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Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $100 - Posted
EXOS is looking for a strong and experienced Django/Python developer to build new and expand existing applications. If you like being part of a high-performance team solving problems and building sophisticated applications that improve the lives of others, this is an excellent opportunity for you. THE FIRST STEP in the process is to take our tech test. You will be compensated, as in paid, to take this test. It will take ~3 hours for an experienced Django/Python developer. After acceptance of a job offer, you will be sent the tech test. If we like you and you like us, this may be a long term relationship. Candidate Requirement: 1) 3+ years with Django/Python 2) Experienced in data model design and MySQL 3) Great English communication skills 4) Ability to work in an integrated team 5) Maintain similar work hours to US-based team using PST timezone (10am - 5pm) 6) Be online on Slack/Screenhero during work hours for real time communication Who we are: EXOS is a global leader in delivering health and performance game plans that ignite people to realize their potential. Our integrated approach to mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery equip athletes, military personnel, and employees of all walks of life with the tools to achieve and sustain performance and wellness goals previously thought impossible.
Skills: Django API Development Python REST
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $300 - Posted
I need a working real time engine for my django app running on postgres 1) Real Time engine using channels and mongo. Create an app with the model Message containing uuid, contenttype and payload datetime I want to create something similar to pubnub where its an empty json for passing data around my system as there are other stuff i want to make real time. 2) Chat system (Postgres Pretty simple. Chat engine model with uuid that will be used to call the prior real time engine Bonus( browser chat widget)
Skills: Django
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $600 - Posted
Hi Thank you for reviewing this job post. Before reading this project post, please pay attention to following terms: - The offered price for this project could be higher. If you think you need to offer more, please do so and we compare in our selections. - We only hire independent developers. No agency. - We only look for expert developers. Not those who claim are only familiar with topics. - This project should be finished within 2 weeks time. - Using Python/Django is necessary. - Should be familiar with developing REST full web services. We provide the list of functions we need to be developed. What we expect to do: - You should design tables and database and make proper connections between them.(Postgis) - You should run Django latest version for managing the models (tables) - You should work using Git Repository on our dedicated server. You need to pass us your public key. - You should develop Restful API for all functionalities that we provide the list to you including Login of users. - You should comment the codes in a professional manner as many other developers will join this project later and they should clearly and quickly find out what you have done so far. We are working on a project which is a combination of mobile/web app for collecting GeoData. When we say GeoData, we mean any data relation to locations on earth. So if you are familiar with GIS topics, we are mostly interested to collect POIs and Trajectory through mobile app. We develop the mobile app as well. We have already developed the Front End part of Web Application and we extracted all our needs from the server side, including authentication and all needed methods. We need an expert Python developer to develop server side APIs which will serve both our Web/Mobile apps. Currently Web App client side is ready and we will give you overview of that. But due to confidentiality, it is not mentioned in this job post. There is existing product in the market which is somehow similar to what we do and we will provide links to you to review it. Summary of Web Application Functions: - Three groups of users (Survores and Opeators and Super Admins) can log into system. So hiearachy of access should be designed , so who can see what. - The Super Admins can design a data collection mission. A mission is like a set of tasks that surveyors should do using their mobile app. Unlimited number of missions can be created and each mission might have its own definitions. - Missions are like Forms that surveyors should fill up when they walk or drive in the city. These forms are designed inside the panel by Super Admis. - Ordinary citizens can download our app, register as surveyor and then collect data and fill up the forms for each mission they select. - The main concept of app is that people will join us as volunteers to collect the data that we ask them to provide. For example we might design a mission to find all Old trees in one specific neighborhood. So volunteers should select this mission, then go to that neighborhood and then find position of Trees and register them through the forms. - We give POINTS to each volunteer as incentives and points can be exchanged with Money later. - Volunteers can even add Image or Voice to their data. For example, one mission could be like this: Go to each bus station of the city, then the schedule of buses on the board (record your voice) and take 3 photos from 3 angels from that bus stop to see if it is clean. Also fill up this form: Which bus numbers are passing from that station. What is the street name for bus stop. and etc. As you see, Image, Voice and Data form + GPS data is all collected and sent to server. - Another group of users are Operators. So they should review submitted data (via surveyors) and validate them visually and click on confirm to record them as successful entries. The Surveyors will also recevied points when they click and confirm good records. The goal is to encourage users to join the app and be active for doing our missions and they collect points for that. We are actually running this app to collect more than 10,000 records for research project. It is called Gamifying a task for data collection in research area. This is serious tool for collecting accurate data. Please make sure if you know how to work with PostGIS. You should know how to make Geometric Queries to PostGIS.. like finding intersections or objects inside other objects or even angels between two lines. If you are interested, please send us chat message and we give you access to our designed client part. Thanks Alireza
Skills: Django API Development PostGIS Python
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $550 - Posted
Hello, I am in need of an experienced python django engineer with advanced front end skills (html, css, bootstrap, jquery ajax, and possiblily angularjs ) to help me build a robust booking application form using the django form wizard(form tools. session wizard ). The application form process will involve 4 steps(4 separate slides/pages). 1. a client selecting a service, 2. selecting a booking date, 3. entering his or her personal details /payment information(stripe integration)4., and a confirmation page where he or she confirms the booked appointment (email integration). Below is an almost exact example of what the app should look like(minor styling changes) My goal is to give customers a very fluid booking experience. Perfect candidate is someone who has already implemented this is an app(booking or through eCommerce). It would great to get feedback and share what could really improve the customer's user experience. Please provide a short briefing of your work and link to your portfolio.Also this could be an ongoing project for multiple jobs..If you have done something like this before,please share a link of your work! It would a make a major contribution in me choosing you for this job. PLEASE KINDLY NOTE:: If you do not have the required skills or are unable to do this within the timescale then do not bid!!!
Skills: Django Bootstrap Email Handling JavaScript
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $300 - Posted
Looking for a Django developer to create a standalone Django REST framework package for events. Functionality should include everything that is in Facebook events app. List includes and not limited to: Repeating and non-repeating events Events that start and end on different days Support for cancelled events Upcoming events and current happenings lists …. 100% code coverage and documentation using Swagger is expected.
Skills: Django Python Testing Framework
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $1,000 - Posted
I am looking to build an MVP to help real estate brokers track commissions. I am looking to use the Django Cookiecutter project and want to utilize the Django Sites framework and generic views. The app must be deployed on a production server which is mostly set up already. Email will also need to be configured. I have wireframes that I will share. They need to be updated based on the new scope. Goal: Calculate and track commissions for real estate brokers and sales reps for sale and lease deals. To do this we will need: Generic List View (Deals, Contacts, Listings, Search Results) Generic Detail View (Deal, Contact, Listing, Profile) Dashboard Template Email Templates Forms: Add New Contact Form Add New Deal Form Add New Listing Form Add New User Form Features: - Navigation will allow users to navigate to deals, contacts, listings, settings, or create new - Create new will be a modal. When user selects Deal, Contact, Listing, etc, user is navigated to that page using a ModelForm. - Users must be able to register to create a site - Views will need to be restricted based on type - Dashboard views should be generic (e.g. Owner user sees all data. Sales rep sees their data) - Users must be able to upload images/files to the model - Calculate commission for sale - Calculate commission for lease and display in a table on detail page - Calculate commission schedule for lease with option and display in a table on detail page - Date based alerts (e.g. lease expiring, commission payment due, invoice client, new user, new comment) - Users can add comments to the deal - Admin user can upload a csv of deal and listings data - Transactions can be exported to a csv - New site is created when the New User activates the email
Skills: Django Python
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $100 - Posted
Hello, My team and I are working on a project, and we need some extra bandwidth to get a quick and dirty Django interface to create, view, and edit the objects of several django models made up of a few fields of simple data types (strings and Booleans). The actual view / edit interface for the objects of these models can be as simple as you can / want to make it. Really, the Django tutorial’s level of sophistication is fine. Perhaps the only slightly complicated feature I need is that some of the Django models will refer to instances of other models. Mostly 1:1 relationships, but one model has a field that will be 1:many. I’d also like to be able to create and administer user accounts such that each user has their own data. I have a Django model structure in mind (see attached pdf), as well as a very simple wireframe. They're not terribly polished, but I don't need a polished product. When thinking about how to implement this… simpler is better. I just need this to work. Nothing fancy. Feel free to ask for more details. Thanks!
Skills: Django CSS HTML Python
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $1,000 - Posted
I am looking for someone to build a dating site. A stand-alone, global, social networking/dating site that would start out as a simple, easy to use, open, free platform . It would have a prince charm/sugar daddy has a foot fetish/glass slipper theme. It would use the latest dating platform/software. As it grew it could be customizated with blogs, plug-ins, for different countries, countries, customs and cultures.
Skills: Django CMS Development Drupal HTML
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $500 - Posted
1. The purpose of the contest is to recruit a number of local experts (Chirons, as we call them) in 10 selected Italian cities. Each city will allow for a restricted number of Chirons. I imagine to have a single form, where the city will be automatically inferred from the ZIP code of the applicant. The entry per se doesn’t qualify against the (restricted) number of applicants approved as Chirons. I mean that each applicant will be graded and accepted or rejected as Chiron. Only accepted applicants count against the cap. 2. Applicants will be invited to submit a video “How to explain Italy to 50 million fellow travelers” via Instagram in one (or more) of three categories, for example “Cultural”, “Food & Lodging”, “Hidden Spots” and to share it with their social networks calling for vote. The form will accommodate a “Pick your category” choice. 3. Applicants will be given an initial rank, based upon various parameters (we already have the formula). The initial rank will be used to accept or reject the application. A method has to be found (e.g a prominent window set up for the purpose) to show/inform (maybe graphically) applicants about how many of them can dream to become Chirons in each city before capping. And we will “reject” entries at zip level (zip by zip when capped). 4. The rank of accepted applicants will increase according to the engagement their video(s) generate.
Skills: Django JavaScript Project management Python