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Guro B.

Guro B.

Frontend developer


Hello everyone, who reads this. Last of time I'm working like frontend developer, I have wide experence in this. I worked with jquery, node.js, mootools, angular, vanilla javascript, d3, with the most famous javascript frameworks. I know python and such framework like django, a little - pyramid. My interests are system programming, machine learning and CV, but in this subjects I'm not so good as in frontend developing. I'm using Gentoo + xmonad. I know also Haskell and Rust, I have experience with Erlang, Objective-C, Cordova, MoSync, C, C++, CUDA. Thank you

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Bruno Vasconcellos

Bruno Vasconcellos

Senior Web Developer with advanced Node.js

Brazil - Portfolio: 2

I work across all the layers of a modern web application, from the database to the applications running on the server and in the browser, then to final deployment to reliable & scalable cloud hosting. I enjoy reaching across these layers to build a cohesive, well-considered app with everything put in the right place. Most importantly, I know how to write code that has a solid theoretical foundation. If your project requires high quality, "bullet-proof" code, I can help you. Even though my core competency is Meteor JS, I am also a senior full stack LAMP / MEAN stack / Native Javascript engineer During my career I have worked with many different technologies, both proprietary and open source. My knowledge of programming languages and systems’ administration allows me to integrate and automate much of my work. I work best with small remote teams, flexible work hours and in highly communicative environments. To me, anything less than full and complete customer satisfaction is unacceptable. Honesty and candor are very important for me in business. Websites CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Web development: AJAX, JQuery Caching / Performance: Google PageSpeed, MemcacheD Databases Relational: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, PostgreSQL NoSQL: MongoDB, REDIS, Neo4j, Riak, HBase, Cassandra, RavenDB, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, Couchdb Experiences NoSQL/Memory storage solutions Node.js REST backend Web scraping Web crawling User subscriptions Paid & unpaid memberships Services Payment processing and payment gateway Integration Responsive web design and customization CRM, ERP, SEO Web Apps Languages: Javascript, javascript(ES6), ECMAScript 5, ECMA6, PHP, ASP, .NET, Python, C#, Sparql, Ruby, Coffeescript, TypeScript, C++ Frameworks: Node JS, Express JS, Koa JS, Meteor, Meteor JS, GruntJS, Struts, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Backbone.js/ Marionette.js, Skeleton (for smaller projects), Pyramid, Knockout.js, Play, Spring,, Angular, Angular.js, Ember.js, MEAN.js, Web service: XML / JSON, REST / SOAP Online Payment Gateway: PayPal, Stripe Clouding: Parse, Amazon AWS, Firebase, Digital Ocean, Rochen, Dropbox, Rackspace, Heroku, Azure Cloud Communication: Twilio, Tropo Google: App Engine, Cloud Messaging, Push Notifications General UI: Custom views, animations, Adobe CC 2015 (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) Testing and Analytics: New Relic, Google Analytics Project Management: Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, Teamwork Version control: Github, BitBucket, SVN, Microsoft TFS Video: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, FX Factory PHP frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Yii, CakePHP, Phpfox, CodeIgniter, Phalcon MVC frameworks: Rails, Ext.js, Sails.js Web frameworks: Django, Magento, Concrete5, .NET Framework Ruby frameworks: RSpec Stylesheet Languages: SASS/SCSS, less/less.js MapReduce: Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce with python streaming, HIVE, Kafka Search Technologies: ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Oracle, Solr, Lucene Monitoring: Monit, Sensu, ELK (LogStash), Grafana Management: Chef, Ansible, Docker, Etcd Platforms: Digital Ocean, Google Languages: Go AWS: ec2, S3, ELB, SDB, Route53, RDS, EMR, Dynamo Platform: Ubuntu 64 Async Message Passing: zeromq Webservers: Apache, nginx, tornado, cyclone, uwsgi, gevent, Load balancers: Nginx, haproxy Load & Stress Testing: Apache AB, Apache, Tsung Web Frameworks:, bottle Scripting Language: LUA JavaScript libraries: jQuery (right way to categorize), Breeze.js, D3.js, React.js Try me for a week risk free with full protection under up. Work's money back guarantee!

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Nate Aune

Nate Aune Agency Contractor

Experienced Python developer

United States - Portfolio: 1

I'm the founder and president of Jazkarta, a Boston-based web development and consulting firm that has been building beautiful and functional websites and web applications for the last 10 years. Jazkarta creates websites and web applications with open source software. We are experts at software architecture, design, implementation and deployment. Our focus is on Python technologies like Plone, Pyramid, Django, and Open edX. Our experience, expertise, and agility allows us to deliver high value with maximum efficiency. Jazkarta has been delivering successful solutions to educational institutions, non-profits, government, and business since 2004. We work with our clients as collaborators, high level consultants and developers, and we treat them as partners working on the same team. Our business model enables us to put the best people available on our projects, regardless of location. Rather than settling for local talent, Jazkarta makes the best people available to you in an efficient and cost effective way.

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Denis V.

Denis V.

Python/Django/NodeJS/AngularJS developer

Cambodia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

Experienced software engineer with over 6 years of experience with computer programming. Proficiency with Python, JavaScript, and C++ languages. Strong Linux, UNIX administrative skills. I put emphasis on well written and well commented code. I complete projects on time, with consistent and timely written updates. Languages: Python, JavaScript, C++ Backend Frameworks: Django, Flask, Pyramid, Pylons, Tornado, ExpressJS, SailsJS, MeteorJS Frontend Frameworks and libs: AngularJS, Backbone, EmberJS, KnockoutJS, JQuery Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached Other: Rabbit-mq, ZeroMQ, Celery. Expert in Amazon Web Services and OpenStack infrastructure. I have strong knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

$22.00 /hr
97 hours

Ignat S.

Ignat S.

Idea generator. Python and web developer

Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I like to design nice working and nice looking things. I've being doing web programming since middle school. Later, during my high school and early university years, I learned a bunch of other programming languages and techniques. One of these was Python, which became my go-to tool for the majority of my programming: countless labs were done with it from computer vision to compiler theory, from artificial intelligence to (surprise!) web programming. So I have a good understanding of how it works, how to work with it, when to use it and last but not least, when not to use it. So far I have worked in one local company as a web developer and have started a few projects of my own in between course work. Now I am eagerly pursuing my first freelance employment here at oDesk. I like to chat via skype. My spoken English is much better than my written one and I believe that you can get better idea about a person via voice chat rather than text messaging. Please contact me any time.

$25.00 /hr
678 hours

Asif Saif Uddin

Asif Saif Uddin

Software Architect, DevOps Strategist, QA & Data Science Engineer

Bangladesh - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 1

A highly responsible Software Architect and DevOps Engineer having more then 3 years experience of designing and developing Enterprise grade complex systems using Python's django/flask/tornado web frameworks. I also have experience in developing and designing large systems capable of processing huge streams of data and high traffic flow. Used scientific python stacks like scipy-numpy-matplotlib-pandas-simpy-scikit-learn-statsmodel-vispy-networkx etc for scientific analysis. For software testing and QA i like to follow agile scrum and Behavior Driven Testing to achieve that. Py.test, pytest-bdd, pytest-splinter, pytest-django, jasmine/mocha etc are my favorite BDD testing tools and I hate boilerplate xUnit type code. Used Linux-PostgreSQL-nginx-gunicorn/uwsgi-celery-rabbitmq-HAProxy-fabric/ansible/salt etc for deployment management Reactive javascript frameworks like react/vuejs are my most favorite client side javascript tools and prefer coffeescript for writing better code. Used D3.js/Leafletjs etc too. I'm a big fan of functional reactive programming. Besides ORDBMS I used mongodb, redis, cassandra and neo4j as nosql solutions. Worked on the domain of GIS, Bioiformatics and Health Informatics. The services I provide: ✔ Restful back end service/server for mobile & web applications ✔ Mobile & web application development using python/django/flask/html5/coffeescript ✔ Server & system administration ✔ Relational & NoSQL database design, administration and performance tuning. ✔ Web/API scraping, data mining & analysis ✔ Simulation and Modeling ✔ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence You should hire me because I usually spend sufficient time in brainstorming and discussing with clients to figure out the best possible solutions for their projects before actually writing codes or deploying to production. My working philosophy is to follow the best conventions and configurations available for the specific platform to ensure a high performance robust system which will ultimately scale.

$16.50 /hr
62 hours

Alex Serebrennikov

Alex Serebrennikov Agency Contractor

Python/Python/JavaScript (Angular JS) Developer

Kazakhstan - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

Hi! I'm Professional full-stack (Python/JS) Software Engineer with experience in creating scalable and high load systems. Over past 3 years I've developed some projects using JavaScript and Python/Django, BDD, TDD, DocTest, UnitTest, Selenium, Tornado, Pyramid, HTML, CSS, MySQL, SQLITE(3,4). I'm hard worker, so I do my best to provide my clients with the work done in a timely manner and they say I'm easy to communicate with. I am self-motivated person, able to work effectively alone as well as in team. - Languages: Python - Python development: Django,Tornado, Flask, Scrapy and client-server's software from scratch; - UI front-end development using HTML5/one page application, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Angular, D3.js, Marionette js - Database: PostereSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis. - Search: ElasticSearch, Sphinx. - APIs: Facebook, Stripe, AWS, Twitter, PayPal etc - Systems: Unix/Linux; Ubuntu/Debian - Layout:HTML5; CSS2/CSS3 advanced techniques Waiting for your interesting offers and productive cooperation! Regards, Alex

$28.00 /hr
2,761 hours

Abhi Kumar

Abhi Kumar Agency Contractor

Full Stack PHP , Cloud, Devops, ERP/CRM, JAVA and Python Developer

India - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 4

" You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. " This is what I have enacted in my career of over 8 years. I Have proficiency in many open source technologies like PHP/MySQL, Python, Django, ASP.Net and in MVC compliant frameworks like CI, Yii, Zend and CakePHP. I have worked on high traffic and dynamic sites in eCommerce, Tour & Travel, Social Networking domains. More about skills :- =============== * Python framework: DJango, Flask, Bottle, Pyramid, TurboGears and Racthet * CSS framework: SAAS, Compas and SASS * Applications: Google APP Engine * Web technology: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery and WebSockets * DBMS: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB Key/Value: Memcache, Radis * Template engine: Smarty, Twig * API Integration: Social Media API's like Facebook,Twitter,Google API, Google Map, SMS Gateways * Payment gateway: PayPal, Stripe, and EBS * Subversion tools: SVN, GIT and ZIRA * Cloud: Eucalyptus infrastructure setup, cloud infrastructure setup, AWS, Jyont, Vultur,SoftLayer,Linode, Azure and EC2 I always develop products with best practices. Having expertise in all the above mentioned skills, I have developed more than 100+ sites with 100% client satisfaction.

$25.00 /hr
1,484 hours

Bosco M.

Bosco M.

Full Stack Web Developer

Kenya - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

I have developed experience and understanding in Python and it's web frameworks especially Django, Pyramid and Flask.I specialise in building web applications for startup companies as well as Enterprises.My competency in software development standards is firm and i'm conversant with Agile methodologies as well as core principles such as TDD which contribute to the overall quality assurance i give to my clients.

$15.00 /hr
333 hours