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Hi, we are a team of PHP developers from Ukraine providing professional offshore outsourcing services. Our main goal is the customer’s satisfaction in projects we are in charge of and understanding the client’s business goals, requirements and ideas. We specialize in MVC PHP frameworks such as Symfony2/3, Laravel4/5, micro ones like Slim or Silex. We're working mostly on custom enterprise web applications. Please take a look at our blog: , portfolio: and our skillset below: Backend skills: - PHP 5, 7 core. - RFC 2616, knowing HTTP protocol inside-out - composer (not only just know how to use it, but for example, coding a post-install-cmd using Composer's API) - cURL, guzzle, symfony dom crawler - completed really many 3rd party APIs integrations. Some of them: paypal,, NMI, Twilio, FedEx, USPS etc - AWS stack: we're really excited and using the following services from AWS day-to-day: EC2+VPC, IAM, S3, RDS, SES, SQS, Route53, CloudFront, DynamoDB, SNS Our working environment, VCSs etc (every dev has their own environment, but mostly it's like 90% of the following. Some are working in *nix, so no cygwin): - phpStorm - vagrant or docker for those having *nix as the OS. - git - win+cygwin - slack+skype for communication Let's start with a free trial task - no cost and no obligations.

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Web Development

PHP 5.x, 7.x MVC frameworks (Laravel, sf etc) REST APIs (both consuming and developing) VCS (git, svn, etc) MySQL (including MariaDB, AWS RDS implementation) AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, Route53) CI/CD pipelines unit testing (PHPUnit) functional testing (codeception), BDD HTTP RFC 2616 *nix (linux)


MySQL Programming
Core PHP
Amazon Web Services
ECMAScript 6
Object Oriented PHP
PHP Script

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100% Job Success
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