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Garon Bailey

Full-stack Web Developer, Photographer, and Video Producer

United States - Tests: 3

I'm a full-stack web developer from the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly, NYC, with a wealth of experience on front-end websites. I build responsive sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. I also am very familiar with Bootstrap and AngularJS. Additionally, I have experience building on the back-end with tools such as Node.js, Express, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB/Mongoose, and SQL databases. In addition to my skills as a developer, I have previously been a professional photographer and photo editor, as well as shooting and editing digital video.

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Nish C.

13+ yrs of development exp in C, webrtc, VoIP, telecom.


Total work experience of 13 ½ years include design and development of carrier grade telecom products. Graduated from reputed college (NIT). Handled onsite projects in US and UK and lead many teleco products to production. Experience in high availability, scalibility and load balanced scenarios. Expertise in NFV/Cloud solution and openstack. Expertise in WebRTC, sip over websockets Asterisk, Expertise in SIP Protocol (7 yrs) call processing gained while working on IPTV, seamless mobility, various VoIP Security features like Dos, call conf, call xfer, DDoS, SIP based WebPhone. NAT Traversal Techniques – 2yrs worked on opensource PJNATH for STUN/TURN/ICE. Streaming Protocol – RTSP (1 yr): while working on IPTV application, live555 streaming app and STB. Knowledge about codecs (ffmpeg library). Previously worked on SS7 protocol stack for 2 ½ yrs with expertise in MTP-3 and SCCP. IMS – IP Multimedia Subsystem while working on seamless mobili

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Shirley Z.



Shirley graduated with a degree in Information Technology and has at least a decade of working experience in different fields and various high profile organizations like Wing Tai Clothing Pte Ltd and Prudential Assurance Company Singapore. Half a decade later, She left the finance field and joined local photography company, WideVision, as a project coordinator, in hope to be working in a field where her passion lies. A year later, she left the company and became a full time photographer. With a style being described as "artistic yet fashionable with a dark alternative touch", she has contributed to portfolios of professional makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and international models, as well as magazines and lookbooks of local clothing designers.

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Jason Wolosonovich

Python Machine Learning Specialist

United States - Portfolio: 1 Prefer fixed price contracts where end results/goals are clearly-stated and well-documented by employer. If you have multiple projects coming up or simultaneous projects and your topic is interesting, the first project will be free. I have a job currently but I'm looking to work on interesting problems that I do not have access to in my current position. Do not hesitate to ask about a particular skill set that you may or may not see listed. I have dabbled in many areas of Data Science and Machine Learning, but I only list those that I feel very proficient in. Furthermore, there are many sub-categories within some of the skills categories (e.g. Machine Learning has various sub-topics like classification, cluster analysis, text analysis/sentiment analysis) however in the interest of brevity, I stick to main categories. Please ask if there is a certain area or skill and I will be be happy to let you know my proficiency level in it.

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Charles Garb

Expert Writing and Editing Team

United States

My business partner and I have over 30 years experience in journalism, with content featured in the New York Times. We offer exceptional skills with Word, Excel, Power Point and can quickly transcribe audio/video. We are only proficient in English but also have backgrounds in academic history and academic biology.

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Samantha C.

If you write like you text you need me!!!


Exceptional attention to detail, spelling, grammar and fact checking are important in presenting your ideas. Some of the most creative and interesting writers do not possess these skills because their talents and focus are in the creating. Let me help you present your ideas in a way that will allow your readers to enjoy your creation in the best possible way.

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Christopher B.

Professional web and application developer

United States

I am certified in HTML 4.01, 5.01, CSS, XHTML 1.0, Javascript, and PHP. I have developed applications and programs, one of which is 1000+ lines of code per module(5 modules) for Complete FedEx shipping integrated with a custom system for a company. For years i have been doing so with html/css and using server side Javascript, PHP, and SQL/Universe databases. I am currently starting my own business for this so any work here will greatly help me get up and running quicker. I hope to use/pass on my knowledge and create exactly what you would like, to make your life/job easier.

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Mohamed B.

Artist, illustration, comics, graphic design

France - Portfolio: 15

Hi My name is Mohamed-Saïd, I am an illustrator and comic artist. I have good skills with anatomy, perspective, view angle and narration, colors... I draw fast and I am creative. I encourage you to check my work. Feel free to ask comprehensive information or request a test as benchmark if you have any doubt. Best regards.

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Chris Root

PHP/Ruby/Rails/javascript/HTML Programmer

United States

I am a PHP/MySQL developer with over 14 years of professional web development experience. I develop web applications using a variety of languages and tools including PHP, Ruby/Rails, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Mongoldb, HTML, Javascript/AJAX, CSS, Flash, ASP and Perl. I have six years of Linux administration experience. I have done a lot of customer support and technical documentation and tutorial writing. I have extensive experience with Javascript frameworks including JQuery plugin development and frameworks such as Angular.js and Backbone. I have extensive experience modifying and extending CMS and CRM systems such as Wordpress, Vtiger CRM, Sugar CRM and Xoops CMS. I also have some experience with QTRuby and RubyFX guy frameworks.

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Senthil Kumar T

Software Quality Assurance Specialist


Possessing 11 years of comprehensive industry experience in the field of IT with strong knowledge of various phases of SDLC and focus on Software Quality Assurance. Having hands on experience in Web Application, Mobile Application and API Services testing through all of these years by following different methodology and mainly focused on Agile Methodology for past 5 years.

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