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Yury Gavrilov

English Russian translator, voice talent, audio producer

My skills: Translation – English Russian. I use WordFast Anywhere and OmegaT. Programming and Web sites development. Teaching Computer - Office, programming, Web design, graphics. Voice over – Russian. Teaching Russian. Teaching English. English Language Teaching Certificate and TESOL. Teaching music production software to LEARN AND CREATE MUSIC WITH A COMPUTER. Teaching guitar, bass. Master in Guitar Skills. Composing, playing and arranging music, music production. Experienced sound engineer. Experienced electronic engineer.
Translation English Russian ASP PHP FL Studio 6 more
Tests: 3 Portfolio: 1

Manvir S.

Full Stack Web Engineer

Web Engineer with degree in Computer Science & Engineering, and exceptional skills in creative web design and custom web application development. Key Skills: - HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Javascript, Phonegap, NodeJS, AngularJS, Ionic, PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Python, Django, SQL and NoSQL Databases Please visit for complete skill list and more details.
Node.js Python PHP HTML5 6 more
Tests: 4 Portfolios: 4

Lotfi Messoudi

FullStack WebDeveloper

Skilled Computer Science Engineer. Eager to prove myself on Upwork. Looking for interesting projects. Skills: - CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop) - PHP (frameworks : YII, Laravel, Symfony2.) - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle - CSS , Less, Sass , HTML5, Responsive - Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, Ionic, EmberJS, VueJS, FabricJS,chrome Extension - SysAdmin (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) - GoLang, Java, C, C++, Qt, python, processing, Arduino, Raspberry PI - Git, Github, Bitbucket, SVN etc
Web Design Website Development Responsive Web Design WordPress 6 more
Tests: 7 Portfolios: 2

Paweł P.

Translator | Data Analyst | Java Developer

Over the last 3 years I've developed my skills as professional translator at Computer Arts magazine (I got to grips with applications as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, but also photography, design, software). I've over a year experience in media research and analytics. I hold engineer's degree in Management and Production Engineering at University of Economics in Cracow and a bachelor degree in Business Administration at University of Mälardalens in Sweden. Currently I'm studying Finance. I'm accurate and I deliver the content in a timely fashion. During my career I've never missed any deadline.
Translation Java Market Research Business Analysis 3 more
Tests: 3 Portfolios: 2

Kostas Kottas

Web application developer - php, zoho

I'm a Computer Engineering (MEng) graduate with solid professional experience in programming. I am highly adaptive, self motivated with problem solving skills. Provided a well defined problem I always get the job done. I never undertake projects beyond my power. I'm experienced in a variety of programming languages from C to jquery. Mostly I work using PHP, including wordpress, laravel and Yii framework, java and android programming. Besides coding skills I have a thorough knowledge of algorithm theory and mathematics.
PHP Zoho Creator Java
Tests: 3 Portfolios: 3

Dmitry Galchinsky

C++, CUDA, Matlab, Simulink, Optics

My main skills are C, C++, Matlab, Ruby, Python, GPGPU (CUDA, OpenCL), machine learning, computer vision (incl. OpenCV), DSP (audio processing, image processing, less video processing). I work with these technologies for several years and can show projects in which I used them. My additional skills are are: JavaScript (simple HTML5, Web Audio API), Haskell, C#, SQL, Qt... I used these technologies to solve minor tasks, not large projects as for the "main skills". Batteries included: unix shell scripting, vcs (hg, git), ssh, makefiles, cmake. I'm looking for long-term (more than 1 month) remote projects in R&D and prototyping (the fields are machine learning, computer vision, audio processing, image processing). Small $200 projects will be probably declined as "not interesting" because I prefer to dig into the project without having to switch the clients often. The projects I most proud of: * The development of several algorithms for a company that develops satellite orientation devices. The details are below at "Employment History" * I developed the interactive mode for Clay programming language ( that uses LLVM JIT technique. My motivation was to understand how the open source community works but I post it here as a proof that I'm sufficient enough at C++ to improve a compiler. * UpWork clients gave me opportunities to help them in different fields: image stitching, video stabilization, GPGPU financial application, semi-automatic tumor detector, Shazam-like application and dozens of small projects listed at my UpWork profile.
MATLAB CUDA Radiant Zemax Git 3 more
Tests: 8

Mark Joey Lavapie

Website Specialist / Web Designer

I am a 5 year Web Designer and Developer, Worked in a company and get paid. I'm a computer science graduate, my skills go beyond website development. I am experienced in Software Development, Software Quality Assurance and Database Management. For the past 5 years, I decided to focus on Web Development using various platforms and frameworks like... ✓ WordPress / Woocommerce / BuddyPress / BbPress / Genesis ✓ Magento ✓ ZenCart ✓ Joomla ✓ phpBB ✓ PrestaShop ✓ b2evolution ✓ SugarCRM using my skills in ✓ PHP ✓ HTML5 ✓ CSS3 ✓ Javascript/JQuery ✓ Bootstrap ✓ Ruby & Rails ✓ MySQL ✓ Adobe Illustrator ✓ Adobe Photoshop I spent time mostly outside UpWork and worked on several agencies and had a projects from big clients like Bear Grylls and University of Cambridge. But now, I want to start to a new career so I just recently launched my little startup web design agency MJL Design ( My mission is to give promising job less individuals with skills in web and mobile app development an opportunity to use their skills and help me provide a high quality web development service for our customers.
WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) PhpBB SugarCRM Development 6 more
Tests: 14 Portfolios: 22

Taras S.

Top-notch WEB/Wordpress Developer (PHP/jQuery/HTML5)

Hello, as an experienced developer of over 8 years, my programming skills are very well-rounded. With a Master's degree in Computer Science / Software Development, I have had the role of Lead Developer, as well as Project Manager for a team of 6 developers. My best skill sets are the most modern programming languages, frameworks, and technologies including, but not limited to... PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP etc I’m an optimistic person, and I’m excited for a long term project to use my knowledge to help you. My Response Time is very quick. Please Send Me a Message here and I will get back to you. I deliver only the BEST quality web coding and services. And - good English as well.
WordPress PHP jQuery HTML 6 more
Tests: 7 Portfolios: 45

Relvin Gonzalez

Expert Website Development with AngularJS

I am a Computer Engineer from Puerto Rico (US Citizen, EST time zone) with 5+ years of experience with many programming languages and frameworks. My Skills are as follow: ✓ Languages/technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, CSS3 / Bootstrap, Java( JSP, JSF, Servlets, DAO, POJO) , ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net, HTML5, SAP ABAP, Ruby on Rails, svn, github, Processing, Android, RESTful programming, Heroku ✓ MVC and SPA ✓ IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, JB Webstorm, IntelliJ IDEA ✓ Relational Databases: MySQL, MSSQL/MSSQL server, PostGre ✓ Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Development (PSD to HTML): Photoshop, Webstorm, Dreamweaver ✓ Video Editing and Production: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro 9 ✓ Music/Audio Production: Professional recording equipment and instruments, DAW experience. Testimonials: "Another fantastic project successfully completed! Relvin is quick to deliver and easy to work with. He's one of the best freelancers I've hired! He's also a great communicator and very patient. I highly recommend him!" "Every time I've hired Relvin he's over delivered. He's detail oriented and takes pride in his work and he's dedicated to making his customers happy, which is rare, especially on oDesk. I highly recommend hiring him!" "Relvin is one of the best freelancers I've worked with over the years and I've worked with hundreds of them. He's quick to respond, polite, easy to work with and a clear communicator. He's also creative and gives his input throughout the projects when it's asked for. This project took a bit longer than expected and Relvin was very understanding. I've given him bonuses and more work because of this and will continue to work with him and recommend him to others. I highly recommend hiring Relvin for any work you need done!"
Article Writing HTML5 Java Ruby on Rails 6 more
Tests: 12 Portfolios: 5


Web and Mobile Development

.wrk (dot wrk) is a Russian global outsourcing company. Our company was founded in 2009 and now we have about 30 developers. We are focused on creating fully operational remote IT departments for companies for application development, software testing, system administration, data processing, analysis and project management. .wrk always offers solutions based on the cutting edge technology. We follow the market and apply new technologies which may save your money, time and bring maximum value of profits to your business. Our specialisations are the following software development technologies: * PHP: Drupal, Laravel, Zend, Wordpress * Mobile development: iPhone, Android * HTML5, JavaScript - Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout.js, * Ruby, Ruby on Rails * Node.js Also we use following project management, project work-flow and software debug and testing methodologies and technologies: * Agile, XP, SCRUM. * TDD, BDD Members of the core team have from 5 to 10 years of experience in the software development. Feel free to contact us in any time we would be glad to discuss your project!
iPhone App Development Android App Development Objective-C Python 5 more
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Objective-C / Android SDK