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Evgeny Strashko

Evgeny Strashko

Ruby On Rails Programmer

Ukraine - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 1

Experience in the development of data processing systems of GPS trackers, telemetry systems for motorsport and CRM systems. Skills:   - Ruby   - Ruby on Rails   - html   - CSS   - Javascript   - PostgreSql - Wordpress - Bootstrap - Joomla - Opencart Also have experience in the development of devices on microcontrollers(AVR/PIC/STM)

$12.00 /hr
0 hours

Alexander M.

Alexander M.

C/C++/Lua/Python developer

Russia - Tests: 6

Hi, I'm Alexander. Currently, I am working with Peter-Service company. My project is distributed Software Monitoring system written on C++ and Lua based on RocksDB database. I have 6 years experience of C++ programming and 4 years of Python programming. My specialization is Mathemalical Simulation, in the broad sense. I was working on the direct and inverse problems of field modeling (with FEM and other numerical technics). I also have an experience on solving statistical problems (my master's thesis is related to forecasting of electricity consumption). My objective is to provide 100% accurate service to my client and give client full satisfaction. I am hard worker, honest and very dedicate to my job. I always respect the deadline. I am available to chat by Hangouts, Gmail and Skype.

Groups: Coding Champs

$30.00 /hr
0 hours



Linux System Administrator

Ukraine - Tests: 3

System administrator with more then 4 years experience managing servers, networks, hardware. Has a experience at: OS: Linux(Debian,CentOS); Web servers (Apache,Nginx); Databases (MySQL, Percona Cluster, MariaDB Galera, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis); FS (Samba, proftpd, NFS,GlusterFS); MTA (Exim, Postfix); Monitoring (Nagios, Check_MK, Cacti, Zabbix, Grafana+InfluxDB) Log collector (Graylog,Logstash,Nxlog); VoIP (Asterisk); Virtualization (XENserver, VMware, openVZ); Scripting( bash, python); Amazon AWS; other (Squid, HAproxy, bind, pptp, openvpn, Hadoop\​Hive\Spark, iptables, RabbitMQ);

$11.11 /hr
0 hours

Dmitry Sergeev

Dmitry Sergeev


Russia - Tests: 5

I started with the development on PHP. It fascinated me so that I began to sink deeper and deeper. The first framework, with whom I was acquainted Yii. Somewhat later I learned Symfony2. My strong point - is the development of the backend. Everything else well enough to know SQL. A lot of time spent for developing scripts in JavaScript. Web development can not only realize our most daring ideas, and talk about them all over the world. I will help your ideas to reach the right people.

$12.00 /hr
0 hours

Arielle Cruz

Arielle Cruz

Independent Multimedia Artist

Philippines - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 2

I am a full-stack web developer that has some background in media arts and production. I am capable in developing web applications starting from anywhere between OS-configuration, server- and client-side development, and content creation. I also have several, useful contacts in different industries such as software development and audio/video/print production. My primary tools in web development include Python-based technologies like Django and Flask, running on Linux systems. However, I am capable of using PHP for server-side development. For client-side development, I am very comfortable in using jQuery and LESS but I am very open to using other libraries and frameworks. As a visual artist, my main tools are pencils and drawing pens, a scanner, and The GIMP. But I also have operational knowledge of Blender3D and Inkscape.

$11.50 /hr
6 hours

Octavian Neacsu

Octavian Neacsu Agency Contractor

Linux System Administrator

Romania - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 4

Linux sys admin for the last decade (to be more precise 13 years). I've worked with all major distributions on all kind of servers. Experience: - LAMP setups - AWS infrastructure (EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, SES) - All kind of optimizations/benchmarking (apache2, mysql, postfix) - some modest PHP skills (ZendFramework mainly)

$27.78 /hr
15 hours

Oleksandr Zievakov

Oleksandr Zievakov Agency Contractor

Senior network and security engineer

Ukraine - Tests: 10

8+ years of experience in TCP-IP networking: Design, implementation, maintain, operation, management Cisco, HP, F5, Juniper, Linux, Mikrotik, Ubiquity networking Routing, switching, wireless, security, firewalls, VoIP Application and service Loadbalancing - F5 BIG-IP LTM GTM Virtualization - VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox Windows and Linux services deployment, troubleshooting and support Enterprise, DC, ISP, service integration SIEM CCNP CCDP F5-CA HP ASE network infarstructure

$30.00 /hr
26 hours

Alexander Dolgunin

Alexander Dolgunin Agency Contractor

Web Developer: Java/JavaScript, Spring, GWT

Russia - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 3

My name is Alexander, or Sasha. I have 10+ years of commercial Java programming experience, using some popular Web frameworks. I dabbled in PHP and Drupal during my stay in London. Last 6 years, I was developing medium-sized enterprise Java systems using Spring, Hibernate and custom frameworks, using Agile processes, Git and Maven. My main points of interest are usability, rapid prototyping, reuse of existing frameworks as much as possible; and I would like to do more things for the cloud(s). I am learning Python and Google App Engine programming at the moment.

$16.00 /hr
147 hours

Antonio Jose Gomes

Antonio Jose Gomes Agency Contractor

Senior SysAdmin with programming experience

Portugal - Tests: 8

Over the last 15 years I've administred networks and systems, both *nix and Windows, including setting up and administring WEB servers (Apache and IIS), DB servers (mainly MySQL and Postgres), SMTP servers (Sendmail, Postfix) and, lately, Mail Filtering Systems (M ailScanner & MailWatch and Spamasassin + ClamAV and other AV software). I also have programming experience both in applications and, lately, in WEB based applications, using PHP, Perl, Python, Forth and, as the latetest addition, JAVA with the use of JavaScript for the client side processing and AJAX technologies for asyncronous client/server communication on the background). Although I use, whenever necessary, platforms and already built software I do go through the necessary depths of studying it in order to understand what I'm working with and be sure I using always the best suitable platform and solution for each problem. And, whenever suitable (and necesary), I do build the software, or parts of it, from scratch, no problem with that!... :-) In development and in system's administration I'm systematic and go step by step in order to get solid results that can be trusted upon. ----------------------------- For more information, check my profile in LinkedIN: Portfolio:

$20.00 /hr
13 hours

Jos Collin

Jos Collin Agency Contractor

Expert in Software Development & Linux System Administration

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 7

13 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Lead Engineer and as a Software Consultant. I do Software Development and Linux System Administration. I follow Software Engineering Processes and deliver High Quality Services / Products. Proud to be a solution provider, high level Linux expertise, I am research oriented and self motivated.

$33.33 /hr
189 hours