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Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $5,000 - Posted
FB app game (mobile enabled) Delivery : 30th november Objectives - Increase fan acquisition on Facebook - Allow fans (and non-fans) to interact through fun related mini games and augment AirAsia’s fun and bold personality through gamification. Timeline: To be advised Overview and concept of game - Similar to Bishi Bashi (Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foi6_yA4Xwk ) or the mobile version of ‘Hardest Game Ever 2’ - 5 levels of mini simple games + 3 bonus levels where players can earn points to proceed to the next level User journey (map of journey)- Step 1: Fans will go to FB and view contest post - which will link to the app/tab (has to be mobile enabled) Step 2: Login using FB account Step 3: Play the game(s), go through each levels. - Player has to complete a certain amount of points to unlock the next level. I.e. once the player passes the 1st round, they can unlock the 2nd round and continue playing - If the player is unable to pass the round, they cannot unlock the next round and can have the option of sharing the game on their wall to earn more points or recommend it to 10 friends to win points and Leader-board comes up - If players are unable to reach to the next level, they can recommend/share the game with up to 2/3/4/5 and so on friends and win points. - The more points a player gets, the higher chances of winning the prizes (leaderboard has to be set up) - Once the players unlock all 5 levels, they have to hit a certain amount of points to unlock 3 bonus levels - Completing any bonus levels will allow them to win DOUBLE points Step 4: If player finishes game, leaderboard appears, and they can replay any levels to beat the high score. Players can also share/recommend the game to more friends to earn more points. Look and feel of the game - Birthday themed - Fun, interesting illustrations like ‘The Hardest Game Ever 2’ 5 mini games : Level 1 - Fill up the Balloons - Tap the Red button repeatedly to fill the Balloon up in the shortest amount of time (mobile/desktop) - Can look something like http://gph.is/1KG0fFq Level 2 - Blow-out the candles! - Blow out the candles (based on the colours) as fast as possible - Candles have to be in red, pink, (one more colour) (no yellow or orange) Level 3 - Avoid the Morning Crowd - Tap left and right alternatively to avoid the morning rush at the airport and get to your gate! - Obstacles will be be ‘people’ - Users do not have to collect anything as they avoid people Level 4 - Stamp the passports! - Stamp for exactly 37 passenger’s passport in the shortest time possible. Level 5 - FINAL - Use alternate (left and right) to climb up the stairs to reach the plane! BONUS Level 1 (WIN DOUBLE POINTS) - Fill up the seats in the shortest time possible, based on the colours of the passenger’s shirt and the colour of the seats - 3 colours: Red, White, Green BONUS Level 2 (WIN DOUBLE POINTS) - Fill the dotted luggage piles as fast as you can! BONUS Level 3 (WIN DOUBLE POINTS) - Match the bears collections based on the colour of the boxes
Skills: facebook games development Game Design Game Development Game Programming
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $300 - Posted
The application consists to send a quiz to his friends to fill it. 1. ADMIN of the website create a quiz/test available for USERS (no admin) 2. USER A send this quiz/test to her friends USER B and USER C (available X days). 3. USER B and USER C receive a notification to answer to the quiz/test 4. USER B respond to the quiz/test. USER C not and receive a callback, X days after receive the invitation to respond and notification in her account website. 5. USER A can resend or delete the quiz/test for USER C 6. USER A receive the result by private message + notification in the in her account, only if USER C respond too, or if the invitation has been deleted by USER A. Because the result is an average of the two results. 7. USER B and USER C receive her own results by private message + notification in her account I don't have an idea of the charge to develop the application. Give me an estimation to realize this application Thank you
Skills: facebook games development Facebook Development PHP
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $6,000 - Posted
Looking for an experienced developer for a 6-9 months project with experience with node js, javascript, HTML5 and overall experience with games. We want the creation of a game similar to www.slither.io where players can; . Acess different ''play rooms'' . Create their own ''play rooms'' . Also the possibility of playing in a team . Challenging and inviting FB and other social media's friends . Ranking of the top best berforming players . I want the best and fastest solution ( reduzing all lagging as much as possible) . Creation of different avatars ( snakes) with different abilities ( different speeds, tinier snakes for example) At the first moment that would just be necessary the development of a website but maybe in the near future that would alse be necessary the development of an app for IOS,Android and Windows. The payment is for the development of the game ( I wouldn't wait more than 45 days for the development of the game) and the other months for creating new features and solving problems that the demand of this game will require. We can pay 650 USD per month in this first period + 15% of profits and after that first periode If every goes well we could make a better offer.
Skills: facebook games development Bootstrap CSS Game Design
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $10 - Posted
short summary: This will be an asteroid mining simulation game. At first i only want a robot player, that can choose 1st person or 3rd person view, and he will walk around the inside of a spaceship (you can use a space station and call it a spaceship.) I do not need physics, gravity, interactions, or any other programming done on this at this time. At this time we will NOT be doing asteroid mining, or any gaming scripts, etc. I will be upfront, i do not have much money for this project. I'm only looking for a VERY BASIC game to be created, but with ability to upgrade it later. I will be asking my Facebook page followers to help with donations to pay for this game development. I would like a pc game, or a Google Play Store android game, or both eventually. If you prefer to to a Google Play Store app, then let me know. I have been teaching myself Unity 5 and Unreal Engine but I think it would be more efficient if I can hire someone with more experience. It doesn't necessarily have to be a "game" yet, just the basic template is ok with me for now. Here is the basic scenario of the game. (Even a generic Google Play Store app is ok for now.) This is what i want: 1. I would like a player to be able to download the game, and then if we have an update a month from now, the game will auto-update itself on their computer or cell phone. I would like it on the Steam store if possible, if not, I have a website that I can host the files for download. 2. I want the ability to walk around on the inside of a spaceship while you see stars moving slowly outside the window (on the way to the asteroid belt). This may be good enough for now. It may not be "fun" but people will be able to download it for a very low price, just to show their support of the future game. I will use the funds when people buys it to help pay for future updates. Each update we put out, we will raise the price, but for the people that already downloaded it, they get free updates. Even if there is no "game" or way to earn points at this time, I think it has the potential to be a good game. I just want to "see it in action" then decide where to take it. Even if you create a room or building in Unity 5, Unity 3d, or Unreal Engine (or something similar) and make it look like the inside of a spaceship, and have the stars outside the window, this may be all i need. it is very simple. You can keep it where the player stays inside the spaceship and if you do that, then you do not even have to design the outside of the spaceship since no one will see it (until future update.) The stars should not move fast (like in Star Trek when they warp) The stars must stay still or very slowly move, because that would be more realistic. Since it would take several months in real life for a spaceship to get to Mars or the Asteroid Belt, it is ok if it actually takes a few months before the player does "asteroid mining." The person can login every so often and check the progress to see how far away they are to the asteroid field, in this time, we can be getting updates ready. It should just take a few hours for this VERY basic "game." Hopefully we can continue this project and do other milestones such as the following: This section below is to only show you the future plans, please do not raise the quote price because of the following. Right now i just want a VERY basic program just so i can let people download it and watch the progress as we do updates, maybe once every month or two. Future updates (i would be appreciative if you can do some of these updates in this current project.) 1. add ability to change the robot's appearance. 2. add gravity to spaceship? maybe thrusters on robot to look like an astronaut jetpack? 3. add tools and random things, boxes, etc that will interact with the players (turn on physics, etc. 4. this is where the first "gaming" comes into play. for example, there may be an oxygen leak and its the players job to fix it. 5. add ability to look at the outside of the ship, design the ship. 6. add ability to choose destinations such as mars, asteroid belt, or other planets or moons. at first only orbit, but in later updates we can land on the planets. 7. make a google play store app. 8. making an itunes app 9. create way for people to pay real money to buy coins or things to use in the game, like many app games to get more supplies 10. find a way for people to mine asteroids and possibly be able to cash out in real money, 11. consider using bitcoins for people to buy more supplies or to cash out with. 12. add VR support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Microsoft Hololens 13. add this game to the steam store and steamvr store 14. try to make a facebook game version 15. create in game chat for players to talk to other players. 16. create a way for players to work together, such as have some miners and some haulers. 17. create like a randomizer program to
Skills: facebook games development Android App Development Android SDK Game Design
Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: More than 6 months, 30+ hrs/week - Posted
We are in search of Game Designer that can create concept art timely and quickly create game assets art off of the concept rendition. The assets can range from backgrounds to characters. Platform for the assets are IOS, Android, Facebook and PC. We prefer to hire a candidate for long term use. MUST HAVE's: Able to take direction. Sketch Art Experience 2D art Experience Game design experience Character Design Quickly produce art assets Follow Timelines BONUS: 3D art experience GUI/UI experience Marketing art experience HTML5 experience Be prepared to show past projects/portfolio.
Skills: facebook games development 2D Animation 2D Design Art Direction