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Lorena P.

Lorena P.

Wedding Planner, Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

Philippines - Tests: 9

I have been in the field of e-commerce and freelance office administration for the past 10 years and have a meticulous eye for details. Obsessively efficient. I have the experience, training and talents to produce a positive impact on a client's growth and objectives.

$8.00 /hr
875 hours

Don D.

Don D.

Tried-and-True Professional Sales Representative

United States - Tests: 8

"Whatever you're thinking : think bigger !" - Tony Hsieh, co-founder of Zappos Ladies and gentlemen : greetings ! Thank you for reviewing my Odesk profile, and for considering me for your Odesk job. I was born, raised and educated in the New York City metropolitan area, and all my entrepreneurial, marketing and sales expertise was forged here. Please note that in addition to having many years of successful telesales experience, I have also done very extensive in-person on-the-road outside sales; this is a completely different ballgame from telesales : I sell over the phone as I would sell if the prospects were right there in front of me. Prospects are aware of this dynamic when I liaise with them over the phone, and they appreciate that they are not being read a "wooden" contrived amateurish script when they are listening to my sales presentation; as a result prospects enjoy listening to what I have to say. This is one of the reasons why I am so successful at telesales. I would also like to mention that I have numerous clients here at Odesk who have re-contracted with me here for additional Odesk projects after their initial Odesk projects were successfully completed. These clients have also payed me performance-based bonus-commissions on top of the base pay via the Odesk payment system. In addition, I have Odesk clients who are more than happy to give me references. In fact, one of those Odesk clients - Equilibrium Ship Parts of Montreal, Canada - who has so far left me three rave 5-star feedbacks at my Odesk profile for the three Odesk jobs I have already successfully completed for her, wrote me via email after only two weeks into our first Odesk project together, "I enjoy working with you very much. You are confident, independent, and above all - a real human." I am also quite skilled at the following : Please note that I have very extensive successful market research, lead generation, cold-calling, lead development and sales experience in a number of diverse industries. These industries include high-end couture apparel and accessories; wholesale industrial machinery and equipment; wholesale automotive parts, components and accessories; oil-and-gas limited partnerships; wholesale industrial chemicals; etc. More often than not 99% of the sales I made in these and other industries were one-call-closes : new prospects purchased on the very first cold call. .

$40.00 /hr
0 hours

patrick jearvin cruz

patrick jearvin cruz

freelance writer: marketing, case analysis and studies, article writer

Philippines - Tests: 10

For the past 3 years, I have been involved in the outsourcing business. First of which, when I worked as a freelance writer where I wrote papers with marketing and business backgrounds. I was doing fairly well then until I was recruited to be a full time customer service representative by APAC Customer Services, Inc., where I handled inquiries from medical providers regarding benefits and claims information for a certain medical insurance. My competencies lie in data entry and technical writing especially that of marketing in nature. And right now, I am seeking for opportunities to further harness my skills by helping you out with your business, whether it's of the data entry kind or technical writing. And until 1 month ago, I also worked as a Directory Assistance operator where I became well versed with the different markets in the USA. This gave me the opportunity to become more immersed with other cultures that broadens my knowledge about different markets and cultures.

$5.00 /hr
0 hours

Lisa Angst

Lisa Angst

Lead Generation (B2B), Sales and Marketing Consultant/Trainer

United States - Tests: 4

OUTBOUND COLD CALLS AND EMAIL CAMPAIGNS As a virtual extension of your sales team, I can help you identify and cultivate qualified decision makers who can purchase your product or service. I have over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. Working with me allows you to delegate the tedious, repetitive tasks and the rejection that comes with preliminary prospecting efforts. In other words, I do the initial filtering so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your profit-making operations. I help fill in the gaps and add momentum to existing sales efforts. My full-range services are modular in that we support you in all or a portion of your prospecting needs. Here is a quick list of how I can help you: • Appointment Setting • General Cold Calling • Database Set Up/Cleaning/Maintenance • Executive IT Level Call Penetration • Lead Qualification • Event/Seminar Registration • Prospect List Resources • Pre-recorded Phone Prospecting Projects are billed based on the number of prospecting efforts which include phone calls, individual emails, email blasts, web research and administrative time. Projects are tailored to your specific needs. Please contact for discussion, further details and quotes.

$50.00 /hr
0 hours

Antonette Magaling

Antonette Magaling Agency Contractor

Typist, Web research,Data Entry,Customer Service Rep/Admin,

Philippines - Tests: 5

I am capable of multi-tasking work and assignments. My goal has always been to guarantee that my client gets a 100% satisfaction from whatever tasks they may require me to do. I am 4 years working in oDesk, I have developed a wide range of experience in the following areas: administrative work, data entry, personal assistance, email handling, research and database management. Aside from this, I am proficient in MS-Office applications.

$6.00 /hr
4,601 hours

Andria S.

Andria S. Agency Contractor

Outsourced Assistant

United States - Tests: 6

**I am on oDesk in hopes to gain new clients for my company. Please see my resume for further details about me. I have been an administrator and in the professional office field for 8 years. My experience more closely focuses on the marketing/financial side of the business but am very capable of jumping into any administrative role. **

$5.00 /hr
67 hours

Jamie Salazar

Jamie Salazar Agency Contractor

Client Relations Manager/Telemarketer/Voice Talent

Philippines - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 2

To satisfy clients' needs and requirements while maximizing my management and communication skills. Over the last 7 years, I have developed and honed my management and supervisory skills in the back office support and business process outsourcing (call center) industries. I have been in constant correspondences with senior level executives from both SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies in attending to the needs of American and Canadian clients. I am aiming to acquire long-term business relationships/partnerships with clients who may be needing assistance in achieving goals related to client-base expansion, collections and improved customer relations. I am highly capable of leading and managing a team and work well in delivering goals and objectives in a specified period of time, as required. I have a high sense of responsibility and accountability which I am very willing to demonstrate and authenticate once given the opportunity to.

$10.00 /hr
2,462 hours

Raphael Cleary

Raphael Cleary Agency Contractor

Top Sales Generator, Quality Control Manager, Admin Support and Recrui

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 1

Over the last decade, I have been heading inbound and outbound sales teams for multi-national companies. The jobs require great sales skills, quality service and management. My strengths are in sales for what ever niche. From generating warm leads to doing cold calls, from low end to high ticket sales.

$10.00 /hr
865 hours