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  1. Umair Ahmad Khan

    Umair Ahmad Khan Agency Contractor

    IPhone , PHP, XML, Java , .NET Programmers

    Pakistan - Last active: 05/11/2012 - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 9

    Over last 3-4 years i have developed many desktop and web applications using JAVA, C# ASP.NET , Php, HTML, Ajax , MySQL and SQL Server. I also have some experience in C, C++, Python and Objective C. I am seeking opportunities to build applications from the ground up for you or your business.

    Associated with: IXPAW

    $13.00 /hr
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  2. Juan F.

    Juan F.

    django web developer and other python web frameworks

    Brazil - Last active: 6 days ago - Portfolio: 3

    Since 2009, I have developed a wide range of web apps using Python web-frameworks, specially Django, but also web2py, flask, and pyramid, from simple sites to large e-commerce and reinsurance web platforms integrated with other services via RPC (Apache Thrift) and Restful APIs (TastyPie). I Also have some experience building android apps with PhoneGap. I am seeking opportunities to build solutions from the ground up for you or your business.

    $35.00 /hr
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  3. Darko Smoljo

    Darko Smoljo

    iOS and Android developer

    Croatia - Last active: 10/14/2014 - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

    Hi, my name is Darko (27) and I love developing native applications for iOS and Android platforms. I'm still rushing toward my masters degree in applied computer science but that didn't stop me to do a full time job last 2 years in mobile app development with two great firms in Croatia. I've worked on over 10 projects with a great success with which I've gained a lot of different skills and experience. I have also worked on developing RESTful APIs with PHP/MySQL/json in which I believe to be a great extension for any mobile application. I'm also in love with Python programming language (thou not yet as skilled as I'd like to be), which is the reason for me to take some cool web frameworks like Pyramid or Django and learn new stuff. I have already been certified with Oracle Java SE 7 Programmer I (exam number 1Z0-803), and I'm looking forward for next level exam (1Z0-804). Other than Java certificates I'm highly interested in companies management and IT use of best practices, which is why I'm studying for ITIL foundation certificate. Brief summary of my expertise: - iOS development: - Objective C expertise - porting apps to iOS 8 - CoreData/SQLite on device - Push notifications - iPhone and iPad development - Android development: - Java certified developer - screen size optimisation - SQLite on device - Push notifications - experience with USB interface on tablets (Reading/Writing data to external devices - PHP/MySQL/json: - CRUD operations

    $25.00 /hr
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  4. Farid El Nasire

    Farid El Nasire

    Web Developer & UX Designer

    Netherlands - Last active: 04/10/2014

    I'm a web-developer with a love for UX-design, born in '92 and raised in a small city called Hoorn just outside of Appsterdam. I recently got a diversity immigrant visa and will be moving the states this summer. I have been in love with computers and other electronics ever since I can remember. Even as a little boy I often frustrated my parents because I used to screw open all the electronics at home to see how things worked on the inside (and back then I usually had no idea how to put everything back and close it again). I am extremely passionate about anything related to startups or technology, especially when combined and would love to work on things that change the lives of millions or even billions. I spend my days crafting things for the web in both the frontend (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript) as well as the backend (PHP, Python/Django/Pyramid).

    $69.44 /hr
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  5. Andrew Sednev

    Andrew Sednev

    Senior JavaScript/Node.js/Python Developer

    Russia - Last active: 11/23/2014 - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

    I am JavaScript / Node.js / Python full-stack developer. I developed different RIA web-applications from architecture to front-end and back-end over the last 9 years. I am using JavaScript as front-end and back-end the last 4 years (BackboneJS, Jquery, Web-Sockets). Also I developed back-end on Python (Django, Pyramids). I am using SCRUM as a common methodology for development projects. I can start to develop on your projects in your team as senior JavaScript / Node.js / Python developer immediately.

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  6. Alex L.

    Alex L.

    Senior Python, Django Developer

    Ukraine - Last active: 3 months ago - Tests: 10

    Full-stack Web Developer with more than 6 years experience in software development. Solving challenging problems with cutting edge technologies like Django, Pyramid, Tornado, AngularJS, Backbone. My strong point is high level of productivity and professionalism which helps me to always meet even tightest deadlines accurately following customer's requirements. Unlike the others, I'm also paying serious attention to the quality of the code which I make. My code follows best practises in world of Python and JavaScript having clear documentation and full tests coverage to ensure stability and maintainability of the end-product.

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  7. Tim Joseph Dumol

    Tim Joseph Dumol

    Full-stack Web Developer and Algorithms Programmer

    Philippines - Last active: 09/02/2014 - Tests: 2

    An avid competitor in programming contests, machine learning enthusiast, and a full-stack developer, Tim has been in love with math and coding since high school. Tim's first foray into open source was in his senior year at high school, where he was a heavy contributor to the web UI for the Sage mathematical software package. Thereafter, he discovered the excitement of programming contests, and placed in several national and international contests, such as the Google Code Jam, the Manila Game Jam, and the ACM ICPC. While competing in college, Tim freelanced for a couple of years until he was found by Kalibrr, the first YC-backed company in the Philippines, where he now works as its Chief Hacker. Outside of his work at Kalibrr, Tim is focused on attracting young talent into technology by improving the competitive programming landscape in the Philippines. As Scientific Committee Head of the National Olympiad in Informatics - Philippines, Tim has helped organize one of the first national high school algorithmic programming contests, and seeks to continue on this path. * Experienced in web development, with heavy background in Ruby, Python and Javascript development, with work in the backend and frontend, using technologies such as Django, Twisted, Flask, Rails, AngularJS, Pyramid, and Werkzeug, among others. * Background in frontend, backend, and devops work. * Active competitor in programming contests, including the recent ACM ICPC Philippine Invitational Programming Contest (1st), ACM ICPC Jakarta Regionals 2012 (9th), and Google Code Jam 2011 (Rank 786 of Round 2).' * Former contributor to Sage ( who has participated in over 100 tickets, including a major makeover of the Sage Notebook, its web interface. Specialties: algorithms, web development, operations

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  8. Artur Karapetov

    Artur Karapetov

    J2EE developer and system engineer

    Russia - Last active: 5 months ago

    Over the last 4 years, i have developed a few large corporate systems using Java (Spring, Hibernate, Maven, JDBC) for front-end (business javascript, css and mark-up). Also i worked as system developer (automatization, analyze and parse and etc) using Python, bash scripts. Python i used also for web projects (Pyramid framework). My core skills is a resolve tasks using large stack of technologies.

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  9. Ivan Z.

    Ivan Z.

    Python, Django developer

    Ukraine - Last active: 12/23/2013 - Tests: 1

    * Development environment: Emacs (sometimes VIM). * Programming languages: Python (mainly, since 2008), JavaScript (strong), Ruby (sometimes). * Frameworks: Django (mainly), Twisted, Tornado, Flask, TurboGears, Pyramid, Werkzeug, CherryPy, Ruby on Rails... * JavaScript Frameworks: Dojo, jQuery. * CMS: Django-cms2, Django-Page-CMS, PyLucid... * Social networks: Pinax. * Bug-tracking: Trac (mainly), Django-projector, Redmine. * OS: Debian (server), ArchLinux (desktop, server), Ubuntu (desktop, server), Fedora (desktop, server). * HTTP servers: Nginx (mainly), Apache2, Lighttpd, Unicorn. * CVS: Mercurial (mainly), GIT, SVN, Bazar. * Also, I've a good (5+ years) experience with PHP, Zend Framework, Drupal, but it, mainly, in the past (2004-2009). Also: Solr, Memcached, Social networks integration, HTML5 API History with legacy browsers, geonames services, partner's API, advanced ACL, flexible user notification, variouse Ajax widgets, sub-processing, threading, Queue, Async, cache-tagging, nocache fragments (phased cache), 3-d SQL Builders, morphology, template engines, cache cleaning synchronization with DB transactions, AOT, SQL optimization, etc. See more on bitbucket:

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  10. Boris Bobejko

    Boris Bobejko

    Software engineer, Python/Golang Developer

    Russia - Last active: 10/13/2014

    I have developed web applications for 9 years. Last 7 years I use Python, to create scalable, fast and reliable backend applications (gamedev, web, transaport layer, communications, load balancer, queues, content delivering chains). Also last year used Golang and Nodejs for developing strong gamelogic backend. I have deep knowledge in such python frameworks as: * Pyramid/Falsk * SQLAlchemy * Twisted * Tornado PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis is my favorite tools for data manipulation. I have strong SQL skills and good knowledge in data organization for NoSQL storages. My secondary backend developing language is Golang which give me full power of native applications and parallel programming. Python projects developed and released: * MMORPG cluster communication protocol & game logic actors/services; * Sport social network; * Ecommerce service; * Telecom accounting delivering system (from telephony stations to billing system); * Content delivering system for publsihing company; Projects developed/released on golang: * TCP Frontend Load Balancing server for binary propietary protocol; * Specific queue-messaging system for internal cloud communications; * REST/WebSockets API for backoffice subsystems; * Transaction manager for games accounting; * Casual games logics servers; I have also good skills in JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone). Also have some experience with AngularJS. Has little experience with dart, erlang, C. My home system is MacOSX. But prefered develop and testing software on ubuntu linux server. All my work is organized by mercurial and optional on git.

    $27.78 /hr
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