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I have been writing code since 2012. I help businesses around the world not only solve their problems better but also identify the key ones. I take a holistic approach to development, starting with the (user) experience, the proof of concept/MVP, then ironing out the bugs and adding features as we go. Over the years, I have worked with the following techs and gained these skills, - Rust - Tokio, Actix, json-rpsee, cli, macros - Cryptography/Blockchain - Ethereum, L2, ZK Snarks, Circom, Cairo v0/v1 - Node.JS - WebSockets, REST, automation - MySQL/Postgres, Firebase, MongoDB - Dev tools - Git, Docker, Docker compose, GitHub CI - TDD - Rust/Tokio tests, Mocha, Chai - Security - Precautions again SQL/Scripts injection, encryption If you are a startup, we will work well together. I have a knack for designing products people love. I monitor code quality closely, writing high-performance code and documenting as we go. This keeps tech debt to a minimum and code highly maintainable.

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