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Brad M.

Brad M.

Editor - Consultant: Business, Math, Science

United States - Tests: 61

Much technical and business writing must take English form. My diverse background may be useful in 'nativizing' the English for important documents. Fixed-price, one-page "test jobs" are most welcome. They are ideally suited to develop trust in a new client relationship risk-free. Prospective clients are invited to have me edit or analyze a one-page sample for evaluation. Approximately 55% of 2014 revenues were with 'one-time-only' clients, and the rest were with repeat clients including 10% in 'bonus' payments. Any extended "jobs in progress" listed below are simply open contracts retained for repeat business with satisfied ongoing clients. Test qualifications below indicate the numerical fluency and analytical powers that can be brought to any multi-disciplinary project. The tests were chosen to feature both my experience and test-taking difficulty with only 30% passing rates for many of these - I do enjoy a challenge! Where science and investment cross paths, I may be of unique service. *** EDITING PROCESS *** Our editing method will be ultra-direct. Instead of recording edits and using the comment function, we will exchange direct inserts of text improvements. In other words, rather than discussing sculpture, we can simply sculpt. This is a non-academic, business approach that saves time and curbs visual clutter. Typical workflow: original text, initial freelance edits, client direct re-edit, final freelance edit suggestions. Smaller, text-only, non-graphical files are best for section-by-section, prose-only drafts and edits -- my main Upwork activity. Key current limitations: Text-only prose work without graphics and Email-only communication. *** BROAD RANGE OF RECENT ASSIGNMENTS *** Business plan re-write seeking 500k EUR capital to ramp up production of a most advanced home-care monitor for US and UK markets. Business plan executive summary re-write for a 'fin-tech' company seeking 20M EUR initial capital and a 250M EUR second round for banking licenses. Formulating and editing of several hundreds of math-science practice test questions. Written white paper "Construction-Site Fatalities and Injuries: Exposure Reduction by an Innovative, Technological Solution" Written business analysis "First Solar: Land-Intensive, Seasonal, Part-Time Energy" "Allocating Resources to New Product Development: Adapt, Disrupt, or Both?" A quantitative presentation of the benefits of a nano-tech spray coating that eliminates heat exchanger corrosion while boosting conductivity. "Quantitative Aggregation of Prior Statistical Findings" "Sharing of Crisis Information in Social Media: The Roles of Distance, Perspective-Taking, and Feelings" "Social Engineering Security for Information-Communication Technology Systems: Systematic Literature Review" *** BUSINESS PLAN (BP) PHILOSOPHY *** After a rough BP is drafted by management, it will be my privilege to edit it for investor appeal. Since investors like myself value "margins of safety", conservative financial exhibits are best. My bid may be lower because the BPs that get funded are often powerfully brief. Our BP format will cover what might be called "the four F-PCMRs": Fundamentals: Products - Customers - Markets - Research Features: Process - Competition - Measurement - Risk Foundation: People - Capital - Management - Resources Financials: Profit - Cash - Margin - Revenue Each of these 16 business elements can be explained or depicted within a page for a total of about a dozen pages for most enterprises. BPs that have excessive page turns can leave an unfavorable impression on investors such as myself. Either the business seems too complex, or it's not yet understood well enough to merit low-risk capital. Business success boils down to unique and enduring advantage and the costs of securing such. How will the enterprise compete? By price, service, or through some other 'hard-to-duplicate' resource, process, or relationship advantage? If we can marshal an ultra-clear and powerful focus, an attractive BP for most enterprises can be explained in about a dozen pages. 'Great art is what you leave out', and our getting to the point[s] will make BP production less expensive while enhancing investor readership. I have no sample BPs to disclose ... what I can bring to the table is the investor's viewpoint. "Shark Tank" fairly depicts the key investment issues: How much does it cost? What price can you charge? How many have you sold? What unique advantage do you have? How will the new investment funds be used? "Shark Tank" pitches that crisply answer those questions get deals. Long, wordy explanations do not. Warren Buffett has bought businesses after reading just one page. That is the page we want to present. Investors may not wish to read a 50-page BP -- it normally should not take that long to explain most great businesses.

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Lan Dinh

Lan Dinh

Translator (English - Vietnamese)

Vietnam - Tests: 9

My English skills and my professionalism ensures the quality of the delivered service. I have more than 10 years of working experience in multinational organizations, including NGO, and have studied overseas for totally seven years. For each job that I have, I always invest 100% of my ability to ensure I'll deliver my clients high quality products. Good time management makes it possible for me to submit my work to clients on time.

77% Job Success
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Kathleen Reilly

Kathleen Reilly

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager

United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 17 With a multitude of digital marketing services, we work with you to create the solution of what you’re looking for. StickOutSocial is new to UpWork- But not new to the online marketing game. Located in Chicago, our company is 3 years old, with 35 amazing, creative, and innovative employees working together to create you something of utmost value. We love to listen, and would love to hear from you. Our services include: -Website Design -Website Development -Website Management -Social Media Marketing -Graphic Design -Style Guides -Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Management -Email & Text Marketing -Search Engine Marketing -Web and Mobile Application Development. Below is a list of websites SOS recently has developed: (buildout phase - 1 page scrolling) (real estate) (IDX/MLS) Note: Some links are in buildout phases, this list is updated weekly. UpWork test certified in: -Wordpress -HTML -CSS -AJAX -JavaScript -MySQL -Jquery -Photoshop -Principles of Web Graphic Design

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Gokul E.

Gokul E. Agency Contractor

iOS/ Android Game Developer/Mobile Apps - **oDesk TOP 1% freelancer**

India - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 27

**oDesk TOP 1 % freelancer** I am good in - 1) Games - Unity3D,Cocos2D, OpenGL, Corona, Marmalade, Unity3D - Game Center, In-App Purchase, Multiplayer Game Unity3D - PushWoosh, Push Notifications Unity3D - iAd, Adwirl, Admob, In Mobi, Chartboost, TapJoy, Next Peer, Inner Active - Flurry, Testflight Unity3D 2) Applications - iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Phonegap - Web Service, Ajax, XML, JSON, RSS, SOAP, WSDL - Video/Audio Streaming, Video Editing, Decoding/Encoding - MySQL, SQLite, HTML5, PHP, JSP - Facebook, Twitter - Google Map Service - CoreData, CoreGraphics, Animation

Groups: Application Developers Alliance

Associated with: Ether IT Solutions

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Filip G.

Filip G. Agency Contractor

Growth Hacking, Social Media Strategy, FB Ads, Content Marketing

Belgium - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 4

"We want the best. Better get the cheapest." - No one, ever. An experienced Social Media Marketing Manager and Inbound Marketer with over 1,000 oDesk hours. I have recently published a bestselling Kindle ebook on social media marketing - ask me for a free copy. ☼ Major recent milestones: lead generation via LinkedIn worth $8m and 400% ROI using Facebook Video Ads. Amazing track record with Facebook Ads: routinely outperforming 90% of the competition, no matter which niche. Custom audiences, retargeting campaigns, conversion pixels - I can help you master these and get the most out of your advertising budget. Looking to get started with Instagram Ads? I will guide you through the process and make sure you get the highest return on your budget. -- My comprehensive set of skills and tools will help you and your brand make it in "social". I am a Certified HootSuite Professional ( and Inbound Marketer ( Helped deliver and implement social media marketing strategy for the likes of Origami Condoms, UNICEF Croatia and Go-Go Casino. What I can do for you is: +provide a holistic strategy for your social media assets and implement it on a daily basis +listen to your social media channels +create and research best content +track and report on key metrics such as reach, engagement and stories created +set-up partial/full automation of your social media endeavors. Previously I have worked for 11 years in general marketing/sales/PR/project management/account management for small start-ups, big multinationals, NGOs and government agencies.

Associated with: Firefly

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Isha B.

Isha B. Agency Contractor

Branding and Internet Marketing Strategy

United States - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 3

I am a branding and marketing expert with huge experience in both the retail and business coaching industries. My skills are in branding, marketing and market positioning and online business management, including team direction and management. We're a perfect match if you need someone to take the lead on branding and marketing and direct the online and social media activities that will promote your brand and your products. I'm available for national and International clients (via Skype). Fixed monthly consultant packages available upon request.

Associated with: MeMo J Inc Agency

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650 hours

Nikhil Mandrekar

Nikhil Mandrekar Agency Contractor

Need an Investor Pitch Deck?

United Arab Emirates - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 16

Successful fund-raising requires a compelling pitch deck. With over 200+ decks designed since 2005, I can create a custom one-of-a-kind deck for your business that follows VC-recommended best practices in design, layout and content. For samples of my work, please visit I am also an angel investor in the following startups: (Nanobiotechnology) and (B2B Marketplace) Minimum budget to engage my services: $1000 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE! These pitch decks are the best that your money can buy!

Associated with: Mercury Retrograde

100% Job Success
$200.00 /hr
1,163 hours

Camille L.

Camille L. Agency Contractor

Virtual Assistant - Project Manager - Excellent People Skills

Philippines - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 5

Always aiming to give my clients the best value for their money! Working quickly without compromising the quality. I provide excellent service while utilizing my outstanding communication and organizational skills to make substantial contributions in achieving your company's goals. Experienced in: Project Management, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service, Web Research, Data Entry and much more!

Groups: Central Desktop

Associated with: Crayons Administrative Solutions Agency

100% Job Success
$13.40 /hr
3,874 hours

Brandon Tvedt

Brandon Tvedt Agency Contractor

Master Wordsmith, Marketing Ninja, and Business Consultant

United States - Tests: 27 - Portfolio: 97

*** Top 0.1% of Upwork Contractors - Official Top-Rated Freelancer *** I seek to fulfill assignments for all my clients in a quick and professional manner. My three watchwords are Reliability, Consistency, and Honesty. You, my potential client, are likely looking to use the internet to market your product or service. You may lack a particular skill or piece of marketing expertise, and you’re looking for a contractor to help you solve your problems. Hopefully, I can help you end your search; I’ve been helping clients solve their internet marketing problems, both large and small, for nearly 15 years now. In just the past 12 months right here on oDesk, I have received near-perfect feedback from over 75 separate clients. So, how can I help you, specifically? Most people who find their way here will be in need of a writer. The written (or increasingly, typed) word still remains the basis of all communication, and therefore, all marketing efforts as well. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to master the English language. I’m actually one of the 50 highest-rated contractors in the entire U.S.A. in terms of Written English proficiency according to Brainbench, the worlds’ largest third-party skills certification site. I can imbue even the most pedestrian of prose with a verve and vitality anyone would be hard-pressed to match. If you need simple content, such as static web pages, blog posts, product reviews and the like, I can discover the unique selling points of your product or service and create crisp, clear, top-quality content that will convert to sales for you at higher rates than you thought possible. Or perhaps you are in the market for something a bit more complex? Have no fear – the more challenging the project the more I enjoy working on it. Thusly, I also write Press Releases (fully AP formatted and styled), do resume touch-ups, personal Bios, eBooks, video scripts, storyboarding, and more. If it can be written, I can write it, and at the very highest level of quality. I even work on Academic and authority-level writing. I can assist with editing your dissertation, proofreading your thesis, or researching and drafting industry white papers or grants. I’m also sensitive to the needs of ESL students who understand their content but have difficulty demonstrating that fact in English. Maybe you don’t need any content at the moment though. What can I do for clients who need other services? Quite a bit. My expertise extends into technical areas as well. I’m able to offer cutting-edge web design services, and also offer fully administered SEM campaigns. Whether you are looking to get organic results in SEO, go viral with Social Media Marketing (SMM), or acquire targeted traffic through a PPC campaign, I can assist you every step of the way, from campaign design, to execution, to the ongoing monitoring and maintenance required to successfully execute a modern inbound marketing campaign. I’m AdWords certified and have agency-level subscriptions to all major industry software. I even have a fully equipped recording studio available at my home office and am an accomplished Audio-Visual engineer; I can produce anything from simple YouTube style explainer videos or personal testimonials to full on custom animation designed from the ground up to suit your project. Finally, you might be here because you’re in need of a business consultant, someone who can help you make sense of the big picture. You may need help tweaking a business or marketing plan, or assistance developing a process document. You may even just want some old fashioned niche research done. I can assist you with these projects, and more. All of my strategic advice is predicated on in-depth research, and focuses on demonstrating clear ROI to clients as soon as possible. So if you find yourself in need of top-quality content of any sort, assistance developing or implementing a modern marketing campaign, or a business consultant to help you navigate a particularly thorny development, please reach out to me. You and your bottom line will both be glad you did. I look forward to hearing from you!

Associated with: Quest for Content Agency

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Syed Raza

Syed Raza Agency Contractor

PhD-writer, content management strategist with techno-legal background

Pakistan - Tests: 30 - Portfolio: 9

As a professional writer, content management strategist, attorney, avid researcher with a PhD in management sciences along with MBA from USA, and numerous Microsoft certifications, I have the required expertise to add value to your project. During my PhD tenure, I have worked extensively with Statistical Modeling and specialize in Structural Equation Modeling. My published paper incorporates second generation statistical modeling techniques. Please see: And My current expertise entails creating and managing e-learning courses in SharePoint 2013, Word 2013, Excel 2013, Nintex Workflows and Forms, and host of other sales courses. I also have expertise in Camtasia Studio for creation of such courses as well as Litmos and other learning management systems. I am able to work under deadlines and can also provide complete turn-key solutions. Please see e-learning video samples: Web Sites samples: In addition to providing content management and marketing strategy at LinkedIn, Facebook, Stumble upon, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogger,, Google+ etc., I actively maintain ClayDesk e-Discovery Blog at by posting several articles during a given week. I also write LinkedIn and Cloud Tweaks regularly. Please see: a. b. c.

Associated with: ClayDesk | e-Discovery & cloud computing, ClayDesk | e-Discovery & cloud computing

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