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  1. Julian Yerfino

    Julian Yerfino

    Delphi | PHP | ExtJS | GIS | .NET | Django | Linux

    Argentina - Portfolio: 11

    We are a small company from Argentina. Over the years we successfully developed high-quality applications and services for customers in different countries (Argentina, USA, Germany, Philippines) We have a very highly skilled staff, which allow us to cover a wide range of areas of expertise, including: - Linux (in particular embedded systems based on Linux) - Python / Django - Delphi (10+ years of experience, we have developed several complex graphical components) - GIS based applications (google maps, google earth, mapserver) - SMS solutions (thru gateways or GSM modems) - .NET, Visual Studio plugins - Java, Eclipse plugins - PHP, HTML, ExtJS, JQuery, Propel - UML, software architecture, object oriented design and programming.

    $25.00 /hr
    7,868 hours
  2. Mike Hostetter

    Mike Hostetter

    Web Developer based in San Diego

    United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

    Quality focused - Problem Solver - Mobile Friendly Hello! I recently finished an 8 month web development contract and available to take on new work. I enjoy working with my clients to bring their visions to the web. I started a company at 19 and have 10+ years in that previous technology business which required me to address the unique needs for 1,000s of customers. Before that, I started programming at 9 years old. I can work with your existing code or set up a new web site. WordPress 20+ sites, Foundation, Bootstrap, Django PHP, Python JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, AngularJS MySQL, JSON AJAX, APIs, Plugins, Themes, Social APIs including FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and more. HTML5, CSS3, SASS Minification, Improving page load speeds, Docker, CDNs, AWS Bitbucket, Github Have a great day! Mike

    $45.00 /hr
    257 hours
  3. James R.

    James R.

    Bitcoin, Data, Science and Crawlers Too.

    United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

    Hi, I am well versed in most of the Python science, numerical and machine learning stacks and a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012. I have worked on projects such as automated market making and trading bots for Bitcoin exchanges, sports game forecasting, website automation for clients, and multiple social and academic network studies. I also work in Golang for backend services for websites. All software engineering work will need external contracts to identify intellectual property given to client. Generally I only work on open source software to maintain the right to work in the same or similar domains as the work awarded using libraries I create. The client reserves the right to systems created from the libraries. In the long run this shortens development time for everyone and allows future work for myself. My Github Pages Keywords: Golang, Python, Bitcoin, Apis, Crawlers, Scipy, Numpy, SciKits Custom Crawling & ETL: libxml & webdriver Custom Distributed Tasking AWS: EC2 S3, Route 53 NoSQL: MongoDb, Neo4j Machine Learning: Network Graph Analysis NLP Classification Basic Regression Analysis Basic Django Essential Rest API Design Quick fix PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS

    $100.00 /hr
    48 hours
  4. Junaid A.

    Junaid A.

    Senior Web Developer, fluent PHP, HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap development

    Pakistan - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 4

    Over the last 3 years, I have either developed or amended a wide range of websites using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL for private local companies and also for a lot of people over the internet. My core competency lies in complete front-end website development projects, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business as well. I also have some experience in the following areas: SQL, Logo designing and photo editing. I have recently completed my bachelors degree from Gujrat University with the major subjects(Web development, OOP, PHP, Oracle and Data mining). I aim to provide the best working experience on Upwork (My rating and reviews can attest to that).

    $8.89 /hr
    58 hours
  5. Harry Agnor

    Harry Agnor

    Senior Software Engineer, Growth Hacker with Business Consulting

    Norway - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 3

    Hello, there. As a creative minded Senior Software Engineer with 7 yrs field experience, I'll assist you with upcoming success of your business and project. As a business founder myself, I understand the power a website can have on a business's success or failure. I've served as consultant and developer in IT startups in Oslo.   I've also handled successful projects for clients and local businesses. Let me help you with these skills below, √ Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify Expert √ Business Consultant in Online Branding & Internet Marketing √ REST Api, Node.js, Ruby on Rail, Python, Django Backend Master √ Web Design, UX/UI Design, Responsive Designer √ SEO Guru with experience in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger √ Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation with 3 yrs experience √ CMS Master experience in CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, Cakephp I'm looking to advance my Software Engineering career by learning new technologies and completing new and exciting projects. I'm a hard working and reliable person always looking to grow my knowledge and learn new technologies and skills. I'm sure if I am given the opportunity to meet with you I will be able to tell you more about my achievements and aspirations. I am also available 40+ hrs. So if you are near your deadline, and need instant help. Contact me Regards

    $50.00 /hr
    17 hours
  6. Alexey G.

    Alexey G.

    Full Stack Python Developer, System Administrator (VMware, Linux, etc)

    Russia - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 3

    Hi, My name is Alexey Grebenshchikov. In my portfolio, are few of the projects that I've implemented. My strong points are professionalism, ability to solve problems and punctuality. My first goal will always be to solve your problem, meet your needs and deadline. Since 2007 I'm working on different project for virtualization and server infrastructure. I worked with equipment from different vendors (HP, EMC, IBM, etc.). Also from 2012 I develop python applications, and different web-app on Flask and Django frameworks. Please take a look at my certificates, portfolio and work history. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon. Listed below are my experience and skills: Software - Full Stack Python (Core Python, Web Development, Web App Deployment); - Python frameworks: Flask, Django; - ORM: SQLAlchemy, Django ORM; - Core web: XML, JSON, HTML/CSS, JavaScript; - IDE: PyCharm, Netbeans - VCS: Git, Mercurial, SVN; - OS: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X - Virtualization: vSphere (I am VCP4/5) Hardware - Experience with storage systems the following manufacturers: EMC (CLARiiON AX4, CX4, VNX, VNXe), HP, IBM (x3650), HP (MSA2012). - Experience with servers from different manufacturers: HP, IBM, Intel, Aquarius.

    Groups: Microsoft Certified Professionals

    $16.67 /hr
    42 hours
  7. Andrew M.

    Andrew M.

    Skilled Python Developer

    Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

    8 Years Game & Software Development - Python Development - Data Scraping & Crawling - Search Engines with Elasticsearch - Social Networks Tools - Automatic Bots - Django/Flask Web UI - Game Servers I'm really looking forward for interesting and non trivial projects here, on oDesk. I'm trying to constantly improve my professional skills, because I really enjoy what I do and I want both me to be proud of my job and my client be happy using it.

    $44.44 /hr
    960 hours
  8. Yuri Turchenkov

    Yuri Turchenkov

    Python Developer and Linux Server Administrator

    Russia - Tests: 7

    PLEASE READ UP TO END! I'm looking for longterm Python Backend/Serverside development, MongoDB, Linux Administration/Development tasks, or interesting work I'm strong in : DB handle and data processing with Python Web Development using Python (backend/serverside/django) Web UI frontend programming (js, jQuery, ajax) Multimedia apps development with GSTREAMER Data scrapping Linux Administraion Embedded Linux development. I'm not graphic or web designer. Just coder: python, shell scripting are welcome. I'm not PHP or RUBY coder! I'm Python coder (i use C/C++ mostly to extend Python) If you have any interesting project that need a cool Python coder, feel free to invite me for an interview! ATTENTION! Please, add this string to your message to me: "Yes, I have read your objective". So I'll see that you have read my objective.

    $46.70 /hr
    2,755 hours
  9. Bhushan Kumar Sharma

    Bhushan Kumar Sharma

    Linux Servers AWS Cloud Hosting Security CPanel Plesk VOIP PenTest

    India - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 14

    Since 2001, I have been dedicatedly working with Linux Operating Systems & Open Source. Services Provided ::- Deployment, Configuration, Security, Hardening, Monitoring, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting of Linux Server Roles AWS – Amazon Web Services Migration of Servers Hosting Panels like WHM/CPanel, Plesk etc Asterisk Dialers, VOIP and Call Center Solutions Customization of Linux Kernel & Distro with Rebranding Faculty of Post-Graduate Degree in Computer Sciences. Firewalls & Gateways Linux HPC - High Preformance Clusters Remote Server Support & Troubleshooting L3/L4 Security Auditing of Servers & Websites Cloud & Virtualization Technical Writing VPN - Site-to-Site, Road-warrior Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Kayako

    $16.67 /hr
    3,771 hours
  10. Rama Dimasatria

    Rama Dimasatria

    Full Stack Web Developer

    Indonesia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 2

    Legendary web developer in the making. After 5 years of journey in web development world, I have mastered Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. With speciality in front end development, I deliver high quality work to ensure the best user experience and client satisfaction. Believe in me and your site will be in good hands.

    $22.22 /hr
    160 hours