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Hourly - Entry Level ($) - Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted
I'm looking for a database developer to help organize and build a property database. I have a number of separate and interrelated spreadsheets, most in Excel or CSV format as well as one sql database. I would like to migrate all records to a single sql database with the following capabilities: 1) Create a UI that will allow a user to search for a set of properties (1-20 at a time) and export several different types of reports in a specific format. 2) Provide a mechanism through which records can be added to the database daily. The record uploads can be as few as ten or as many as 70,000, so individually entering the records isn't viable. 3) The initial database will be on an Amazon server and will be accessed directly. When bugs are worked out and I have the reporting I need, it will need to be outward facing and accessible via the web. 4) I would like the database to be able to access several different APIs and integrate the information into the reporting. I have Amazon space ready to accommodate the build.
Skills: MySQL Programming Database Administration Database design
Hourly - Entry Level ($) - Est. Time: 3 to 6 months, 30+ hrs/week - Posted
Looking for a contract programmer with a minimum 3 months but most likely 6 months or longer. While the skills indicated are probably what is needed, more important is the ability to architect and deliver good, clean documented code, to work collaboratively and to have a creative approach to mobile and web development with a real focus on user experience. You need to be a good communicator, able to ask great questions, to be able to work independently or with the group (in remote sessions). You need to have a real dedication to making great software for our clients.
Skills: MySQL Programming API Development C# CSS
Hourly - Entry Level ($) - Est. Time: More than 6 months, 10-30 hrs/week - Posted
We have a custom built directory application that runs on our website connecting to a third party database/CRM using its API for which we need ongoing support to ensure the application functions as it should, and address any issues should they arise. This application is built on the following: • Laravel Framework • NodeJS: Middleware • MySQL • PHP/JQuery/HTML5/CSS • AngularJS • Linux OS Here is a link to the application: There is also a second application, built on the same frameworks and using the same API/database: Attached is the documentation for this application. We'd like to arrange an ongoing support contract with someone who can thoroughly understand this application and ensure that it runs as it should, as well as make any fixes should they be needed. We would want to sent a monthly retainer/service fee for the ongoing support, and then can pay an hourly fee in the event any fixes are needed.
Skills: MySQL Programming AngularJS jQuery Laravel Framework
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $15 - Posted
Please see the attached Requirement.docx, DB1.sql, Prices.rar (this rar file has Prices.sql) The code has to fetch the symbols from the CSV file and then the associated values for those symbols from the DB (lets name this DB as "DB1" - Attached File - DB1.sql) into an dynamic multi-dimensional array in memory. This dynamic array needs to check the against another DB (let's call this DB as - "Prices" - Attached File - Prices.sql) for certain conditions. For example: In the CSV file (Attached file - Symbols.csv) 'SBIN' symbol is stored in the first row of the CSV file, thus it takes the symbol name from the CSV file, and fetches the values (for a particular date) of that symbol from DB1 into a dynamic multidimensional array and then, it needs to check the values in the Prices DB for that particular symbol (for a particular date) against the values stored in the multidimensional array for that particular symbol. Similarly, for all other symbols present in the CSV file, I would need the code to fetch values of those many symbols (for that particular date) into a multidimensional array and check against Prices DB (for that particular date). Detailed Explanation: 1) In the above screenshot of the CSV File, the array size is determined by the number of rows ( 13 rows in the CSV file. The array size can increase or decrease). Say, the array dimension would be array[x][y], where x is 13 and y is determined from the columns in DB1 for that symbol on that date (for that particular date). 2) After storing the values in the array for the chosen/particular date, we need to check the values in this multi dimensional array against the TickPrice column of Prices DB (attached) simultaneously for all the values of that symbol for that Pdate. The conditions that need to be check are : • If we consider the first symbol of the multi dimensional array i.e. SBIN, we would need to check the following conditions : - See Requirement.docx for conditions This above conditions need to be checked for all the symbols that are present. For example, the 2nd symbol in the CSV is ACC, so ACC would have 2nd position in the multidimensional array (i.e. array[2]), and, we would need to check the following conditions: - See Requirement.docx for conditions Similar step has to done for as many symbols are present in the CSV file.
Skills: MySQL Programming .NET Framework C#
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $15 - Posted
Looking for a developer for a small testing task. If work is completed satisfactory and on time, well tested, we will hire for new works soon. Task description: Modify a PHP cronjob to include a function which checks on a MySQL DB and based on field status, change another table status . Estimated completion time: less than 1 hr
Skills: MySQL Programming json PHP SQL
Hourly - Entry Level ($) - Est. Time: 3 to 6 months, Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted
I need someone to help and manage my projects that I am responsible within my company for. Essentially you will be working as my adviser and managing all my tasks. You should have knowledge of web developmental codes and also swift / Objective C would be advantageous. C languages or Python would also be helpful. Please bid with your hourly rate and how many hours you will be able to work a day. Initially you will start as a coder and then eventually move to managing other freelancers.
Skills: MySQL Programming Bitcoin CSS HTML5
Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted
W have an existing system that provides for an SQL search of property listings, we are looking for a developer to implement a map-based search similar to what Zillow offers to search for listings on our system. This is a custom CMS which will need to have the code integrated in to our existing system. Points to consider before applying: Please do not apply if you are not qualified. Our initial interview will be for the purpose of us determining how well we will communicate and for you to determine that you have the full scope of the job. We use upWork for initial interviews, we use Slack and Blossom for communication and project management. We do not use Skype or any other products to handle business communications. Must work well with others in a team environment. Must be able to converse fluently in English. Must take direction well. We will provide an in-house technician to consult with. We have experienced testers on hand to test the code at any stage, by request; all testing is performed on our developer server. This is a LAMP environment, the CMS comes in several parts, an automated system that works to manage data flow, and Administrative system, and a Front-end system that delivers websites to the general public. Most projects do not require the contractor to have access to all three sections of the system, and will not normally be granted. You will be working a completely custom coding environment, be prepared to take some time to learn the system. In Addition, It is important to understand we will terminate the project if these points are not met: 1. If you need a table alteration, or a cron job created, you would send the request through Slack, we will review and implement the request. It's important that we handle all sql structure creation / alteration requests. 2. To Repeat a point that seems commonly overlooked: Day to day communication during the project is in #Slack account (you will be provided a user login) and project management is in Blossom project manager. Code management occurs in GitHub. We will provide access when the hire occurs. 3. We expect regular updates on progress, and expect the contractor to ask questions when unsure, or unclear, on a point. We are very concerned about clear communication, nearly every project failure we’ve observed revolved around there being an unresolved point of clarity that becomes compounded over time. 4. Code will be implemented on our server designed for development work. We will provide FTP credentials, an Admin login. 5. We expect existing methods, functions, and style to be used and seamless integration of the project into our CMS. 6. Final product will be fully documented in code using PHPDocs standards, to integrate with our management system. 7. We use GitHub for code management, this job will be posted as a branch, with regular updates to test against any code conflict issues with the project work.
Skills: MySQL Programming CSS Graphic design HTML5
Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: More than 6 months, 30+ hrs/week - Posted
Are you an awesome programmer? Do you take great pride in your code? Do you naturally make the time to make code efficient, readable and maintainable? Do you lose track of time while coding? Do you feel a deep glow of satisfaction when you've come up with an elegant solution to a problem and it just works. In short, do you enjoy really coding? Do you enjoy challenges - do you look for them or even make them up sometimes? Is a good looking UI as important as a clean efficient ORM to you? If so, we really want to talk to you. We are looking for a PHP + Yii Web Developer with about 2 years of experience. You will need a good eye for UI - CSS will be a big part of what you do. You will be required to take one or two coding tests along with a phone and in-person interview. Skills: - Strong coding skills and willingness to learn - Good communication skills - Yii 1.1 experience highly desirable - Comfortable with MySQL/MariaDB - Your code should be performance oriented and you need to be able to think that way
Skills: MySQL Programming CSS CSS3 HTML5
Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: Less than 1 week, Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted
This project to for a specific monitoring project that will monitor the location of a single vehicle and plot it on a MAP, the initial Use case is a 1 - 1 mapping meaning that each device will be plotted on a different MAP or different instance. However, allowance should be made to have a global view of all devices overlaid on a map view. So you could have 100 or 1000 GPS modems reporting in to Public IP & Port and you need to decode the NMEA code $GPRMC, $GPGLL or similar and plot the location in realtime, with reactive teatime updates and tracking on the map for the unit. The Map Icon should be capable of holding a Vehicle Registration & Route number. In the future the Vehicle Reg and Route number could change daily or more frequent. Map used should be royalty free and rich in capability Ideally I would like to be able to embed (iFrame) a url link for each modem that would track individual units. What would be very useful would be (example only) (where site ID can be a number ) =111 so site 111 for example. Then each modem has a unique SITE iD, it mean if we embed it, it will always be the same URL but with a different SITEID at the end. The system should hold the track of the vehicle and be able to plot them on the map according to a time period. Also live realtime status should be shown on the map too. The ability to see routes over time period is important. The system will also be reporting real time information on the status of I/O's however this will be handled separately. Fig 1 attached is an example of a screenshot of a port listener which is receiving the information from the modem, in this case the IMEI is set to R999EAM, however it will be a 17-19 numeric digit code under normal operations. Also in this image there are other $GP codes been received which can be switched on and off based on which one is deemed to be the best for the application. Formats the modem outputs are as follows: $GPFID, IMEI identification of the modem $GPRMC, data coordinates payload $GPGGA, another NMEA format $GPGLL, another NMEA Format $GPVTG $GPGSA $GPGSV More on NMEA here: Samples of decoded NMEA Decoding $GPRMC Example of a GPRMC code $GPRMC,182517.00,A,5325.29422,N,00745.69645,W,0.042,,200816,,,A*61 goto Other relevant material What is GPX format for GPS GPX, or GPS Exchange Format, is an XML schema designed as a common GPS data format for software applications. It can be used to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes. The format is open and can be used without the need to pay license fees. Location data (and optionally elevation, time, and other information) is stored in tags and can be interchanged between GPS devices and software. Common software applications for the data include viewing tracks projected onto various map sources, annotating maps, and geotagging photographs based on the time they were taken. How to import CSV, TSV, KML, KMZ, GPX, or XLSX file, into Google Maps Other useful reference Your job it to come up with the entire solution for the project This is a list of the NMEA codes that the Unit can send, last one is the IMEI ID of the unit. we can switch on 1,2.3 or all of them depending on requirements $GPRMC,140404.00,A,5325.28998,N,00745.69236,W,0.018,,230916,,,A*6C $GPVTG,,T,,M,0.018,N,0.034,K,A*2D $GPGGA,140404.00,5325.28998,N,00745.69236,W,1,09,1.03,106.0,M,54.5,M,,*4E $GPGSA,A,3,01,32,28,17,08,03,11,14,22,,,,1.99,1.03,1.71*04 $GPGSV,4,1,13,01,86,315,39,03,44,212,34,08,32,155,33,10,04,050,24*77 $GPGSV,4,2,13,11,74,133,41,14,34,092,32,17,23,309,33,19,03,313,*75 $GPGSV,4,3,13,22,64,195,42,24,03,354,,27,00,143,20,28,35,271,37*7F $GPGSV,4,4,13,32,30,058,49*49 $GPGLL,5325.28998,N,00745.69236,W,140404.00,A,A*73 $GPFID,353000967352348
Skills: MySQL Programming Geolocation Geographic Information System (GIS) GPS Development