Hi Folks! My name is Gio, and i'm already excited to build up your digital products! My background wasn't techy whatsoever. I found it very fustrating, because i had so much ideas and plans to create my own startups, but never the expertise to create them myself. After a while, i tried to learn the old fashioned way, but i felt the development of an MVP is to long and costs to much. Next, i learned something, that changed my life around. Low code/No code frameworks. Thanks to them, i managed to deliver over 15 projects, and have so much fun along with it. I learned that by building a product it is essential to solve a business need. On a regular basis i advise clients with their software development, and in my free time i love to build new ideas and bring them to life. For me, the journey between a project idea and a fully operational product is the most exciting ever. My Tools favourite tools are: Wix, Adalo, Shopify, Wordpress and bubble.

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