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Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $200 - Posted
We would like you to compose and finish 3 different types for music for use as background music in our videos for use on the web & social media. All 3 pieces of music should be minimum 3 minutes long. The music styles should be: 1. Laid back lounge style music. Cool, jazzy feeling. Not too interuptive. 2. Loung style a medium up beat. 3. Super slow instrumental ultra cool feel good style. Please send some examples of music you have composed. No MUZAK type of music. Must be truly cool and inspiring. The right must be transferred to us. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Skills: Musical composition
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $15 - Posted
TASK - GUITARIST WITH KEYNOTE - POWERPOINT SKILLS Create images using provided keynote templates "No animations required at this stage" All images are made neck templates - dots - colour codes all done You are basically moving graphics around keynote to create appropriate image and saving as PDF files which you provide to me See attachment - YOU NEED KNOWLEDGE OF Caged Chord System Chords Major Scales MUST SIGN A DISCLOSURE NOT TO DISTRIBUTE IMAGES OR USE IN ANY WAY Would prefer someone trustworthy looking for long term working relationship Phillipines workers welcome :)
Skills: Musical composition Adobe Photoshop Graphic design Guitar Composition
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $130 - Posted
I need a Python programmer and musician to generate chord voicings for any stringed instrument with a default setting for 6-string guitar in standard tuning. Your inputs will be: 1) The open string tuning for an instrument for each string eg [E,A,D,G,B,E] for 6-string guitar. 2) The key or root note for the chord eg "A" 3) The Chord Type eg "m7b5" I will provide is a list of 130 or so chord names and their intervals in Chords3.csv file. Your task is to generate as many different combinations of positions as you can for every chord, between a given set of frets. The space in which you should generate these chords should be from fret 0 - 17. There are however some limits to the number of frets a human can stretch to hold a chord, which is 5-7 frets, with it being more difficult to stretch far near the neck (low fret numbers) and easier to stretch further, closer to the body of the guitar (high fret numbers). The amount of voicings per chord could be anywhere between 20-60 or more. You should set a trigger to stop searching after x-amounts of voicings have been generated for each chord to reduce run-time of the program. To see how various voicings might look for an E major and E7 chord turn to pages 2-5 of the pdf below. You may use various tricks or methods to achieve all the voicings, and you may want to limit yourself to chords without note doubling. You may even want to limit yourself to picking 4 of the most important intervals in larger chords by dropping the 5th, the 3rd or in some cases even the root. You could experiment with an unstructured approach by generating random shapes within a range of 5-7 frets which fall on the intervals of the chord and checking if you have already saved it, however you may save computing time with a more structured approach for certain kinds of chords. For example you might decide to write separate algorithms for 3-note chords and 4-note chords without note doubling. One helpful approach might be to systematically generate certain kinds of voicings such as drop 2 chords, drop 3, drop 2 3, drop 2 4, drop 3 4, drop 2 3 4, drop 2 2, drop 2 2 3, drop 2 2 4, drop 2 2 3 4, drop 2 3 3, drop 2 3 3 4 etc. See the link below. I highly suggest learning how guitar voicing innovator Ted Greene is able to generate systematic inversions for 4-note chords in his V-System. The output of your voicings eg for 6-string guitar in standard tuning should be a csv file with at minimum a format similar to Chord Name, Chord Type,Ft-E,Ft-A,Ft-D,Ft-G,Ft-B,Ft-e,Lowest Note Am7b5,m7b5,5,x,5,5,4,x,A "Lowest Note" will contain the lowest sounding note of the chord. For example, with A major chord on frets [x,x,2,2,2,x] should have "E" as the lowest sounding note in the chord. I will also have a sample database as a csv file which I can provide to you as a way to test your program. If you combine your output, and the sample database, duplicates will mean you've done something right. I may also be able to test the quality of your data with another algorithm that can rate how difficult a chord is to play so that unusable chords are discarded. To get started on the project I have some files to help you: If you require some note names and interval names you may find some here: Please reuse any code you need from the main file return_semitone_distance(root_note, note): to return the semitones between to notes return_interval(root_note, note): to return the interval between two notes chord_chart(tonic, chord_type, fret_position): to draw a fretboard return_note_names(fret_position): returns the note names for the strings from left to right eg ['F','A','C','E'] Tunings for various instruments may be found here: You might find these functions "joni_mitchell_tuning(tuning)" and "show_mitchell_tunings()" useful
Skills: Musical composition Guitar Composition Music Python
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $25 - Posted
I'm looking for a Christian male singer fluent in English with no accent. This first job will be to record one song at the highest possible quality. When you apply, please attach a sample of your music so I can listen to it. Ideally, the singer will have an understanding of the concepts in the Christian realm. The budget below is for 1 song. Thank you
Skills: Musical composition Christian theology Music Arrangement Music Producing
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $30 - Posted
I would like to visualise music chords using the 2D Superformula using LaTeX. Johan Gielis’ Superformula can produce a wide variety of shapes that resemble plant stem cross-sections, diatoms, starfish, shells, flowers, and abstract geometric shapes The inputs will include numbers for tension, dissonance, instability and maybe modality. The data for each chord will come from a csv file. The Superformula looks something like this: function sf2d(n,a) u=[0:.001:2*pi]; raux=abs(1/a(1).*abs(cos(n(1)*u/4))).^n(3)+abs(1/a(2).*abs(sin(n(1)*u/4))).^n(4); r=abs(raux).^(-1/n(2)); x=r.*cos(u); y=r.*sin(u); plot(x,y); end By choosing different values for the parameters (a, b, m, n1, n2, n3) different shapes can be generated. The csv file chords_harmony_metrics.csv will have the chord name, intervals, and numbers for tension, dissonance, instability and modality. The data will look something like this: Chord: maj7 Chord Intervals: 1,3,5,7 Tension: 0.819297590927 Dissonance: 1.47284713908 Instability: 1.63670665727 Modality: -0.33228833411 For each chord in the csv file I would like to generate geometric or starfish shapes so: a = b = 1 m = number of intervals in the chord This leaves us with n1, n2, n3. Polygonal shapes are achieved with very large values of n1 and large but equal values for n2 and n3. Smooth starfish shapes result from smaller values of n1 than the n2 and n3 Instability is calculated using tension and dissonance Parameters.a = 0.20 total_instability = total_dissonance + Parameters.a * total_tension For low instability values I would like polygonal shapes and for high instability values I would like smoother starfish shapes. For chords with high dissonance I would like a more pinched form. As the n's are kept equal but reduced the form becomes increasingly pinched. For chords with a low dissonance I would like slightly more bloated forms. If n1 is slightly larger than n2 and n3 then bloated forms result. We can also use modality as a way to color the shape of the superformula. Our job will be to find formulas for n1, n2, n3 which use the data in tension, dissonance, and instability to convey what is different about the various chords. We should experiment with the formula together till it gives satisfactory results for most or all of the chords in the csv. Depending on how things pan out, we may change direction of the above, if the desired effect doesn't work. You can test various parameters here to experiment. We should use so we can collaborate online to get the design right.
Skills: Musical composition LaTeX Mathematics
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $75 - Posted
We are looking for 4 original dance exercise tracks that are 15 minutes each. Each track should be varied in terms of pace (but not too slow) and style of music. For example, the first track could have 5 minutes of latin american music, 5 minutes of reggae, 5 minutes of pop/contemporary. In this style, all 4 tracks should be interesting and different from each other. We are looking for a reasonably fast turnaround and require that the freelancer signs an NDA beforehand but also agrees that our company retains the sole rights to use this music and that the tracks will not be shared with others or used as demos. Please message me with samples of your work if you feel this would be a suitable job. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Kiruthika
Skills: Musical composition Audio Mixing Music Producing
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $40 - Posted
Hello, I am looking for someone to create 1 piece of music to be used for meditation. Music piece should be 21 minutes. I will also provide you with a 60 second voice recording, to insert at the front of the music. This will be a introduction to the meditation. Simple music. Not too many layers. Any questions? please ask.
Skills: Musical composition Music Producing
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $50 - Posted
I want a tropical electro house song created for my sports apparel brand. Think a mix between Kygo, Matoma, Robin Shulz, Avicii, etc. I want to create one song 1st for my youtube videos but will eventually want to create more songs for my brand. I'd like to sample some other songs and bring them into a tropical beat and use that for my brand. Looking forward to hearing from the different music producers. Ex: Ex: Thanks, Akber
Skills: Musical composition Ableton Live Audio Design Audio Engineering