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  1. Soumya Nalam

    Soumya Nalam

    Expert Copywriter (10+ years): Top-Notch Press Releases & Web Content

    India - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 8

    *10,000+ press releases picked up by PR Newswire, PRWeb and* **Former Employers: Reuters, Google** ***Fixed Price Only Leveraging a decade's experience writing top-notch, attention grabbing and interesting press releases, web content and landing pages is my forte. Working with Reuters as a Senior Publishing Specialist and handling a $40 million dollar Google AdSense business stood me in good stead when I decided to become a freelancer. As a passionate health and wellness writer, I also have a Master's degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with double gold medals for the highest GPA and exemplary academic performance. Please view my portfolio that reflects my copywriting experience and expertise.

    $50.00 /hr
    2,003 hours
  2. Nickalaus P.

    Nickalaus P.

    Marketing Specialist: Business Plan Development, Copywriter, Sales

    United States - Tests: 14

    Nickalaus Patrocky- USA Native English Speaker Professional internet marketer ready to help companies grow and expand. Experience as a Project Manager, Internet Marketer, professional Copywriter, Creative Writer, and Wordpress Developer, provides me with the ability to help anybody reach their goals online or in the real world. From Landing Pages, to copywriting and Internet Products, you can expect crystal clear communication and prompt delivery. Internet Marketing: Research your market, find potential customers, and sell them your products! It’s that easy. …Well, it’s supposed to be. Whether you’re a content marketer or an online start-up, I deliberately craft the hottest and highest converting copy you will ever see. The goal here is to make you more profits. Copywriting: Between landing pages and product description writing, I can put together words in such a way that people will want to buy whatever it is you are trying to provide them with. My job here is to help people get out of their own way and purchase the wonderful and empowering product you have to offer them. Project Management: Asking good questions is the first step to accomplishing any large goal. As an experienced project manager, I have overseen and directed the operations of numerous online companies and start ups. Continual re-evaluation and benchmarking is the key to progress, therefore I dedicate a large portion of my time to ensuring meticulous observation and critical thinking is taking place. WordPress Developer: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, MySQL, etc. Solid planning skills are the foundation to creating beautiful websites. Combining my skills as a project manager and internet marketer has given me the ability to design and create the most stunning WordPress sites on the internet today. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a modern day necessity. If people cannot find you and your company with Google then good luck growing and maximizing your potential. Put my experience in traffic generation and SEO to work! Contact me and tell me how I can help elevate your venture to the next level with outstanding service and speedy delivery (always). Thanks!

    $45.00 /hr
    83 hours
  3. Image Business Writing

    Image Business Writing

    Creative Copywriting That Sells

    United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 8

    Ordinary copywriters cost you money. But a great copywriter MAKES you money. I’ve boosted profits for more than 100 companies: "Love it! Brilliant!" -- Charlyn O., Saks Fifth Avenue. "The word 'brilliant' doesn’t do your work justice. What you’ve created is absolutely outstanding! We’re delighted." -- Roberta M., CEO, IMARK "This turned out great! Thank you so much!" -- Lisa L., TurboTax. "Wow -- you are the best!" -- Marissa K., When you need a writer seasoned enough to "get" your audience, attract their attention, and motivate them to take action -- call me. You’ll get real results with creative copy that sells. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Connect with your audience, get more customers, and increase your profits. Contact me now for a fast, no-obligation quote.

    $99.00 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Cindy G.

    Cindy G.

    Web Design & Developer

    United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 7

    Starting your own business brings many challenges and rewards. I started my business full time in 2011, and going strong. I specialize in Drupal Design and Development, and have been working for international companies, non-profits, and small business to bring their visions to realization. I still find time to volunteer my web services to various causes, including my local public broadcasting company, local non-profits, as well as various charitable organizations unable to afford having a strong web presence. My business is built on honesty, integrity, and outstanding work.Are you looking for a driven, overachieving designer committed to intelligent design and a creative approach to the web? As a professional designer I discovered a passion for the field of Interactive Design, choosing to add that as an additional focus to my existing skill set as a graduate from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I bring a creative vision to web design and development. Working in various programs and formats, I excel with Drupal, and have been working on a professional level with this CMS for several years. My goal is to bring beauty and flexibility to this amazingly scalable management system.

    $45.00 /hr
    865 hours
  5. Benjamin Buchanan

    Benjamin Buchanan

    Financial Consultant, Start-up Advisor, Creativity Ninja

    United States - Tests: 2

    I have managed a small family office for the past 7 years, and recently started an RIA with some friends to be able to take assets from outside of friends/family. I am also a Data Analyst at an awesome start-up based in Atlanta called Clickagy, a company that has developed some very cool, and very smart, data intelligence algorithms (machine learning). I have extensive knowledge around nearly all alternative investment categories, and a substantial knowledge base around what is involved during the inception of new companies. I have conducted over 1,000 hours of market research, including conducting well over 100 interviews with individuals that span the gamut of corporate and small business America, including C-level officers of publicly traded companies. The list of companies I have worked with or invested in includes the following spaces: 1) High tech algorithmic vertical farming 2) Supply Chain Financing 3) Motion sensor based senior monitoring system 4) Stem Cell Banking 5) Restaurants 6) Publicly traded IT companies 7) Internet of Things Startup in Silicon Valley 8) Startup Restaurant 9) Frontier Market Property Development Companies (Romania/Mongolia) 10) Algorithmic Real Time Bidding Ad Platform and Data Intelligence Company 11) Non Profits The portfolios I manage currently include investments in the following spaces: 1) Technical Commodity Futures 2) Fundamental Energy 3) Fund of Hedge Funds 4) All the vanilla stuff you would expect (stocks/bonds/mutual funds) 5) Real estate (tax lien, conservation easement, residential) 6) Start-up companies (seed through series) The strategy underlying the diverse pool of assets is focused on mitigating intra-asset correlation whenever volatility of any portfolio component spikes. My objective is to create a portfolio with a MAR of >1, i.e. my CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) exceeds by largest drawdown (peak>trough decline). I have designed a proprietary commodity futures trading system and am a series 3 (commodity futures proficiency) license holder. I also have my series 66 (state and federal regulation), and 65. I have traveled extensively, primarily around Latin America, most recently to Volunteer at a hospital in one of Lima's poorest suburbs. I have lived in both Romania and Peru, splitting time in the latter working at a midwifing clinic providing pre-natal healthcare and water-birthing, and doing marketing for an educational technology start-up. I lived in very third world conditions, and am intimately familiar with poverty and its impact on developmental and societal psychology. I am also an aspiring creative writer, and am 60,000 words into a novel that explores the character of a vigilante through snap shots of various life-forming events. My eclectic group of experiences and the seemingly disparate spaces in which I am involved share one common trait; amazing people. Everything I do is alongside of others who are highly specialized, and the best in their respective fields. I have learned more from them than I ever could have through self-teaching or in school, and will always be grateful for their mentoring and friendship. I have seen first-hand the power of a strong network, and in the vast majority of cases I see my role simply as helping incredible people in any way I can to do their best work. Lastly, I am incredibly excited by the exponential curve of technology, and the ramifications for nearly everything. Anyone that thinks the world will be recognizable 5 years from now is fooling themselves, the pace of change and invention has sped up to the point that a 5 year window henceforth will mean a different world. I love people - and that likely includes you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's something we can do together. Cheers! -Ben

    $83.33 /hr
    230 hours
  6. Miriam J.

    Miriam J.

    Logo Design Clean. Simple. Modern.

    United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 19

    Hi, I'm Miriam. I enjoy creating, designing, and surfing the web. In my spare time I manage an online social network and I do freelance logo designs. My design style is clean, simple, and modern. In college, I interned at Disney World, and worked there full time for two years. I like having fun, eating out, and taking cruises to beautiful places :) I am seeking logo design contracts dealing with religious organizations, non-profits, and small businesses. I am also open to other opportunities that closely match my professional and educational background.

    $28.00 /hr
    690 hours
  7. Rick Raymond

    Rick Raymond

    Digital Media Specialist

    United States - Tests: 3

    I am an accomplished digital media strategist with over six years of experience helping non-profits and corporations to exceed their digital goals. As a former Google employee, I have a deep understanding of Google AdWords, Grants and Analytics, as well as a wealth of experience working with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Bing, Omniture, and a wide variety of publishers and networks. My clients have included The Nature Conservancy, Partners In Health, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Dow Chemical. I am currently looking for freelance and/or consulting positions helping with: - SEM / Paid search campaigns - SMM / Social media strategy and advertising - Non-profit fundraising strategy - Copy-writing (for advertising or content)

    $83.33 /hr
    53 hours
  8. Cara-marie F.

    Cara-marie F.

    Writer and Editor-Proofreader with PR/Marketing Experience

    United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 8

    My name is Cara-Marie Findlay. If you are looking for a passionate and fiercely competitive freelance writer that can adapt to various styles, topics, and most importantly your needs, then look no further! I also like P.I.E.E (more on that below). I am an alumna of the University of Florida where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree. I majored in English and minored in Business. I value clear and concise communication, whether written or verbal. I also recognize the importance and esteem creative marketing and public relations campaigns because of their ability to motivate people to action. My experience includes working with and writing/proofreading/editing for a digital marketing firm, published authors, the music industry, and non-profits. Details of these different contract jobs/projects include: Writing articles on various topics that were featured on blog sites with a Google Page Rank of 3 or higher. Developing social media marketing strategies and campaigns for a children's book titled "The Adventures of Ajalon and Kayla: The Emerald Globe" and published author and radio host Lana Reid. Performing structural editing and proofreading on the self improvement book "Go Get It" by author Ciara Elle. Working as a lead proofreader on a major supermarket account at PureRED (a digital marketing firm). Creating press releases and media kits for musical artists. Developing content, marketing material, and sales literature for ad sales for Oh BRIDES (a luxe wedding magazine). Writing bios for authors. Creating informative literature for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) and the National Science Foundation's UF Gender Grant. Developing educational Bible-based literature and lessons for use in Bible studies and children's church. I operate using four core values (P.I.E.E.) - Partnership - I am committed to becoming thoroughly acquainted with you and your project needs. I will dedicate the necessary time and writing skills/services to ensure that those needs are met. Ingenuity - I am committed to creativity, thinking outside the box and going beyond what is typically expected. Excellence - I value integrity and am a woman with uncompromising integrity. Why? Because my contribution to your project and any other stands to affect much more than simply making a good name for myself. Thus, I am committed to providing you with top of the line service and a product of the highest quality. Effectiveness - I am committed to maximizing your opportunity to engage with stakeholders and decision makers by offering clear, concise, effective and efficient communication. I am as comfortable with print as I am with online writing. As a writer, I am deeply invested in effective communication and public relations. As a human being, I am keenly interested in service. I treasure each contract job/project because each one has provided me with unique experiences. I have had opportunities that included serving as a liaison with news media, information services and local government to planning, promoting and implementing a wide range of events, from fundraising functions to service activities that benefited the community. I keep a personal blog under the name Cara Naan using WordPress and I have plans to one day publish books, starting with a poetry collection, also using that name Cara Naan.

    $33.00 /hr
    227 hours
  9. Rachel F.

    Rachel F.

    Researcher/Project Manager/Proof Reader

    Canada - Tests: 5

    I am well-versed in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and I am currently learning Project. I also have experience with Google Documents, Adobe Photoshop and the ability to learn new programs very quickly. Here in Toronto I have worked as a project/research assistant within the University of Toronto. Working with local non-profits, I have also gained administrative experience including proof reading, editing, and transcription work. I have project management skills as well as document creation and editing experience. I have completed a B.A. in Psychology and Communications and a Masters in Communication and Culture. With over 10 years of customer-focused work experience and over 3 years of experience working for the Ontario government I have the education and work experience you are looking for!

    $11.00 /hr
    717 hours
  10. Lynne S.

    Lynne S.

    Internet Research Admin Support

    United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 2

    I have 13 years experience as Library Coordinator for a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary managing document delivery, high level research and administrative projects for over 1,500 unique customers. I have an excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and SAP. I have worked with scientific, engineering and business groups in the US and globally to provide research requests. I am skilled at locating required information, often finding difficult to find requests, and compiling the information into a usable comprehensive document for my clients. I have exemplary customer service skills. I know how valuable information is in the quickly evolving business environment and work hard to deliver quality projects in a timely manner.

    $16.67 /hr
    530 hours