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  1. Dougal Graham

    Dougal Graham

    Web Developer

    Canada - Last active: 06/16/2014 - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 5

    Whether a full-fledged web application, or converting a photoshop PSD to a website, I can do it. I have worked for over 5 years as a web developer, helping people implement their needs online. I have developed complex data-driven web applications powered by databases, with backends in PHP, or Python, such as online learning platforms, blogs, content management systems and many others. If your needs are simpler than that, I can do it too. I can take a photoshop PSD design and convert it into a beautiful web page that will work well and look good across all browsers.

    $55.56 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Alfonso P.

    Alfonso P.

    Excel VBA Programmer

    United States - Last active: 10/09/2014 - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

    Programming is my passion and Excel is one of my top programs that I love to automate. I have been working with Excel for over 10 years and can provide solutions in many areas. E.g., creating user forms for data input, creating templates for data processing, incorporate different data sources into a master file, input data from excel workbook into web browser (data entry automation), manipulate and normalize data sets, generate excel reports dynamically and more. I take pride in my work and look closely at details of a project and carefully debug my programs. I'm currently employed by the number one book publishing company in the world where I oversee an excel spreadsheet-based dashboard system that aggregates staff's time recorded in different time tool systems. I also created many excel vba scripts used for data processing and also python scripts with selenium web driver for web scraping. I also have expertise in google apps scripts for automation of google products such as Gmail, Gsheets etc.

    $50.00 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Janaina Barbosa

    Janaina Barbosa

    Web Developer Python(Django)

    Brazil - Last active: 08/19/2014

    I’ve degree in Information Systems, four years experience Analysis and Development of WEB Systems and Intermediate / advanced English attended abroad (Republic of Ireland). I started my career in IT as Technical Support Levels I and II, eight months after I was promoted to Developer for Web Applications using Python as the primary language, I've been in this position for three years and worked one year as Technical Specialist and the main function was to bridge the gap between client and Software development team, analyzing the technical viability and the usual requests from the customer / user. At the moment I'm working as Web System Developer using Python as the primary language and Django as the framework. I’ve intended to act as Developer/Systems, putting into practice my skills and experience, also looking for new experience and knowledge.

    $50.00 /hr
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  4. Doug White

    Doug White

    Business Analyst and Analyst Programmer

    Australia - Last active: 09/15/2014 - Tests: 3

    I am a skilled and professional developer, with over 10 years industry experience. I've been programming since I was 5 years old, and I'm confident that if you have a programming problem I can solve it. I have industry experience with the following platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, Arch), Mac OSX (Not Power PC) I have worked with the following technologies in my career : C and C++, C#, VB 4-6, PHP (also Laravel), Python, Javascript (also JQuery and Node.js), VBA, OpenROAD, Turbo Pascal (some Delphi), Bash Scripting, Powershell. I am also an expert in SQL and proficient at DBA tasks including query optimization. I have worked with Mysql, MSSQL, Ingres. Recently I have been investigating NOSQL db's like Redis and MongoDB. Finally I am at heart a problem solver, if you need a solution designed to be passed on to a team of engineers. I am your man. I can speak with you and discover what your needs are, my industry experience allows me to identify which technologies suit your problem and the best way to solve it.

    $60.00 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Kieran Denshi

    Kieran Denshi

    Web Developer

    United Kingdom - Last active: 08/30/2014 - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

    I am an experienced and talented all round web application designer and developer. I write clean and efficient responsive and standards compliant front end code with a tool stack that includes JQuery, Underscore, Backbone, Foundation, Bootstrap, SASS and Stylus. In depth knowledge and experience of backend application design with Node JS, Ruby on Rails and PHP. I have done and can do anything from Shopify and Wordpress themes through Facebook apps to full stack, multi platform portfolio and image sharing applications.

    $35.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Dan Wheeler

    Dan Wheeler

    United States - Last active: 3 months ago - Portfolio: 1

    I am a results-driven and highly energetic Senior Software Developer with over 14 years of experience in designing and developing mobile, desktop, and web-based applications specializing in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) space. I offers extensive software development knowledge for all levels of the web stack in multi-tier applications. Working directly with clients in a fast-paced global environment and across diverse industries, I demonstrates strong communication skills, leads multiple project responsibilities, and influences senior management and project teams to deliver profitable solutions. As a freelance iOS developer, I deliver unique products and client-focused solutions to the market while building strong partnerships, offering technical expertise, and maintaining client satisfaction.

    $95.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Thiago Pagonha

    Thiago Pagonha

    Quality Fast

    Brazil - Last active: 02/11/2014

    Have 8+ years of experience developing software, mainly for the java plataform. I'm passionate about what I do, began to program because of the passion I've for video games, developed some when was teenager and when started college, had the opportunity to develop software for businesses. My focus has never has been limited to development only, I'm used to use many hats such as Architect, proposing and implementing improvements in existing systems, creating new solutions and developing own frameworks and customizations in open-source ones. I have strong knowledge on Linux, setup of servers and it's components. Work with web development and master both backend and frontend. Also I work with integration between systems using soap webservices and json restservices, message queues and even cross database integration/migration. Have experience with other languages ​​and frameworks beside Java as well, such as Python, Django, sql, html, css, javascript and Android, to cite a few. Contribute to open source projects created by me in android and python, also contribute patches to other projects that I use whenever I need a new feature or encounter any bugs. I have a blog about technology and subjects that I like in general.

    $38.89 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Yan Barkovskiy

    Yan Barkovskiy

    Lead Oracle Developer

    United States - Last active: 11/12/2014 - Tests: 5

    I am Oracle Certified Professional 9i/10g/11g and Oracle 11g Certified Performance Tuning Expert with 14+ years of experience in Oracle products and advanced knowledge of replication solutions like Oracle Streams/GoldenGate and other databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB. I have been developing complex mission-critical 24x7 database applications of enterprise level for more than 10 years. There were online and backend card processing software with strict requirements to response time (<200ms), database support of telecommunication features, developing of cloud replicated environment with several dozen of Oracle databases linked together by GoldenGate active-active replication, stress tests, data housekeeping, data migrations, complex reports, upgrades of enterprise databases with minimum downtime. I also have been using Python, PHP, C++, Delphi in my projects. I am looking for opportunity to apply my skills in a interesting challenging project, which will help me to develop myself.

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Dov Chelst

    Dov Chelst

    Mathematical, Statistical Programmer & Data Analyst

    United States - Last active: 04/28/2014

    I'm a former college professor who taught mathematics, statistics and physics. I've developed small-scale models in Matlab and Maple. In my current job, I analyze data using Minitab, SQL, R, and Python. Part of my specialty involves working with clients to identify data sources and convert them to standard formats. I'm mostly interested in working on short-term data analysis projects involving the use of Python and R.

    $83.33 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Steven Hopkins

    Steven Hopkins

    System Admin / Tools Developer - Python

    United States - Last active: 11/16/2014 - Tests: 2

    Over 5 years experience in system administration and tool development, primarily on RHEL/CentOS systems. Work with Apache, Tomcat, Memcached, MongoDB, S3, Solr and anything else presented to me. I excel at system automation, web scraping, and data extraction, transformation, and migration. Most happy solving puzzles; especially those that can be solved with Python.

    $66.00 /hr
    0 hours