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Yuri S.

Yuri S.

Full stack developer. Python, JavaScript, Big data, Browser Add ons

Israel - Tests: 2

My fields: Server side - Python on Google Appengine, PHP, Node.js Client side - HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with/without jQuery, AngularJS), Chrome/Firefox extensions Databases - MySQL, NoSQL, BigQuery, SimpleDB I have more than 10 years experience in web development. I'm fluent in both client and server side. I've done many kinds of projects, from plain little landing pages, through Facebook apps and browser plugins to full scale e-commerce web sites. I'm very proficient in Firefox and Chrome extensions development, and Google App Engine.

$55.00 /hr
120 hours

Michał Zieliński

Michał Zieliński

Software developer

Poland - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 5

Michał Zieliński is a programmer. He specializes in networking and systems software. Among his projects, he ported a strategic game "Freeciv" to Android, which now has about 250 000 unique installations. He started programming at age of 12, in high school he received silver medal in Central European Olympiad in Informatics and his team won mini-satellite building contest "Cansats in Europe". He is also a Linux network administrator. He's favorite language is Python, but he's proficient in Java, C, C++ and JavaScript. He created projects like `multilink` (aggregation scheme for heterogeneous network links), `pyjvm` (Python interpreter in Java) or `gitjoin` - a Git frontend, similar to Github. I was also contributing to Nim - a new systems programming language.

$50.00 /hr
81 hours

Saneem P.

Saneem P.

Web Frontend & Backend Developer

India - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 6

I'm a web developer with 6+ years of experience building websites, web applications and APIs. I have helped several businesses improve revenue and reduce costs with specialized solutions, bug fixes and feature additions. Being a quick learner, I can dive into existing codebase and help fix bugs or improve functionality. My communication is clear and precise whether on email or IM and will help you get things done faster and on time. I'm very good at creating working mockups to demonstrate functionality of web applications, generally using Bootstrap or Material Design. I can also help you with quick MVPs. A short list of some of the cool tools/languages that I've worked on: - JavaScript (AngularJS, Node.js, Grunt, PhantomJS, browser extensions) - PHP (+ Laravel), Python - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap - Git, Google App Engine/AWS/Digital Ocean Other specialized work that I'm good at: - Integration with existing APIs - Facebook, MailChimp, Twitter, Amazon etc. - Native browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox - Refactor existing code for better performance and other improvements

$40.00 /hr
164 hours

Abhishek Ram

Abhishek Ram

EDI Consultant

India - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 3

I graduated as a B.E. in Computer Science from Vishveshwariah Technological University. I have around 6 years of IT experince, with exposure to various technologies such as Enterprise application Integration (EAI), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Managed FIle Transfer (MFT), Web Application Design and Development. I have initailly worked for software service providers such as L&T Infotech and HCL Technologies. I was part of the EAI/EDI team when I worked for these companies. I had taken on various roles from Support Analyst, Developer, Consultant and Bussiness Analyst. I had worked for various clients such as Ryder Inc, Barclays Technology Centre, CDW and Eaton Corp. The main highlight during this period was my work as a Bussiness Anaylist for Ajinomoto USA. The project involved building a new EDI system and migrating the partners of the old system to the new one. The challenge here was that the project had a hard deadline of 2 months. I took one month to understand the existing system and come up with the solution for a new system. Once it was approved I lead the team that implemented the solution in one month and thus keeping up with the deadline. I quit my job in 2013 and am now working as a freelancer on odesk and elance. I am now not only focused on EDI and EAI but am also focused on Web Application Developing and automation scripting. As a freelancer I have developed various GAS, PERL and PYTHON scripts that automate work that was being done manually. I have also developed web applications on the stack PYTHON/DJANGO/GAE. Additionally I have continued my work as an EDI consultant and developed EDI solutions for clients that integrate their systems with partners such as Amazon, UPS, Target and so on.

$33.33 /hr
1,217 hours

Jean M.

Jean M.


Canada - Tests: 15

Twenty years of experience in software engineering and data management for regulated industries with strong emphasis on the Quality Management of the Software Development Life Cycle. Over the last 10 years, I have developed a wide range of applications based on mobile, web based, and OO technologies including Java (android, GWT, GAE) , DHTML & Javascript including node/js and FB/React, Python, PHP, using SQL (Oracle, MySQL, PG/SQL) and noSQL (GAE. MongoDB) databases. My core competencies lie in software design, specifications development, coding, and formal testing. I am also proficient in data management and configuration with Medidata/Rave. I also have some experience in project management, ISO implementation, technical writing and translations, and knowledge of C/C++, Pascal, and Unix server administration.

$77.78 /hr
1,090 hours

Hans Van Mil

Hans Van Mil

Web Developer | Node.js, AngularJS

Netherlands - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 8

"... is amongst the very best with respect to commitment, technical skill and gritty, grind-it-out-determination." - a serial entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. I am devoted to helping you live up to your full potential and make your vision a reality, leveraging my knowledge and experiences of over 8 years of creative out-of-box thinking. While having been exposed to many languages and platforms, now I focus on building web applications and sites using JavaScript and related technologies, like Node.js, AngularJS, Express and Grunt. I am a meticulous and motivated individual having a basic project management skill and meeting project deadlines. Client satisfaction is extremely important to me - much of my work comes from repeat clients and referrals. I never say I can do anything or I am a web guru. I'm just a normal person like you growing up, living my life, learning new things and meeting "strangers". In my free time I enjoy watching football games, reading news and playing against my girl friend on the Xbox.

$60.00 /hr
3,736 hours

Anatoly Alekseev

Anatoly Alekseev

Analyst and programmer

Russia - Tests: 47 - Portfolio: 7

Expert in VBA, Visual Basic 6, Excel, SQL & relational databases, scientific modelling and automated sports betting. Will optimize and automate your business-processes beyond imaginable ) Call me if you need: data to/from Ebay, Amazon, SmugMug, custom CRM systems or external APIs. Sports betting: backtesting your ideas on odds history/stats, writing BetFair/Pinnaclesports bots. Web scraping/crawling, automated retrieval of weakly-structured data. "Artificial intelligence" (expert systems, decision support systems, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms), data mining. Natural language processing tasks (intellectual textual search, natural language generation, etc). Imitational modelling, prediction of complex systems behaviour. Distributed applications, high performance computing (scientific computations), cloud computing (Azure/Amazon). Software reverse engineering. Also i'm interested in Cuda, Python, have some C++ and ASM experience, and am passionate about volleyball.

$55.56 /hr
15 hours

Jeffrey Hu

Jeffrey Hu

Python | Django | Web Scraper | iOS | AWS

China - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

I'm a backend developer but also have strong front-end skills. My goal is to be a full-stack developer. I like to make applications that are simple, but powerful. I have more than 12 years work experience on IT , software, web area. I worked in Huawei and Cisco as a senior developer and a project manager before I became a freelancer. And now I have a small but great team. We build web, restful api, ios and android apps based on html5. We have built several projects from scratch and made them to get the investment. I used to worked in New York City to help a startup company to build the backend service.

$44.44 /hr
441 hours

Mahmud Ridwan

Mahmud Ridwan Agency Contractor

Full-stack Developer

Bangladesh - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 11

Over the last 4 years, I have worked on a number of web and desktop application projects. Over time, I have gained and nurtured my technical skills through these experiences. I have developed web applications using Python (both with and without Django), Go, NodeJS etc and desktop application using C#, VB.Net etc. I find challenges highly motivational and enjoy solving them.

$32.00 /hr
937 hours

Rupom Razzaque

Rupom Razzaque Agency Contractor

Backend Developer - Web Scraping & Parsing, Big Data & ZF2 Experienced

Bangladesh - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 13

[Only Available for Long Term Jobs] With more than 12 years engagement in various programming projects, I've been providing advanced level of web scraping (or data mining / extraction / crawling / screen scraping or whatever you call it), parsing, searching & reporting AS WELL AS various backend web development services since 2006. So far I have contributed in 100+ scraping / parsing, aggregation & backend driven projects which include data extracting from email boxes (like Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, etc.), content scraping from property sites, product scraping (like Google Products, Amazon,, Dell, NewEgg, Walmart, Overstock,, etc.), deal & coupon scraping, job site scraping and many more -- their aggregation & backend data management as well. I can handle both the frontend & backend of any aggregation assignment; no matter it is on a known CMS like Drupal, WP or any custom one. I can also build custom CMS for your own. My goal is to develop & deliver quality applications for my clients and make sure that those serve their intended purposes. I'm proficient in object oriented programming, MVC based frameworks, design patterns, regular expressions, database ORMs, custom web service / API development, algorithm design, and server administration. I have capability to develop and manage high level web applications in a scalable manner. As a professional developer, I like to work with professional and serious employers only. My primary field of interest is advanced web data scraping / mining & parsing and aggregating them as needed, but I'm also fluent in other sections of a project. I'm only looking for long-term opportunities that require strong technical knowledge to develop quality projects. Please don't invite me if you're looking for a short-term developer.

Groups: Application Developers Alliance, Bluehost Developers and Designers

$35.00 /hr
6,327 hours