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Erin Corral

Erin Corral Agency Contractor

Crowdfunding/PR and Media Outreach/Copywriting/Social Media Marketing

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 19

Updates: We raised over $62,000 in 32 days on a client Kickstarter Campaign! About Me: I am a copywriter, an online marketer, social media marketer and the Co-Founder of KickStartup Marketing. I create content for websites, articles, blogs and run several social media campaigns for a very diverse set of clients. I am always available to discuss the project and I'm a true self-starter. I help online (and offline) entrepreneurs form and execute marketing strategies to boost their customer base and increase sales. My specialty is in helping clients set up their social media marketing campaigns (the technical aspects of profile readiness) and maintain it long-term so they can concentrate on running their business. I am a copywriter and specialize in website content, and content related to product branding. I also write for several blogs. I help clients develop their brand and close gaps in their online marketing efforts. The message here is that in order to be talked about, content must be remarkable. Good is far too safe, boring and most often times easily forgotten. Differentiate yourself to your customers. Find the market that is the most profitable. Most companies (unless your toilet paper) do not cater to the masses. You should not be marketing to everyone because it's a waste of time and money. Although, the Internet provides a way to reach a mass market, to say that you should market to everyone is misguided logic. Every business should have a clear understanding of what market they serve- then find out how to reach them. If you're blindly throwing in the fishing line and hoping to catch something, anything...then you're wasting your marketing budget. Your potential clients are all online, and I can help you break through the clutter to find them and capture their attention. I like marketing products with momentum. I like marketing products that really have the potential to catch on. I love working with startups and professionals. If your business needs to be revitalized I can help you with that too. Marketing a remarkable product makes me giddy- but so does figuring out how to make your average product marketable. Some of my clients have contacted me while still in the concept or product development stage- this is a great time to put a team together and bring me in as a consultant to help you put your marketing investment into your product. Some products and services are easy to spread, others are a bit of a challenge. This is where the importance of strategic and tactile marketing and copywriting come in. Your website, product or service marketing decides whether your business hangs in the balance or catches on. Marketing is measurable and risks are necessary but manageable and thus containable. Metrics help you decide what works so you can do more of it. Your entire business can be optimized. Launching a new product or service is much too important to be left to just one person, contact me today and Ill get back to you within a few hours. Thanks, Erin Corral

$149.00 /hr
386 hours

Chase Mirkovitz

Chase Mirkovitz

Internet Marketing + Sales Copywriting Specialist

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 10

Are You Looking For A Reliable, Ethical And Meticulous Marketing Pro To Help You Take Your Internet Business To A New Level Of Success? Great! Because you’ve come to the right place, at the right time, for the right reason, looking for the right guy… My name is Chase Mirkovitz, and as an Internet Marketing and Direct Response Sales Copywriting Specialist, it is my goal (and passion) to help EDUCATE and MOTIVATE your prospects to ACT… NOW! ...Whether it's compelling copy so they fall in love with your brand and buy your stuff… or you want a fresh new perspective (and plan of execution) for your current business model... I'm confident I can help you tackle the most pressing challenges when it comes to scaling your online business. I have highly practical skills in: • Internet Marketing & Sales Strategies (…lead generation, e-mail drip campaigns, sales funnel optimization, SEO, PPC, affiliate programs…) • Social Media Management (…ad campaigns, content creation, community moderation…) • Video Sales Letter Production (…script writing, storyboarding, designing…) • Sales Copywriting (…letters, ads, webpages…) • Info-Product Creation (…content outlining, development, design…) • Content Marketing (…blog posts, webinars, lead magnets…) • and more... My passion for this field is unquenched and unquenchable…. ...And I bank on my reputation. In fact, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when working with me: • 24 Hours (or Less) Response Time: I know you want answers, and I am committed to ensuring that you get them when you need them (ASAP). • Clean & Professional Output: No half-assed work leaves my laptop. Plus, milestone and final drafts are always read, re-read and re-RE-read for proper spelling and grammar (so you don’t have to *deal* with it). • Honesty, Integrity & Communication: My word is my bond and I value my relationships. I look at them all as long-term partnerships, whether or not I’m hired for the job. • Productive, Proactive & Efficient: If you ask me to handle something, I dig in and do it as effectively as possible — no questions asked (that is unless I need clarification…). • Creative Risk-Taking: I push myself to think of solutions that oftentimes go against conventional practice. (Otherwise, how are we suppose to produce original work, right?) • Teamwork & Camaraderie: I’m not a stiff and I enjoy the process of collaboration. If I’m your guy, it’ll be a pleasant and smooth ride with smiles and virtual high-fives. ;) But that’s not all… Here are some highlights about me that give you a better sense of my abilities: • I helped my most recent client - - grow their email list by 16% (10,000 new signups) and customer base by 32% (800 new) in the span of three months… with landing pages, sales thank you pages and follow up email sequences. • My recent info-product I published on (here: attracted 5,500+ students and generated a 4.1-star average rating (out of 11 reviews) since February of this year… with a video sales pitch I handcrafted, recorded and edited myself. • I have a two-year proven track record managing over $250,000 in Paid Social Media advertising campaigns for several category-leading brands in the consumer product goods industry… during my time we grew our clients’ accounts by tens and even hundreds of thousands of highly-targeted AND qualified fans… most at very low costs (…we’re talking $0.10 per Like “low”). • AND, I’ve written and produced two of my own e-books in the social media management space (and here: and personal development space (here: Also... As a student of marketing and copywriting I've absorbed many courses and studied top experts like Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Dean Jackson, Eben Pagan, Mike Koenigs, Jeff Walker, MaryEllen Tribby and others… So… If you’re ready to talk to a guy who loves what he does and is in this business first and foremost to be of world-class service, I would love to see how my knowledge and experience can be leveraged and applied to help you achieve your BIG business objectives. :) Please feel free to contact me at any / all of the following: Skype: chase.mirkovitz Email: LinkedIn: Phone: 310-513-5235 P.S. If you’d like to see me “buttoned up,” just keep scrolling down below for the “corporate” resume stuff (where I worked, etc.)… P.P.S. Here are those skills I was talking about earlier: • Web: Wordpress, InfusionSoft, Bronto, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, PostAffiliatePro, 1ShoppingCart, Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Facebook Power Editor, Qwaya, and more • Creative: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, InDesign, Flash ; iMovie • Admin: MS Office, iWork, Google Drive, Mac OS, Dropbox, iCloud

$55.00 /hr
86 hours

David Crowther

David Crowther

Landing Page Design, CRO, A/B Testing, Email Marketing, Copywriting

United Kingdom - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 14

I can help you: ✓ Increase leads or sales through your landing page. ✓ Add more subscribers to your email list and convert them to customers. ✓ Optimize your e-commerce or SaaS website to increase conversions. ✓ Write copy that coverts for your website, email marketing and blog. Examples of how I've helped other companies: ★ Overhauled an existing landing page to increase its enquiries by 310%. ★ Increased a clients click through rate by 140% for their email marketing campaign. ★ Designed a Google friendly landing page for a Google AdWords campaign and increased leads by 84%. ★ Increased the Average Revenue Per Visitor by 12.33% for an e-commerce website which provided an estimated $3,214,883.00 in additional revenue. My core experience (over 16 years) is in: - Conversion rate optimization - Landing page optimization - Direct Response Copywriting - Unbounce landing pages - Hubspot landing pages - Wordpress landing pages - A/B testing - Split testing - Multivariate testing - Email marketing strategy - Email copywriting - Email autoresponders - Drip campaigns - User experience / UX / UI - Usability testing - Information architecture / IA - Wireframes / wireframing - Project management I have experience with the following services/tools as a Conversion Rate Optimization expert: - Mixpanel, Clicky, ClickTail, KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics and - Optimizely, and Visual Website Optimizer - Wufoo, Formstack, SurveyMonkey and Qualaroo - MailChimp, Awebber, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor - Drip, Vero, and Check out to learn more about me and my experience. So, click on the big 'Contact' button in the top right of this page and let's see if we can work together. Kind regards, David Crowther P.S. My consultancy services are currently in high demand and as such there may be a short waiting period. If your job is high priority or has a deadline, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

$150.00 /hr
217 hours

Mark Forillo

Mark Forillo

Copywriting and Internet Marketing

United States - Tests: 16

Over the past 5 years I have provided professional copywriting, editing, marketing, and social media services for several internationally recognized companies/brands. I am also quite proficient with a computer and I'm highly experienced in extensive research. I would like to continue to utilize my versatile skills while increasing my knowledge and expanding my writing abilities.

$23.76 /hr
3,838 hours

Stefan S.

Stefan S.

copywriting expert, marketing, German & English

Germany - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 12

Copywriter, translator and marketing/C.I. expert, native German, worked for major international brands. 18+ years experience in marketing and creative writing. Proved skills in localizing. Native level English, US-certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing; Sharp, analytic and highly creative mind. I worked for advertising agencies like Oglivy Mather and DDB; companies like Coverdale, Futurelab, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus and many more trusted me in copywriting and/or localizing their communication.

$55.00 /hr
134 hours

Misty Keith

Misty Keith Agency Contractor

Copywriting|Consultation|Marketing|Editing Services

United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 12

Your content matters. Your reputation matters. The impression you present to those who click onto your page matters. Now, with that being said, most small, mid-size, and corporate business entities need an expert copywriter to help propel their image forward in a positive manner. I can do that. It is your content that drives consumers to buy--in fact, every single word has an impact! Consumer friendly and original, remember that! After nearly two decades in professional copywriting, I've worked across a broad spectrum of markets. The entire goal is to increase your success, because without that, I'm not successful. I don't pussy-foot around, I provide a positive outcome, and I work hard to give each and every client a great end result, which 98% of the time is exactly what happens. Regardless of your market, I always, always give that authenticity that works. From PR projects, Kickstarter campaigns, Sales pages, Website Content, Bio's, EBooks, Email marketing and even more--I am a profound wordsmith! If you want to work with someone in that top-rated percentile who will not just say what they can do, but deliver--let me work for you.

$38.89 /hr
6,978 hours

Chella Valkering

Chella Valkering

Dutch Multilingual Writer - SEO - Copywriting - Marketing

Colombia - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 6

Translating and localizing English <> Dutch -- Copywriting, Content writing & SEO -- Proofreading & Editing -- Online Marketing, Communication & PR Great sense for using the required tone of voice. Knows how to aim for the highest conversion. Background in Sales and Marketing. Professional, punctual, dedicated, creative and enthusiastic. Writing has always been one of my talents and has now become my professional expertise. Due to my sales and marketing background, I know how to approach different target groups effectively. As a writer, this results in communicating a wide range of messages succesfully to various readers using the right tone of voice, whether the goal of a text is to inform, entertain, motivate or to convince. I studied International Business and Management in Amsterdam, with a minor in International Marketing, and I participated in an exchange program in Bangkok (Thailand). I finished my foundation year in Media and Communication studies and as an English teacher, I am TEFL qualified. Over the years I have been active in several professional fields, in both commercial as social entreprises, being given many responsibilities. These responsibilities vary from leading and training sales teams, writing business proposals, managing online marketing and PR, to coordinating events with over 500 visitors.

$30.00 /hr
375 hours

Arman A.

Arman A. Agency Contractor

Former Googler - Expert in Online Marketing / Copywriting / Content

United States - Tests: 1

Welcome! You're reading the profile of a high-level, experienced, painfully detail-oriented perfectionist. I settle for nothing less than A+ work. See my LinkedIn profile for details on my background: My writing at, a popular "solopreneur" blog and community, has reached millions of people in all 196 countries worldwide. I have worked with many popular entrepreneurs and successful companies as a consultant and freelancer. I recently worked directly with Jeff Walker—NYT #1 bestselling author of "Launch", and creator of the Product Launch Formula. I also handled all branding, digital marketing, and operations for Chad Mureta—author and founder of "App Empire". My standards are incredibly high. If yours are too this will be a great match. While I don't call myself a "guru", I am considered an expert in many disciplines. Below are some of the areas I can help you. If there's something you're looking for that you don't see listed here, please ask. - Creative and Technical Writing/Expert Copywriting: I'm a writer and blogger for multiple authority sites. I own a popular website ( and my writing has been featured on, Business Insider, Fox Business, Under30CEO, and much more. I enjoy writing about entrepreneurship, productivity, lifehacking, travel, and personal growth—but I am open to most topics. As a copywriter, I have learned from the best in multiple spaces. My work is known for its genuine tone, and I have an ability to write for any industry (e.g. I'm currently working with a non-profit meditation center, and a used heavy machinery site). My copy converts prospects into buyers without ever being pushy, and focuses on value and storytelling - Content Marketing - I am considered an expert in this space after spending years managing a wide range of digital marketing and content responsibilities for multiple popular entrepreneurs and bestselling authors. I can create customized action plans and blueprints specific to your business, as I have done many times in the past. You can consider me a trusted partner in this area, as I will work closely with you to create a plan of action and strategy that meets your organization's needs. Content strategies are always changing, and being an expert marketer requires one to be a student of this craft—which I am. - Digital/Online Marketing and Growth Hacking - I have direct experience with growing an engaged, thriving community in multiple niches through: email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, PPC, YouTube/video marketing, and much more. This is an area I live daily. - Product Launches - I have directly worked on and managed product/service launches that have reached over $3 million in sales in a 7-day window. I have all the strategy, direction, and specific resources you'll need to be successful in your launch. - Automation and scale: At a high-level, this is what all my work and expertise comes down to. As a business owner, your goal is likely to automate and scale as many aspects of your company as possible. I can provide a wide variety of unique consulting to help you achieve new heights in your business. - Managing Editor and Editing: As editor of my own site and having served as Managing Editor for multiple popular blogs and authority sites, I have a passion for editing content and polishing words. I also have experience with managing an editorial calendar, sourcing content for guest posts, editing guest articles, and publishing content that follows top industry standards.

$129.00 /hr
212 hours

Graham Constantine

Graham Constantine

The Biz Coach | Marketing, Copywriting, NLP, Product Launch, Training

United Kingdom - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

As promised he over delivered. Not just in results - I gained 13 new clients within the space of a month - but in terms of professionalism, reliability and perhaps most of all...being the person who - finally - was able to not only help with the nuts and bolts of internet marketing but also the 'sky view' overall strategy of my business. Frankie Graham Constantine has been working with my company for at least 3 years and I have referred him to other clients of mine because his work is great and he cares about his partnerships with businesses that he works with. Graham started with me setting up Infusionsoft and creating campaigns and then he now supports me on strategy and program launches. He is ethical, hardworking, and a great person to work with. I would recommend him 10 times over. Lastly, when you work with Graham, you feel like he truly cares about your success and he aligns his goals with your goals. Some of Graham’s best attributes are priceless. Melissa

$125.00 /hr
504 hours

Angela N.

Angela N.

Copywriting, SEO and Brand Consulting for online marketing

United Kingdom - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I have a strong dedication and pride in my work, and enjoy a professional and friendly relationship with my clients. I have worked with major international brands and small start ups, providing clear, jargon-free advice and strategy for successful online marketing. I specialize in SEO, Social Media, Copywriting and Online Marketing. I am available for consultations, strategy set up, analysis and reports. Please contact me to find out how my experience, knowledge and advice can greatly help your business.

$22.22 /hr
1,326 hours