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WHAT I DO: I provide digital marketing and selling results that have direct positive impact on revenue. HOW I DO IT: 1.) Gauge the company’s lead generation strategy and condition. Things I analyze: ➢ Systems (traffic, email list, website & tracking solutions) ➢ Marketing funnel (is there a logical ascension in price?) ➢ Overall performance 2.) Discuss opportunities for geometric growth and improvement based on the company’s goals. 3.) Gauge the complexity of the situation. My focus transitions from analyze to implement. Changes are made and tracked with 3rd party analytics platforms. 4.) Select the best performing digital marketing campaigns as controls. 5.) Each products or services digital marketing funnel is optimized on mobile, tablet and desktop for more profits. 6.) Scale the operation with various traffic sources. HOW IT WORKS: Lead generation is a simple process: 1.) Research and understand the target markets demographic (age, income, education etc.) and psychographic profile (beliefs, fears, frustrations etc.). 2.) Find out what they want most (more customers, whiter teeth, more leads etc.). 3.) Give it to them for free in the form of a “lead magnet” (free give-away). This can be a video; dental check-up, e-book, DVD you name it. By contrast the lead magnet establishes trust, authority, reciprocity and thrusts leads closer to purchasing. It also makes the sales team more effective. The higher the quality of lead the more likely selling will increase. The lead magnet sells the person (the lead) on the idea of doing business with the company. It doesn’t sell a product. When the lead enters the marketing funnel they receive automated email-marketing messages. The messages further the relationship with the leads by using copywriting and NLP. The email list then goes under a heavy segmentation process. A promotional strategy is devised for each list segment. This may even include big product launches.

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