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Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $350 - Posted
VERY SERIOUS PROJECT! This is a short animated film project that will be submitted to film festivals all over North America. If you're an aspiring animator for Film and Television this project is for you... and in all honesty, if you're like myself with the true passion for the film industry and animation industry that 'Five-double-O" up there shouldn't even matter. I want an honest, driven animator who wants to break into the industry. All credit will be credited so you have a chance to get your name out there! I have a full script and storyboard already created, all I need is you. The most important part of the project. This is a non-profitted project for me. All my work was done free. As an aspiring filmmaker and screenwriter we both can add this incredible project to our portfolio. I have written many scripts and this one has been deemed a great one. I want an animator who appreciates the wonderful medium of film and the emotions that come with it. What I need you to do? I need you to put the animations together. To bring the film to life. If your ambitious and hungry to get your name out there. This is your shot.
Skills: Video editing 2D Animation 2D Design 3D Animation
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $5,000 - Posted
I am looking for a full time video editor to help manage and edit our video library for youtube. I need an editor with lots of experience in creating attractive dynamic video effects/looks and filters that enhance the overall viewer experience in our videos. Please feel free to open a PMB to discuss more details.
Skills: Video editing Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $1,200 - Posted
Job Title: Actor / Actress Needed to Help Curate Content for YouTube Channel Job Description: Do you love being in front of the camera? Do you have an engaging voice or personality? Would you enjoy creating content for a popular YouTube Channel? We’re looking to hire someone to help create engaging headphone reviews for our YouTube channel which has reached 5 million views and 30,000 subscribers. It’s ok if you aren’t a headphone expert (though an interest in headphones definitely helps) as your job would be to take a look at the top reviews for a specific pair of headphones and then “curate” that information into your own review. In other words, your job is to take the best parts of other reviews and combine those elements to form and create your own review. For example, one review might do a great job detailing the accessories and build quality but be a bit vague on the sound quality. Another review might have good information about the sound quality but may not be as detailed about the comfort. So 90-95% of the information is already provided, you’re simply taking it all from a few different sources, adding in your own personality and then creating a more effective and engaging overall review. So your job as an actor/actress is to come across like a headphone expert (even if you're not one). We can easily teach you how to do this, but having an engaging tone is something that's more difficult to teach, which is why we're looking for something who has acting skills and/or an engaging voice and tone. Q&A: Q: Do I need to be on camera to do this? A: Not necessarily. Basically, there are a three different approaches to this. 1. You could just do a voiceover for the review while the actual video would be entirely of the product (ie. shooting different angles and in different environments). In this situation you would fill up the video time with shots of the headphones. You could be holding the headphones in your hands at times and then have a variety of product shots to add into the mix as well. So in this example, you would be doing more of a voice over. 2. You could shoot the entire video with you just talking and explaining about the headphones 3. You could do a combination of the first two. Q: How many reviews do you need me to do? A: Ideally, we'd love it if you could do 1 per week or 4 per month. However, if you would like to do more more or less, that could work out as well. Q: Could this become a full-time gig? A: Yes, definitely. If things go well, and if you have time to create more reviews then it's possible you could do this full-time. Q: What if I love everything about this job, but I don’t think I could do the video editing part, can I still do this? A: It’s definitely possible. If you’re able to do an excellent job of creating the video content and just need someone to edit what you produce, then it’s possible we could have someone else finish that part for you. Q: Can you give me an example of what you’re looking for? A: Sure, there are basically two different styles or approaches that would work well for this. Honestly both approaches can work, but generally I'd say it works better for most people to take more of a straightforward approach with an engaging tone. For example, here’s someone who does an excellent job of being engaging while still being pretty straightforward: If you're able to model his style, that would be perfect. Here’s another straightforward approach with a bit of humor mixed in that works very well: Finally, here's an example of someone who does a great job using a more personality driven style of review: For most people, going with a straightforward style of review is preferred, as people looking for headphone reviews are more interested in getting quality content, than being entertained. But if you like the idea of doing both, then we’re open to seeing what you can do. Q: How long should these reviews be? A: Anywhere from about 4-8 minutes is fine. As long as you have enough quality content (which we’ll show you and teach you how to do). So most of the work or time spend on a review will be putting together what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Let us know what interests you about this position and why you think you would be successful at it. 2. If you have a youtube channel, please feel free to share that (or you can just share a specific video from your channel). Anything that would demonstrate your voice and your ability to sound engaging to an audience would be great. 3. Let us know what your approximate rate would be per review video. It’s fine if you provide a rough estimate. Finally, If you have any additional question, feel free to ask! :) Thanks for taking the time to consider this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you!
Skills: Video editing Internet research Voice Talent
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $500 - Posted
I am currently seeking a video editor who is experienced in Avid Media Composer and can create short 15-20 minute cinematic wedding and event films. I will provide a fully synced and prepared project along with the music to be used in the short film. I will provide samples of what the finished film should look like so you can gauge my style. This has the potential to be an ongoing relationship if I can find the right freelancer. I also produce other short narratives and corporate/commercial films which is also a possibility for the right candidate. Thank you for your interest and please let me now if you have any questions.
Skills: Video editing Audio Editing Avid Video Post Editing
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $50,000 - Posted
Hello everyone! We need people that love to take videos, be in them, and speak to an audience! You don't need to be a professional videographer or have super advanced equipment. We just need someone that is comfortable taking video of themselves and speaking to an audience on specific subjects :) Here is one example of the type of quality we would expect and what sort of thing you would be doing... What we need: 1. A friendly and likeable person that is comfortable appearing on videos and talking to an audience. 2. Someone that can talk about a subject on video with and without a script. 3. Create a video that has good sound and decent picture quality. If you have any specific knowledge in a given subject, let us know! We have 25+ very large sites that need videos and could place you with one of our sites that would be appropriate to your expertise and interests. If you don't have any preferences, we also need people that just love being in videos as well :) How to bid: For this first bid, please bid for the creation of a welcome email like the example above. It will be 45 seconds or less. If you have any sample videos you have created in the past, please send those so we can take a look at them as well. We need a lot of video creators of all different types! Even if we have already hired people, please send your bid too!!! There is a lot of room for future video creation if the first video works out :) We can't wait to meet everyone and see your bids :)
Skills: Video editing Commercials TV Broadcasting Video Upload
Hourly - Entry Level ($) - Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted
I have more than 400 YouTube videos ( ranging from 15- 60 minutes) , and I wanted to translate them from Arabic ( mostly in an Egyptian Dialect) to English. I want an experienced translator to either translate and transcribe them so that we add them as subtitles on Youtube or preferably do a Voice over/Dubbing for the recording. Where the translator would read the translated transcription over the original recording. If you are willing to do the Voice over/Dubbing then you must have perfect English. Most of these videos are presentations on medical career advising, so you will just need to read the transcribed narration over the correct slides in the presentation. If you are interested in either just translation/transcribing/subtitling or translation/transcribing/subtitling/Voice over or Dubbing, then please send me a sample of your work ( Arabic to English video with subtitles you made ) or ( a video that you Dubbed/Voice overed from Arabic to English)
Skills: Video editing Subtitling Transcription Translation Arabic English
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $5,000 - Posted
I'm a NYC-based radiologist. Hoping to find someone/people familiar (or willing to become familiar) with the DICOM file standard/format which is used in medical imaging. DICOM files are great for what they are; however they have 2 enormous down-sides: - 1) Size: They are often hundreds of megabytes big making them difficult to share - 2) Usability: They require special viewers to be visualized. I want to create a web application that allows the end-user to: 1. Create an account 2. Upload a DICOM file (from desktop or CD-ROM, ideally it would be a browser-based HTML5 uploader as this company has done: 3. Strip all metadata (no identifiable patient information, none). 4. Convert/compress each series of consecutive .dcm images into lossless MP4 videos of maximum bit-depth (apparently MP4 can handle up to 14-bit depth) and resolution. From what I've gathered, is the best way to do this. I also wonder if using the H.265/HEVC codec (rather than H.264) is possible to achieve better compression/file-size. 5. Allow the user to "play" these optimized videos (scroll forward/backward, zoom, adjust brightness/contrast, etc.). 6. Allow the user to share the videos (downloadable and email-able) Here is a brief proof of concept screen-capture video I made myself by using multiple 3rd party converters and iOS video applications to convert DICOM to MP4: There are multiple desktop software ( and DICOM viewers ( that allow the user to convert/export DICOM files as MP4 videos while adjusting the frame rate, quality, pixel size, etc. in 1-click. However, I have yet to see anyone offer this functionality in a web-based application which is the goal here. I've reached out to a number of developers and data compression scientists to determine the best way to go about this project. So far the most encouraging answers I've received are: 1. "DICOM is a format for multiple embedded images. They aren't necessarily going to be the same type, though if you are sure they are you can skip this step. What I'd recommend is DICOM to DICOM where the 2nd DICOM data is in a standardized format (like lossless jpg). Then dump the contents keeping track of the sequence in the file names (i.e. Img0001.jpg, Img0002.jpg). You can use the GDCM programs for these operations example ( Then the next step is converting to MP4 to achieve higher compression rates (so each slice of a study is not a still frame within a HD video). I would use to convert to MP4. That will take a sequence and give you the MP4, I think. Using something like this: "ffmpeg -f image2 -r 30 -i %09d.jpg -vcodec libx264 -profile:v high444 -refs 16 -crf 0 -preset ultrafast a.mp4." One more thing you may have many duplicates and you may want to throw a dedup step in there. Once you get this working smoothly command line creating an app is just the standard command line to app." 2. "I'd suggest to use Java, DCM4CHEE for parsing/converting images and FFMPEG as initially suggested by you for MP4." I've spent months researching DICOM and MP4 and data conversion, etc, but I don't have the technical/programming knowledge to make it happen on my own (yet) and I need your help. Please contact me if you think you can achieve the above deliverables for a reasonable cost and allotted time. Chris
Skills: Video editing FFmpeg HTML5 iOS Development