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If you're looking for a creative powerhouse to drive major value to your business you've found your match. I'm an established professional Consultant in the realms of Product, Social Media, Growth Hacking with over 12 years of experience working in Tech, Entertainment & Cybersecuirty. I've worked with some of the fastest developed footprints on social media within entertainment, fashion and lifestyle categories ranging from Musicians like Rihanna, Actors and Actresses like Eva Longoria, Lifestyle bloggers & Brands like Shay Mitchell & Ashley Tisdale. My most recent success, I'm most proud of, is growing a B2C entertainment, fashion & festival news / magazine app to 0-50,000 users all utilizing social media growth hacking. Work with me, I have a great set of tools and strategies to help you grow traffic to your social media pages resulting in higher SEO rankings and therefore more traffic to your website, app, event, or product. I am a non traditional digital strategist and marketing visionary with a solid record of accomplishments in Storytelling, Content Creation and Curation, Influencer Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Community Building, Audience Development, Growth Hacking, Business Development & Social Media. I have a passion for fashion, lifestyle brands, entertainment, technology & apps, women empowerment, mental health, festivals, wellness & fitness. I've worked with b2b companies, tech start up cloud based software companies, restaurants, personal brands and more. I’ve grown channels for brand new smaller influencers, small brands, large brands and have developed full on digital presences for celebrities when they had absolutely none and are now some of the most followed channels / digital profiles online. Some of my past clients & projects include Shay Mitchell 30MM Instagram Ashley Tisdale 1.8 Mm YouTube Johnny Knoxville and a handful of the Jackass crew members Eva Mendes Eva Longoria Sofia Vergara Jamie Foxx Jeremy Piven Matthew Mcconaughey The Jonas Brothers I have cybersecurity clients, art clients, tech start-up apps and I even volunteer at the Monterey bay aquarium with their digital strategy in sustainability so I have a wide range of skills in different industries. In my free time I build and develop online communities within my areas of passion to bring people closer to products, people and things they love to live happier lives. Here are some of the benefits you will gain from working with me to grow your social media: -drive up website traffic -raise brand awareness -create a positive brand association -build brand identity -improve targeted communication and interaction with specific audiences -serve as a support desk for existing and potential clients -build greater influence -serve as an alternative advertising platform LASTLY! Here's a quote from one of my clients: Gabby is a true marketing powerhouse, with a solid and innovative approach to growth marketing. She was one of the first people I worked with who fully appreciated the 2-way nature of social marketing. Gabby get's involved from the outset, taking a concept from idea, to product, to market seamlessly. Specifically in terms of social marketing, she defines the opportunity as opposed to just following along with what everyone else is doing, a real asset to any project or team. NFT ADVISORY SERVICES NFTs are the future — but the open seas to get to that exciting future can be treacherous. I am your trusted NFT consultant, specializing in a wide range of NFT advisory services: -Celebrity & Influencer NFTs -NFT Strategy for Brands & Enterprises -Meme Monetization -Full Service NFT Creation, Marketing & Sales -NFT General Strategy & Advisement As a Product Manager I will help you launch your app idea in 4 stages: Prototyping Demonstrate your idea before making an investment in technical resources. Launch Build customer-facing web platforms and internal tools in hours instead of months. Iterate Empower anyone on your team to make changes, not just developers. Scale Gain traction and grow without worrying about infrastructure. Design, develop and run powerful products.

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