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When you need a system built for battlefield readiness, you talk to me. When you have Cloud Infrastructure that's vital to the survival of your business, you talk to me. When you need a Release Train that is Agile and battle-tested, you talk to me. When you need a maniac to build a system that will eat insane amounts of traffic, you talk to me. When you're concerned about cybercriminals breaching your application, you talk to me. And when you have something melt at 4 AM, you talk to me. For anything else, talk to The Other Guy. Yes, the guy quoting $6 an hour. The one reading a Wordpress for Dummies book. THAT GUY. I'm an AWS-Certified Solutions Architect (see bottom) with a strong occupational background in Release Engineering and Agile Transformation. Put short, I'm an expert at putting together systems that are not only resilient and reliable but ALSO complement your developers ability to conduct their work in an efficient and business-domain-oriented manner. I'm a big fan of distributed systems. If it's going to take longer than 5 seconds, have a worker do it instead, and have your frontend fetch the results. I'm a big fan of Serverless systems. Nobody likes a system that spends 98% of its time doing absolutely nothing just to be responsive during the 2% it's doing something. I'm a big fan of keeping application dependencies decoupled whenever possible. Developing a decoupled application wherein the subunits can be "mocked" is far more efficient as developers arent always waiting for their counterparts to finish their work. I'm a big fan of GraphQL APIs. GraphQL is a disruptive new tech that, put short, makes it possible to populate a page with data from one API pull instead of several. I'm a big fan of containerisation through tech such as Docker. Containerisation makes it easy for the compute components of your application to scale out and in as needed, and also simplifies the development process. I am an expert at PHP, proficient in Node, proficient in Python and consider myself Intermediate to Expert in object-oriented programming in general. I consider myself an expert with databases systems such as MySQL, Mongo and DynamoDB. Hey, let's chat about your needs! Brandon

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