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Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $20 - Posted
Hello are you familiar with Shakespeare? Can you answer any of the questions below? If so message me and we will discuss project. Romeo & Juliet may certainly be Shakespeare’s most famous play. Take a position that explains the play’s enduring popularity and appeal. Choose a scene which you believe to be a turning point or particularly revealing of a character or theme in the play. Carefully analyze the scene discussing types of language, structure and even possible staging of it for effect. “Taming of the Shrew” is often considered a classic “battle of the sexes;” support this opinion by reference to specific scenes and lines in the play. You might also comment on who wins. Take a position on the ending of the play. Does Katherine really transform into the perfect and obedient wife? How do you interpret her speech at the end:”My hand is ready, may it do him ease…”?
Skills: Essay Writing Academic Writing Content Writing English
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $15 - Posted
Introduction: In your CEO role, "your" name and a little about yourself and your organization. A brief summary of major successes and challenges that "you" believe have contributed to your knowledge and skill as a leader. As part of your narrated presentation, respond to the CEO roundtable discussion topic As CEOs we assume you have spent a lot of time thinking about what it takes to lead from the “C-Suite” (executive level). For this roundtable discussion we would ask: What do you look for in a highly effective project team leader? While your first inclination may be to think about this from the perspective of your (role play) firm, as participants in this roundtable discussion it will be important to see if you can contribute insights that will apply and be helpful more broadly. As successful and well-educated leaders, we know you will be sure to support your contributions with evidence from recognized experts who have studied team leadership. We also know that you will critically analyze the ideas you find so everyone who contributes to this roundtable will leave with information they will find useful in the future.(Remember to stay in your CEO role when contributing to this roundtable discussion.)
Skills: Essay Writing Academic Writing
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $150 - Posted
We are looking for writers who are versatile enough to handle a wide variety of topics and complex writing requirements. Essential is an ability to do some research online, learn quickly and then start writing. Most writing tasks are in the fields of BUSINESS, ENGINEERING, LAW, ACCOUNTING & FINANCE and MEDICINE/NURSING. To be eligible, you -MUST be able to write at least 10 000 words per week. -work MUST be original. -work MUST meet all requirements and comply with instructions -MUST be available full time and not have other work commitments -Must have good work ethics Our budget for 10 000 words is $150. (lump sum) Please state your academic qualifications.
Skills: Essay Writing Academic Writing Business Writing
Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget: $3,000 - Posted
PLEASE NOTE: This job pays a flat rate at $2.50 per 100 words. Each writing task ranges between 1000 and 10,000 words. Our company, an academic writing agency, is seeking professional researchers with impeccable English writing skills for ongoing work. We have a large amount of companies that need to be discovered and catalogued, so we’re looking for someone that can dedicate themselves fully to joining our team. You will be required to write about sophisticated tasks including reports, essays and thesis papers. Outline of Responsibilities Hired employees will be trained on how to properly write academic tasks. You will be required to write lots! Hours: We will only hire employees who can work with us for at least 40 hours per week – this means that we largely prefer employees that do not have other jobs (either online or offline). Those who wish to work longer are encouraged to do so – the more hours you put in, the more money you make, and the more we will value and reward you as an employee. Ideal candidates will stay with us for at least a year, if not longer. Qualifications: * Excellent English writing skills; * Should have at least completed a bachelor degree * Superior English grammar and punctuation skills * Dedicated and reliable – someone ready to work long hours * Must have a very fast and reliable internet connection (prepaid kits not recommended) * Fast, efficient and high attention to detail * Interested in a longer term relationship with our company * A positive, happy personality * Willing and ready to provide feedback and ask questions * MUST LOVE WRITING AS A PASSION! Next Steps Applicants that seem to fit the position will be hired for training and required to write academic tasks. If you fit the requirements of the position, we'll officially hire you. We screen all applicants thoroughly as we’re looking to build a lasting relationship. We're a fun, small company, and would love to work with you! Application requirements: **Please write a cover letter specifically for this job. We will use this to evaluate your writing skills, so please do not submit a pre-written cover letter. Please do your best to write clear, natural sounding English – punctuation and grammar will be very important in this assignment. You'll be trained by and working with a Director at our company. PLEASE NOTE: This job pays a flat rate at $2.50 per 100 words. Thank you so much – we’re excited to get started!
Skills: Essay Writing Academic Writing Research Papers
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $10 - Posted
Please message me for details. This assignment is easy for philosophy experts. You must be confidently able to answer any of these questions. You will not be given all of these questions but I'm looking for some one who would not hesitate to talk about these subjects during the interview. 1. What is the Ontological Argument? What is it intended to prove? Does it succeed? 2. Explain any philosophical problems alluded to in the following: Our God, some contend, is immutable; And their faith is, indeed, irrefutable; When He does what He should It's because “He is good,” When He doesn't, “His ways are inscrutable”. 3. Does the existence of evil disprove the existence of a God who is all-powerful and all-good? Critically discuss Mackie's arguments on this question. 4. What is Plato's Theory of Forms? What problems in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics is it intended to solve? Does it work? 5. Your lover says “After studying Plato I realize that I don’t love you at all. I can only love your beauty, your goodness, your intelligence, your courage, and so on.” Should this bother you? Explain clearly why Plato thinks individuals are unknowable. 6. Dave's car's fuel gauge, which has always been reliable, says he will run out of gas soon. But Dave is convinced that there is no necessary connection between causes and effects, and no guarantee that the future will resemble the past. So Dave doesn't buy any gas. Dave runs out of gas in Gilroy and calls you to come and rescue him. Should you be annoyed at Dave for being irrational? To what philosopher(s) does Dave owe these views? How does that philosopher support these views? What philosopher(s) have opposed these views, and why? 7. What is logical positivism? What arguments can be advanced for and against it? 8. Critically analyze Gilbert Ryle’s contributions to twentieth-century philosophy. 9. Why are philosophers interested in the writings of non-philosophers such as Freud, B. F. Skinner, and Ruth Benedict? In answering this question, please explain the ideas of Freud, Skinner, and Benedict, and show why their ideas would be of interest to philosophy. 10. Soft determinism has been adopted by many famous philosophers, including Descartes and Hume. What is soft determinism (be precise) and what are its chief weaknesses? 11. Terry says, “For all I know, I'm really a brain in a vat, with my sense inputs controlled by space aliens. The real world may be nothing at all like the world I experience.” Assuming Terry is not hallucinating or insane, what arguments might Descartes present to convince her that her view is unreasonable? Berkeley? Hume? Kant? 12. A common view says that people “are” (or “have”) souls and bodies. The soul is thought to be the “real” self; the body is thought to be a kind of container for this soul. The soul is thought to be free, while the body is governed by physical laws. In addition, souls are thought to be immortal, bodies mortal. What reasons might be given in support of this view? (Note: give reasons. Do not simply re-state the view.) In opposition? If this view is correct, how are people free? 13. Modern philosophical rationalism and empiricism ended with Kant. Why? 14. The verificationist principle says, in effect, that a statement is meaningful only if you know what would verify it and what would falsify it. If correct, this principle would classify as meaningless many statements in metaphysics. Give some examples of statements that would have trouble passing the verificationist criterion. Explain why they would not pass, and defend them if possible. 15. Defend or criticize: “Theological assertions are nonsense”. Be sure your answer reflects familiarity with assigned reading. 16. What would Sartre say about hard and soft determinism? 17. How does Kant argue for Categorical Imperatives? What are common criticisms of Kant's views? 18. What is utilitarianism? What are typical arguments against utilitarianism? Clearly explain the distinction between act and rule utilitarianism, and discuss why rule utilitarianism came about. 19. The world is threatened with drought, so people are urged to conserve water. Jack lives far from his neighbors, and no one ever drives by Jack's house. The water company has forgotten that Jack exists, so he receives no bills and no meter-reader ever comes to his house. Jack knows about the conservation effort, but he really wants a green lawn. He knows that if he waters his lawn, he won't be harming anyone because his lawn is small and the amount of water he uses won't affect the drought. So Jack continues to water. What would Kant say about this case? An act-utilitarian? A rule-utilitarian? Give reasons, not just conclusions! 20. Must we refrain from making moral judgments about cultural practices of other societies? Must we refrain from intervening on behalf of “victims” of those practices, even if we find the practices morally abhorrent? Why or why not?
Skills: Essay Writing Academic Writing English Policy Writing
Fixed-Price - Entry Level ($) - Est. Budget: $30 - Posted
I am looking for you to create a Link Paleo Blog post with images. See example here.... Please gather 30 Popular Mexican Paleo Recipes on the web and link them together in link blog post. Please create a short one paragraph intro for each recipe. (Please don't take this intro, this has to be in your own words. Thank you!
Skills: Essay Writing Blog Writing Content Writing Ghostwriting