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The pressure has always been on companies to find capable candidates that will enhance the bottom line. Today there are many strategies companies are using to attract diverse individuals across all races, ethnicities, genders, and mindsets. If corporate America is trying so hard, why can’t capable candidates find jobs that align with their skills? At Career Baboon, we realized that even executives have trouble identifying which parts of their background are the most interesting for Hiring Managers. We made it our mission to help candidates with a nontraditional background show their value throughout the recruitment process. Career Baboon provides career guidance for candidates with diverse experiences and abilities. We are dedicated to meeting the career needs of all our clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable, confident and empowered. We create a game plan for every aspect of your job search. * Resume * Cover Letter * LinkedIn Profile * Finding Jobs * Virtual Event Networking * Outbound Messaging * Interview Prep * Salary Negotiation Career Baboon helps you stand out to hiring managers by connecting you with executive-level Career Coaches. Your coach will provide insight into which parts of your background are unique and appeal to hiring managers. Our process has been developed directly with hiring managers and recruiters. With Career Baboon, you’ll gain a competitive advantage by optimizing every aspect of your job search.

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We optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems by using specific keywords and formatting. All resumes are customized to your industry, target role and unique abilities.

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