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  1. Harold Lawrence Marzan Mercado

    Harold Lawrence Marzan Mercado

    Software Engineer and Mathematician

    Dominican Republic - Last active: 06/04/2013

    I'm a software engineer and mathematician, with more than 14 years of experience in all areas of software development. Actually, I have years of experience writing code in the following programming languages: C/C++/C#, Delphi, VB, Javascript and Assembler x86 32-bits. Also, I'm actually learning Python. More about me at this url:

    $22.22 /hr
    388 hours
  2. Primoz Svent

    Primoz Svent

    Experienced Web Developer and Alfresco ECM expert

    Slovenia - Last active: 10/27/2011 - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

    In the past 6 years I have been developing from small websites for companies to large and complex web portals that integrate Typo3 CMS and Alfresco ECM. I am very proficient in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Ajax and I also have extensive experience with Java programming especially with integration and implementation of Alfresco ECM. Recently I have been diving into Python, Django and Zend to. But I have never been limited by a single programming language and I have the capability of quickly adjusting to a new development environment. My mission with each project has always been more then just developing the code, but I have also always tried to optimize my products and include concepts that my clients didn't know about. SEO and usability are mostly not on a programmers mind, but I have always been intrigued with the Web, and how to get the most out of a website and make it successful. I have a great interest in online marketing, and all the aspect that go along with online marketing. So I know something about the post-development life of a website / web application, and try to incorporate that into my development process. I would love to build new web applications from the ground up, and incorporate any of the new technics I picked up during the time and maybe also learn new things and incorporate them as well I they could be useful to make a better web application. My ideal project would be to start with a great idea for a website of a web application, and then be a part of the whole web app life cycle, from the initial documentation thru the development phase to the post-development processes.

    Groups: Zend Certified Engineers

    $33.33 /hr
    33 hours
  3. Danny Martinez

    Danny Martinez

    IT Consultant

    Colombia - Last active: 12/23/2013 - Tests: 3

    Systems engineer and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with experience in IT development and management, as well as knowledge in project management, optimization, forecasting methods, system dynamics, supply chain, programming languages, software frameworks, databases, information systems, artificial intelligence, and user interface design by applying the concepts of human-computer interaction. Organized, proactive, dynamic and creative person, with an excellent teamwork capacity.

    $33.33 /hr
    365 hours
  4. Jozef Knaperek

    Jozef Knaperek

    Full-stack SW developer and security specialist

    Sweden - Last active: 06/20/2014

    I'm an engineer with master's degree in Computer and Communication Systems and Networks, with the following experience: - software design & development - network design, configuration, troubleshooting - linux administration - IT security I'm an expert in C, C++, Python, Django and have a good understanding of other common languages. I believe that code should be clean and optimal, which is always my priority. I'm a big fan of digital currencies (Bitcoin) and love to work on projects related to this topic. I speak English, Slovak and Czech.

    $44.44 /hr
    130 hours
  5. Cristian Nino

    Cristian Nino

    Web Developer Java/GWT/JSF Python/Django, PHP/MySQL

    Colombia - Last active: 03/22/2013 - Tests: 1

    When even was in school, I was fortunate to be good in areas that were difficult for others. He loved math and physics but did not know exactly why. At that moment I had something very clear, I do not want to work behind a boring desk doing paperwork every day. I liked a lot of video games I had installed on the computer and discovered a couple of interesting things about them, so I thought, "If I study related careers with computers, I learn many more interesting tricks." I chose to study systems engineering with the wrong idea, but I found something much more interesting. To succeed it was necessary to read (a lot), learn, share, discuss, and implement. She loved him. For some economic problems, I became a programming teacher of some classmates, so I learned a lot. Since then, and after overcoming many difficulties, I have become a developer, with the programming to continue learning and meeting interesting people. Currently developing applications on Python, Java and PHP (or any other open technology) and I'm learning about Android and new development paradigms.

    $30.00 /hr
    187 hours
  6. Vladimir Y.

    Vladimir Y.

    .NET (C#) / ETL (SSIS) Developer

    Kazakhstan - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 2

    Over the last 5 years, I have gained strong background in consumer and investment banking domains serving business analyst roles at major international banks such as Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, Citi. Software platforms developed with my contribution cover Straight Through Processing, Acquisition & Scoring, Debt Collection and some other minor domains. During last 2 years I did my best in order to switch my core activities from Analyses to Software Development using Microsoft technology stack - .NET (C#), SQL Server, SQL(TSQL), SSIS, SSRS. Currently I decided to apply my software engineering skills to more wide range of opportunities could be discovered via oDesk while staying in full-time role at one of leading CEEMEA consumer finance bank. I also have some experience in the following areas: Ajax, Java, Python

    $16.67 /hr
    18 hours
  7. Caio A.

    Caio A.

    Django / AngularJS / Python / Twilio - Plivo Guru

    United States - Last active: 3 months ago - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 6

    I'm an experienced djangonaut with experience building and maintaining applications. I'm very good at taking business requirements or a general use case and translating it into code. Technical requirement specifications are so 1999! Here's how my ideal contract workflow goes: We work in an agile manner, where you create user stories, which describe what needs to be done. I'll ask clarifying questions, and then I'll implement the stories. We'll deploy early and often to a staging site where we can collaborate on any adjustments that need to be made. If you already have other django developers on your project, I'll plug in to the team and use whatever branching strategy the team is using (though if asked, my preference is gitflow.) If you're wanting to build a new app, then rest assured it will be built using best practices so that another django developer can join in and participate without a big tutorial. If you already have a project that follows some semblance of best practice (using a pip requirements file, virtualenvironemnts, etc) then rest assured we won't be spending alot of time on "ramp up". In fact, I don't charge for dev environment setup, checking the code out, getting any dependencies resolved, etc. The clock starts when the productive coding starts (and if that doesn't start on day one, we need to have a discussion about why!) Let's build some apps together!

    $69.00 /hr
    12 hours
  8. Jose Segura

    Jose Segura


    United States - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

    Areas of Expertise: Computer Languages & Related Topics Expert: C++, C, C#, VB, .NET, Java, Rexx , PHP, Javascript, (JQuery, Ajax), ActionScript, Flash Intermediate: Perl, Pascal, Python, COBOL, Asm. (HC11, 80x8x), MVC, Scrum, Adobe Products Beginner: Clipper, Asm. (PowerPC), Ruby & RoR, SOAP Web & Multimedia Technologies Expert: HTML5, CSS3, XML, Json, WordPress, eCommerce, FB API, Twitter API, Google Services, Paypal API, Red5, FMS, VoIP Intermediate: Magento, API, Drupal, Joomla, Open Cart, IPTV Beginner: Zend Framework Operating Systems Expert: Win (9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8), Android, Linux, BSD, (LAMP) Intermediate: Aix, SCO, OS/2, iOS, ChromeOS Beginner: VMS, CP/M, JavaOs Databases and Access Protocols Expert: MS-SQL, MySQL, ODBC, JDBC, SQLite Intermediate: ORACLE Network Protocols and File Systems Expert: TCP/IP, NETBIOS, SMB, FAT, HTTP, SMTP, POP, SSH, SSL, FTP, RMTP, HTTP Streaming Intermediate: IPX/SPX, NFS, RTSP, MMS Beginner: VFAT Spoken & Written Languages Expert: English, Spanish

    $66.67 /hr
    146 hours
  9. Mikhail Medvedev

    Mikhail Medvedev

    Web Developer - Python, Javascript, Java

    Russia - Last active: 04/28/2014 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

    I'm experienced back-end and front-end web developer. Interested in complex web projects. Specializations: Python (Django, Flask/Werkzeug, Google App Engine), MongoDB, Redis, Mysql, Postgresql for back-end. Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 for front-end development. Teamwork - Git, Mercurial, ticket systems. Integrating with third-party services. High-load web applications. Data mining: numpy, scipy, pandas, recommendation engines. "Code complete" is one of my favorite books and I have experience in writing unit-tests and clean object-oriented code. I'm result-oriented, highly motivated programmer who is passionate about quality of code and modern solutions.

    $25.56 /hr
    1,043 hours
  10. Carlos Loureda Parrado

    Carlos Loureda Parrado

    Software Applications Developer

    Spain - Last active: 10/08/2014 - Tests: 5

    I have an extensive experience developing web applications with Java (JSE and J2EE, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit...) and PHP (Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, PHPUnit, PEAR). I always use OOP, ORM and PDO in my projects. Of course unit testing and dependency control are a must in any serious programm. Nowadays I am developing a lot in Wordpress (plugins, themes). In my 4 years of experience in web development I dealt with all the design myself so I know my way with HTML5, bootstrap, jQuery and AngujarJS. One of my latest passions is Python and its power for scripting, web crawling and datamining. I really enjoy using Selenium, headless webbrowsers, Scrappy, Requests, Beautiful Soup, ... I can get through any login at any site. I know my way around quite popular APIs (AWS, Twitter, Facebook ...) in Java, PHP or Python. Last but not least I must say: I enjoy my job!

    $17.00 /hr
    24 hours