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Dominic Hofilena

Dominic Hofilena Agency Contractor

Web and Applications Developer

Philippines - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 7

For 7 years in the I.T. industry. I have worked on Website/Applications Development using JQuery, PHP, MYSQL, Magento, Codeigniter, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Wordpress, C#, VB.net and MSSQL. My core competency lies on my code structure, utilizing 3 tier architecture for better coding manageability. Everything will be well written, documented and optimized. UI is also key to development and my designs will be cool, polished and classy. I also make sure the communication will not dwindle. I want to create a good relationship with my clients and would provide as much assistance I could give to walk them through the system. Let me help you make your business better.

$11.11 /hr
5,781 hours

Robert Bojor

Robert Bojor Agency Contractor

Mobile & Web Expert Developer

Romania - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 7

I am a freelance mobile application developer, iOS primarily, and a web application developer using PHP, MySQL or MongoDB and jQuery. I am also versed in Wordpress theme development, database administration and Linux system administration and maintenance. I have been using PHP and MySQL to develop websites and custom content management systems for the past 10 years while working for different companies both in Romania and Cyprus. Started learning Objective-C in 2013 since I had an idea for an app I might use on my phone, but it turned out I like it, so I made it a priority and really got into it. I also have some experience with Titanium Appcelerator and Javascript, which I can use if the project requires it, even though I prefer coding native apps. In March 2014 I've started picking up Wordpress theme development on Treehouse and I've reached a comfortable level of theme development - more studying is needed for a pro level. As a database support I prefer using MongoDB since it's fast and light on server resources, the only downside being that the customers would need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run this database back-end since there are only a handful of hosting companies that support it. If these conditions are not met MySQL can be used as the database support. Specialties: Objective-C, Javascript, XHTML, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL and jQuery.

$25.00 /hr
20 hours

Marlon T.

Marlon T. Agency Contractor

Stocks Promoter, Hardworking and Affordable

Philippines - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

Mabuhay!!! As a resourceful freelancer, I constantly improving my self in both spiritually and excellency on my skill field of expertise. I have extensive knowledge on Data Entry , Internet Research, Stock Promoter, social media marketing, SEO , and Wordpress/weebly opencart, What do you expect from me? * I offer fast turn-outs and deliver ahead targeted deadline. * I extend my service above and beyond client expectations. Do I am the right person? Yes, I believe so and I have the capacity to do it. Thanks and GOD speed.......................

$5.00 /hr
53 hours

Muneeb F.

Muneeb F. Agency Contractor

Online Business Mgr. | Web Project Manager | Digital Marketing Manager

United Arab Emirates - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

Visit: http://obm-consult.com Online Business Manager / Web Project Manager with expertise in Infusionsoft, Basecamp, LinkedIn, Central Desktop, Google Adwords Certified Professional, Google Products ( Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google+ Local Business Page), Onsite and Offsite Search Engine Optimization, Internet Recruiting, Website Designing/ Development (have web design team), WordPress eCommerce Setup, Outsourcing, Building teams and AUTOMATING SYSTEMS for companies. In order to get costing and how I can help, fill FRP form on my website and will followup quickly: http://obm-consult.com/request-for-proposal What is OBM (Online Business Manager)? For those building, managing and developing an online business, it can often feel as if the world is on their shoulders. From employee management, to the payment of taxes and the generation of revenue, the responsibilities and duties of an online business entrepreneur are extensive. Not only is there an abundance of responsibilities to adhere to, but these duties are often highly important and fundamental to the management and success of the business. Instead of feeding you some drawn-out definition, we’ll simply break some common components of online business management so you’re aware of what capacity professionals in this genre of business operate day in, and day out, without straining your pocketbook or making your life messier. >>> OBM is Organization Being successful in business is not as easy as you may think; it may even be harder than you’d anticipated. As an online business owner, you need to maintain excellent planning and taking appropriate steps to help you. Online business management offers an insistent environment where either educated professionals maintain order amidst chaos in your life, or simply teach you the ropes. Organization is an important aspect of any successful business, perhaps the most sacred of vows taken by OBM’s around the world. Your ability to remain atop imperative affairs in your business will be instrumental towards your continued success. Keeping detailed records of your business dealings and acquaintances, without crossing records or losing your sanity, is how OBM’s help you understand your business’ potential. With proper training, you’ll be able to analyze the financial position of your company at any time, building valuable rapport with clientele along the way. The records will also become vital in helping you learn basic organizational skills. >>> OBM is Stress Reduction Regret will not change the past, nor will worrying change the future. In medical context, these reactions are normal and are not considered harmful. In online business nomenclature, amplified amounts of stress stemming from being overworked and under appreciated may cause meltdowns that medicine cannot cure. This, of course, is where OBM intervention works best. Anxiety is an authoritative and harmful juggernaut that’s causing businessmen, like yourself, even more feelings of anxiousness. Millions of entrepreneurs around the world are trapped in the feelings or thoughts that contribute to anxiety and hinder them from enjoying productive workplaces along with happy and healthy livelihoods. Your OBM takes away loads of stress that once imposed its relentless will upon you. >>> OBM is Expansion OBM’s address expansion, including rebranding and thinking further outside the box. >>> OBM Is Also… Other areas where online business managers thrive include: • Managing, updating and utilizing contact databases for targeted campaigning; • Stress management • A breather when you need to relax in Tahiti while an OBM maintains your income stream; Above all else, OBM is affordable – especially considering the loss of sanity or life would leave nothing to show your family by way of profits. Keywords: Online Business Manager OBM VA Virtual Assistant LinkedIn Expert Specialist Required wanted Needed LinkedIn Training LinkedIn Company Page Infusionsoft Specialist Central Desktop Basecamp Project Manager Project Management Project Manager needed Full-time Project Manager Virtual Assistant Administrative Assistant VA PA Needed US Only Urgent Immediately Remote Support Admin Assistant DOWNLOAD PDF TO LEARN HOW AN ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER CAN HELP BOOST YOUR BUSINESS; http://obm-consult.com/free-resources Keywords: Virtual Assistant Needed, Virtual Assistant Required, Web Project Manager, Infusionsoft Expert needed, Infusionsoft specialist, Virtual Assistant Needed, Virtual Assistant Required, Web Project Manager, Infusionsoft Expert needed, Infusionsoft specialist, Virtual Assistant Needed, Virtual Assistant Required, Web Project Manager, Infusionsoft Expert needed, Infusionsoft specialist,

Groups: vCita

$100.00 /hr
33 hours

Mike Smullin

Mike Smullin Agency Contractor

Expert Java, C#, Node.JS, SQL, NoSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Unity3D

United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 9

With over 15 years experience, I've mastered the skills of the software development trade. In technical situations, I am a natural leader. I strive to take on projects that will broaden my skillset. I am an avid reader, enjoy learning, and am completely self-taught. Though I have successfully held management positions long-term, I am happiest when I am coding alone or in a small group of 5-10. I have experience working creatively with over 3 major startup incubators backed by angel/venture capital, as well as via agencies with F500 companies incl. Whole Foods and Nokia. I have experience planning and delivering 1000+ hour projects on-time, as well as scaling existing projects to new heights without starting over. I can work alone or on a team. I am good at sourcing talent, assembling teams, and delegating responsibility with good results. I am familiar with agile methodology, automated testing, continuous integration, all major cloud providers, designing decentralized systems, linux system administration, 24/7 NOC alarm rotation, devops, infosec pentesting, project management, etc. I am also familiar with many design, illustration, videography, and 3d modeling tools--although not the best artist, I can copy and edit pretty well. I also like making video games. Github profile: http://www.github.com/mikesmullin My blog: http://www.mikesmullin.com My LinkedIn resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikesmullin

Groups: MailChimp Experts Group

$75.00 /hr
5,298 hours

John Gibbons

John Gibbons Agency Contractor

Web Developer, Designer, Graphic Designer, Architecture Services

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 95

I am the co-founder of Creative Basis. I work in web development and design including the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Ruby on Rails. I am also an expert in all of the design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My design background includes a Master of Architecture and four years of graphic and web design experience. Please contact me to design and develop your next website and/or brand.

$55.56 /hr
63 hours

Emil H.

Emil H. Agency Contractor

Senior Developer / jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Facebook API, Android apps

Sweden - Tests: 17 - Portfolio: 8

I have worked with Facebook apps and Facebook Connect a few years now, alongside normal websites, both developing from scratch and making updates to existing code, while also handling design and user experience for some of them, working either in groups or individual. For development, I have experience with common web languages such as JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, PHP/CodeIgniter, MySQL, .NET/C# and MS SQL. For most projects, I usually try to help finding ways to improve ideas while still being flexible according to the needs and wants of the current client - looking a bit extra at methods to build a following in social media, combined with usability and conversion rate optimization. Besides that, I also know a few additional professional developers and designers who have experience with most modern scripting, programming and database languages - if more resources should be needed for a project. My personal experience includes front end technology such as advanced JavaScript libraries (Prototype/Scriptaculous and jQuery) and CSS combined with back end development using .NET (C#), PHP (with and without CodeIgniter) and various SQL databases (primarily MySQL and MS SQL). Since the end of the 90's, I have developed and analysed a number of websites, primarily for startup companies, with agencies and small businesses. During those years I also graduated as BSc and later MSc in IT. I am now using my competencies as an all-round developer and user engineer in helping to build Facebook apps, websites and mobile apps, and have worked remote most of the time since 2007. Experience also includes front end testing for Usability, Cross browser testing, Conversion Rate Optimization and speed optimization.

$60.00 /hr
23 hours

Ben W.

Ben W. Agency Contractor


United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

Seeking to use my experience and skills to help businesses compete more effectively online. With over 10 years experience in website design and development I am well equipped to tackle the challenges presented by your website design project. On every project, I seek to combine aesthetics, functionality, and the most relevant technologies to create websites that exceed my clients' expectations. I am an effective and efficient worker with great communication skills. I work quickly and efficiently to complete my clients' projects on time, while providing a high-value end product. I have experience in the following technologies, among others: WordPress, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP

$40.00 /hr
123 hours

Md Tarique Imam

Md Tarique Imam Agency Contractor

Zend Certified Engineer,15 YEARS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT

Bangladesh - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 14

Over the last 12 years of web Application development experience, I have developed a wide range of websites using HTML, DHTML, PHP, and MySQL including sites for startup companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. I also have some experience in the following areas: Zend, Symfony, Codeigniter, Wordpress, facebook api, iphone app development, node.js, linkedin-api, google-analytics-api, twitter-api, google-maps-api, youtube-api, database-testing, SQL, Ajax, OOP, and software design, testing and PSD to HTML conversion.

Groups: Application Developers Alliance, Outright.com...

$33.33 /hr
631 hours

Chuck G.

Chuck G. Agency Contractor

Professional Editor and Internet Consultant

United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 1

- Proofreading and editorial work, specializing in but not limited to academic papers, with a proven record of success. I edit books, academic papers, scientific papers, legal documents, resumes, etc., in just about any format including online. I won't write it for you, but I'll help you exceed your wildest expectations. - Website development and maintenance, specializing in Wordpress but also fluent in html and css, highly capable with server management. I have a significant client base in my web development work. I've been involved with programming and system development since the early '80. - No job too big or too small. I work to the client's reasonable deadlines. I believe in ongoing communication to keep projects on track. - Fixed rate opportunities welcome; prices negotiable. I am not interested in writing opportunities at this time and will decline invitations for blogging, ghostwriting, and the like.

$25.00 /hr
324 hours