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Oliver Birch

Oliver Birch

Full-Stack Web Dev. Cambridge Computer Science Grad.

United Kingdom

Cambridge computer science graduate. 1 Year Experience at a top end-to-end engineering consultancy and 1 Year running my own startup. Full stack web developer: --Python --Django --Flask --SQAlechmy --Mongo --AngularJS --Bootstrap

$35.00 /hr
27 hours

Patrick H.

Patrick H.

DevOps Engineer / Sr Linux SysAdmin / Developer

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 7

Over my 10+ year career I've worn many hats including - DevOps Engineer - Software Developer - Solutions Architect - Systems Adminsitrator - Startup Advisor - Consultant My primary specialties are working with startups to - create DevOps tool chains - build reliable, scalable and performant applications and infrastructure - automate the operations / systems porition of the business Work Profile I work best with small remote teams, flexible work hours and in highly communicative environments. As every startup is unique I work with your team to build the solution that works best for your product or service. Historical Synopsis I began my career as a traditional software developer but saw my interests shift towards the intersection of systems and development - now what people refer to as DevOps. My knowledge of programming languages and systems administration allows me to integrate and automate much of my work. Here is a brief sampling of skills and technologies I am currently (2015) working with: Linux - CentOS, Ubuntu/Debian, CoreOS Data - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch Monitoring - Monit, Sensu, ELK (LogStash), Grafana Management - Chef, Ansible, Docker, Etcd Platforms - AWS, Digital Ocean, Google, Heroku, Rackspace Frameworks - Rails, Pyramid Lanaguages - Ruby, Python, PHP, Go SCM - Git Companies I've worked with include Airbrake Exceptional ExitTicket Gotham Tech Labs Idea Evolver Koding MEDL Mobile My Learning Plan Original Skate Boards PermitSoft Plateology Purpose Foundation Rackspace RevSocial Sencha TalentHarness

$75.00 /hr
3,059 hours

Sergei A.

Sergei A.

System Administrator and VoIP Engineer

Russia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 1

I am very experienced(8+ years) linux administrator. Last year I worked with HA projects and have a good knowledge about right architecture of services. My Skills: Linux, Unix, OpenStack, Virtualization Deploy: Ansible(I created modules for it), Chef VoIP: Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS, Kamailio Web Servers: NGINX, Apache Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB Scripting: Python, Bash, Perl, Ruby

$23.00 /hr
201 hours

Ruslan Ksalov

Ruslan Ksalov

Full stack developer (python, erlang, javascript)


I'm a fullstack web developer with 10+ years of experience. I have rich experience in development and long-term support of complex websites. I participated in the development of projects such as corporate portals, shops, ecommerce systems, RTB systems, mobile backend systems, CRM systems, monitoring systems, analytic systems, applications for social networks (Facebook, VK), online contests, games, etc. I have experience in construction of high-load, scalable systems, service oriented architecture, load testing and performance optimisation. ***** Backend development ***** I have excellent knowledge of Django framework & third-party django applications. I have experience with lightweight python frameworks: gevent, flask, bottle, tornado, werkzeug. I often used celery, rabbitmq, zmq. I often used databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, redis. I have little experience in elasticsearch, sphinx, postgis. Also I have little experience in node.js (I used it to work with websockets). ***** Linux server administration ***** I can configure a web server: nginx, uwsgi, gunicorn, supervisor, ssl. I can configure deploying a web application: fabric, vagrant. I can create overall project infrastructure: Continuous Integration (TeamCity), error logging (Sentry), functional testing (Selenium), load testing ( I have experience in Amazon Web Services: EC2, SES, S3, Route 53, ElasticCache, RDS, ELB. ***** Highload ****** I have experience with high-load systems, horizontal and vertical scaling, load balancing. And I want to grow in this direction. In November 2015, I attended a professional conference Highload++. Also I have been learning erlang/OTP & n2o framework for future projects. ***** Frontend ***** I'm also familiar with frontend technologies. I have rich experience in development of single-page applications: AngularJS (2+ years), Backbone. I developed online/offline monitoring system, online file manager, administrative panel and many other interfaces. I well know: jquery, underscore (lodash), HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Boostrap I have experience with chart.js, d3.js I use modern tools such as gulp, grunt, bower, yeoman. I also have experience in canvas (fabric.js). I have little experience in mobile development with phonegap. ***** Team Leader ***** I have experience as a team leader. Writing documentation, creating tasks for developers, coordination between frontend and backend development teams. I well know git-flow, Jira/Confluence, agile. ***** My brief history ***** I have Master Degrees of Computer Science. At university I studied Pascal, Delphi, C++, Visual C++, Prolog, GPSS. I started web development in 2005 using PHP. I switched to Python and Django in 2009. I often alternated work in an office with freelancing. I worked in a fairly well-known production studious in Russia. I participated in the development of projects for companies such as Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Samsung, Danone, Jacobs. I work at Upwork since February 2015. I am currently looking for a long time full time contractor work. Buzz words which could help you to find me: python, django, django-rest-framework, gevent, torando, flask, bottle, werkzeug, celery, rabbitmq, zmq, brukva, elasticsearch, sphinx, postgis, nodejs, redis, mongo, mongodb, nosql, postgres, postgresql, mysql, memcached, mvc, rest, restfull, architecture, unit-tests, nose, fake-factory, factory_boy, ajax, websockets, erlang, otp, mnesia, linux, ubuntu, iptables, ntp, ssl, https, smtp, nginx, uwsgi, gunicorn, supervisor, fabric, sentry, ci, teamcity, jenkins, selenium, soa, highload, architecture, cloud, scaling, amazon, aws, ec2, ses, s3, route 53, elasticache, rds, elb, digitalocean, angular, angular-ui-router, restangular, backbone, jquery, underscore, lodash, chart.js, d3.js, gulp, grunt, bower, yeoman, canvas, fabricjs, phonegap, jira, confluence, redmine, youtrack, rtb, cms, crm, monitoring, analytics, social, contests, games

$27.78 /hr
1,439 hours

Jake B.

Jake B.


United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 9

I am an established web-developer and systems administrator with a focus on full-stack LAMP development. As a programmer I have experience with PHP based frameworks such as laravel and wordpress. My work is clean, responsive, well documented and SEO friendly. I have spent much of my time working on and leading teams and have experience with version control and other collaboration tools. As a systems administrator I have built and maintained clusters on AWS and Softlayer. I have expertise in the areas of disaster recovery, database management, resource allocation, log management and architecture for small and medium sized clusters. I am currently pursuing a maters of science in Cyber Security. I have a network of graphic designers and frontend developers that I can call upon if need be. I have formal training in project management with a focus on the agile and waterfall methodologies. Feel free to check out my website at for more examples of my work. Technologies I have recently done projects with: Laravel 4 and 5, Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress, Angular JS, Jquery, PHP, Python, Java, Mongo DB, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS, LESS, HTML 5, Git, Jira, Amazon Merchant Services

$75.00 /hr
126 hours

Waqas Ajaz

Waqas Ajaz

NodeJS, AngularJS,Ionic, PHP, AWS, PhoneGap, Android

Pakistan - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 5

★ Experience: 5 years (Web, Android, PhoneGap Apps) ★ Languages: Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript ★ Frameworks: Android, NodeJS, Rails, Codeigniter, AngularJS, Express ★ Databases: mysql, Sqlite, Mongo ★ Platforms: Ubuntu ★ Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery, AngularJS, DustJS ★ Tools: GruntJS, NetBeans, Navicat, Vim ★ Deployment: Amazon, Heroku, GoogleAppEngine ★ Management: piviotal ★ Services: Amazon Web Services, Facebook APIs ★ Others: RequireJS,UnderscoreJS, SocketIO, LESS, DoJo, BackboneJS, AWS(S3, SNS, ec2, SES, RDS)

$25.00 /hr
592 hours

Terence Taih

Terence Taih

Senior Java Developer

Vietnam - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

I'm a Senior developer with more than 5 experience years on enterprise-grade development. My strongest skill is Java. I have worked with many Java framework from web to database. - Web: Play framework, Tapestry framework, Struts, Spring MVC. - Database: Hibernate (MySQL), Hector (Cassandra), Morphia (Mongo), Redis - Cache: Hazelcast, MemCache. - Search: Elastic search, Apache Lucene - API: Resteasy, Jersey - Beside them, I usually work with: Linux, Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, Nginx, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon CDN, OAuth, Restful API, Web service, Json processing (org.json, jackson) - And have worked with (administration and query ) both database SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, ...) and NoSQL (Cassandra, Mongo, Redis …). About another language, I can code with Nodejs well. I already build project with Nodejs, express and MongoDB. I'm looking for long-time contract, in challenge/interesting project, get exciting experiences to archive my dream: To become an excellent software architect. I will try my best to perform projects, meet all requirements and believe on making customers satisfied.

$15.00 /hr
218 hours

Adam Coulon

Adam Coulon

Expert Full Stack Developer for Hybrid Mobile and Web Applications

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

Hello, My name is Adam Coulon. Currently I'm located in Atlanta, GA. I live with a friend of mine named Bryan Oliver and we produce full stack hybrid mobile and web applications. We have 2 years experience in hybrid mobile development and enjoy freelancing. We're both part of a group called Whitehall Technologies We develop front end applications using the Ionic framework paired with the Cordova plugin. This allows us to efficiently build applications across all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Web, etc.). The back ends that we create utilize Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Express for quick development, scale-ability, and sustainability. We also develop web applications using both Angular.js, bootstrap, and zurb-Foundation. More specific server related skills: Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL Languages: Java, Javascript, Python, SQL Features: RESTful API creation, Sockets, Database integration, User registration/validation/authentication Security: cookie or token based authentication, HTTPS Frameworks/Modules: Node.js, Express, Angular.js, Passport, Grunt, Bower, PM2, MEAN stack Other skills: Statistical analysis Research publications Presentations Big data Customer relations Most aerospace-related topics Background: I started off college as an aerospace engineer and graduated from Purdue University in 2010. My original goal was to work for NASA, but I realized just how much I love to program, and decided to change my focus as I entered graduate school. I'm currently attending Georgia Tech as a masters student in the computational science and engineering program. Goals: I'm using oDesk as a gateway to finding freelance contracts that I or both Bryan and I could be a part of. If you have any questions, definitely let me know. I'm online pretty consistently :) Thanks and best regards! -Adam LinkedIn:

$45.00 /hr
6 hours

Kamaladhar T.

Kamaladhar T. Agency Contractor

Node.js/Angular.js Developer

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 6

I will work for 1 month for free provided the technologies you employ are exciting. Myself and my team are looking to be part of challenging projects and exciting startups. I have 3 years of experience in developing web applications of varying complexity. My skill set is: Frameworks: mean stack, strongloop, django, meteor, play, android Databases: mysql, redis, mongo Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, Swift VCS: git,svn PAAS: AWS, Heroku, GAE Other libraries: threejs, d3,nvd3, websockets, grunt, express, socketstream, phantomjs, sass, coffeescript, kineticjs. Good understanding of Linux and unix-like systems. Skype: Gmail:

$32.00 /hr
797 hours