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Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $500 - Posted
Have existing industrial building in Georgia USA I will provide a hand drawing of the location of the existing fixture, electrical loads, locations etc. You will need to convert the the hand drawings into 2D cad file to present to the inspector I need this project completed ASAP and willing to pay a premium, want completed no less than 24 hours after I provide hand drawings
Skills: Electrical engineering Electrical Drawing Electronic Design
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $250 - Posted
Undivided property consisting of three single residence occupancy needs to be forensically examined and assessed from civil, mechanical, structural and electrical standpoint in order to assess redevelopment costs to be absorbed jointly and by three independent occupants. High caliber engineering expert must be based in Moscow, Russia or be able to travel from a commutable distance.
Skills: Electrical engineering ArchiCAD Autodesk Autocad Civil3D Autodesk Revit
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $150 - Posted
Hello, I am looking for someone who is in the field of wireless communication, specially in OFDM SYSTEMS area. The project is about Constant envelop OFDM systems (CE-OFDM) by using frequency modulation and digital pass-Loked Loops (DPLL) or Frequency Modulation (FM) instead of PM (Phase Modulation). If you are not OFDM guy, please do not interrupt me. I need analytical model and simulation, then compare them together. The CE-OFDM is available in the literature. Contact me for more details.Thanks
Skills: Electrical engineering Mathematics MATLAB
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $5 - Posted
I need a breadboard I can take and get manufactured that combines the below devices. Smallest size possible is the goal. It also needs to be able to take 12 v. in and run a 12v solenoid valve and 5v flowmeter that has an interrupt. 1. Arduino Nano https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardNano 2. Wiznet W1500 Shield http://www.gravitech.us/etwmiadforar.html 3. Custom Pieces for Solenoid and Flowmeter (Pink lines represent flowmeter and solenoid connections) https://123d.circuits.io/circuits/2179802-smart-tap/embed#breadboard
Skills: Electrical engineering Arduino Circuit Design Electrical Drawing
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $3,000 - Posted
I am looking to create a compact and cost effective board that will accept input from several sensors including temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage and convey that information via Bluetooth to a handheld device. The development of the App to receive and process the Bluetooth data will be a separate project. The board will have an AC input ranging from 230V 60HZ to 60V 15HZ so processing of the input power will also need to be accomplished on-board if possible. If not, we can handle the power in a separate project. I am attaching a very basic depiction of the board but of course it will be necessary to discus it further before development begins.
Skills: Electrical engineering Electronic Design PCB Design
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $400 - Posted
I am looking for an experienced Thermal Engineer who can do Thermal and insulation calculations, design of the container, and provide estimated costs of materials of a container 2/3 full of water with approx. dimensions 25cm x 25cm x 13cm (L x W x H). What I am essentially looking to do is decrease the internal temperature of water at 35C down to 5C. The internal dimensions are approx. 25cm x 25cm x 13cm (L x W x H). Once the internal temperature of water reaches 5C, I would like to hold that temperature as long as possible, hence why I am looking for calculations and an efficient insulation material but doesn't cost all that much. I've seen that Polyurethane is a good insulator, but not sure how expensive it is relative to other materials with similar properties. I would want a material which has great insulation properties, but cheap in price. I have tried using a substance such as Ammonium Nitrate and Urea which can provide thermal energy, however, it only decrease the temperature by a much smaller amount than what was desired. Please keep in mind, I cannot use ice packs for this project. I have also looked into the "electronics compressed-gas Duster and lint remover", when upside down it gives off a freezing temperature, but not entirely sure how, or if this would work. I think this project will involve the container being plugged in an outlet which can get the container to the desired temperature, a Peltier device, heat sink, batteries, cold air flow schematics design along with many other important characteristics for a great design. Maybe there is a way to add small solar panels on the outer surface to power, and charge the internal batteries. Sorry I do not have any 3D drawings, just pictures at the moment to provide more of a visual. Desired specifications: - Decrease the temperature down to 5C - Dial on the outer surface to allow for the user to set their temperature - Batteries to be rechargeable (can use small solar panels if needed, or charging from an outlet as an example) - Hold the desired temperature for 48 -72 hours without having to charge the batteries. - Weight to be less than 3Kg (the lighter the better). Thank you for all your time.
Skills: Electrical engineering Manufacturing Design Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget: $100 - Posted
We are looking for a firmware engineer to assist with the following: The CC3200 (MCU) will need to establish communication with CC2564MODA (bluetooth module, with integrated antenna). First, the CC3200 will need to be set-up with the framework to communicate with the CC2564MODA, via a "UART" interface. Second, once communication link has been established. The CC2564MODA will need to be initialized and configured to be a pairable device. Once pairable, a mobile phone will need to pair with the CC2564MODA and communicate with it. The communication between the CC2564MODA & mobile device would only need to be simplistic or "bare bones" to start. TI has provided a bluetooth stack to work with certain families of MCUs. The stack would have to be modified to work with the CC3200. More information will be provided via SKYPE. Please message if you are interested.
Skills: Electrical engineering Bluetooth C C++
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $35,000 - Posted
Job Description: Development of a machine that is able to trim flowers from a potted plant and separate waste material from the flower. The system can also cut the stalk at the base and trim the flower from the stalk that has been removed from the pot. Each plant has a main stalk and many stems that grow off if it with multiple flower sites on each stem. The system needs to be able to differentiate between stem, leaves and flowers and needs to be able to make a precise cut at the base of each flower. The objective of this project is to be able to combine existing technology, hardware and software to re-purpose or to create affordable new technology. The sorting technology is widely available in the food processing industries but it is too expensive for a small farmer to be able to afford. We are interested in developing emerging technology to make it available at an affordable cost. We anticipate the following necessary skills: Mechanical Engineering Robotics, pneumatics and high speed camera optical recognition Software Programming Development of software and machine/robotics to trim and separate flowers from plant stems and stalks. The components required are: Software programming: Optical recognition software to be used in conjunction with a high speed camera. Optical recognition software that is able to differentiate between the stem, the leaves, and the flower. Software to communicate with the cameras to control the articulating arms and the pneumatic valves Mechanical Engineering: Design of Robotic articulating arms with Replaceable cutting blades. The optical recognition system will be designed around an optical recognition high speed LED camera or Trichromatic color cameras (possibly utilizing IR or UV) 1) Articulating Robotic arm or multiple arms to make precision cuts 2) A free fall chute for all material to pass through – the high speed cameras would differentiate between the waste and the flower and activate a series of pneumatic pinhole valves to utilize jets of air to blow the waste and the flower into separate bins – effectively to sort the flower from the waste material. 3) It needs to be able to perform a relatively precise cut at the base of the flower without damaging the flower itself. The cutting apparatus must be able to cut the flower at multiple sites along each stem of the plant. 4) One idea is to have the plant on a rotating platform and have the cameras scan a 40 degree vertical slice or plane of the plant and make cuts at each flower site until no more flower sites exist in the field of view. Then have the plant rotate approximately 35 degrees in order to bring the next cutting area in to view of the cameras. This would be set up with cameras and articulating arms on both sides of the plant so that the trimming process would be twice as fast as having a single articulating arm and set of cameras. 5) The blades need to be able to be automatically changed as they will get sticky from cutting the plant. Ideally the system would use something like the inexpensive single sided straight razor blades that could be loaded into a magazine that would replace the blades every 1,000 cuts or something along those lines. The system will most likely need to be a free fall or chute system which will allow for. For both the flower trimming and the waste I assume that. The cutting apparatus will most likely be an articulating arm with a scissor blade. After cutting, the machine needs to be able to move the flower into one hopper and to move the waste material into another hopper. Project Stages: • Initial design concept • Component cost breakdown for software and hardware • Milestones • Prototype • Manufacturing Below is a link to a video sample of the type of sorting system we envision. This does not show the trimming portion of the process. Sorter Video: https://goo.gl/NaCVkR
Skills: Electrical engineering Mechanical Engineering Robotics Software Configuration Management