sales & Marketing Funnel to purchase • Design and Write Original Content, specific to your business and target audience • Write Blog posts, case studies, white papers, ebooks • Content Marketing Software like Hubspot, MailChimp, LeadPages, Unbounce • Landing Page Design • Mobile Responsive Landing Pages • Landing Page Content Writing, Call-to-Action design and Technical Development • Email Marketing Design • Mobile Responsive Email templates created • Email writing, Call-to-Action design VIDEO • Video strategy development (purpose of video, channel distribution) • Explainer videos, Promo videos, Product videos • Custom video design in Adobe After Effects • Pre-production, filming, post-production DIGITAL and SEARCH MARKETING SEO & PPC Search Marketing to reach new customers at the top of your Sales & Marketing funnel • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • PPC (Pay Per Click) • Remarketing Ads

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Web Development
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
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Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Creative Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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