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Ethan Koeman

Ethan Koeman

Python/Django developer

Canada - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

Over the last 15 years, I have developed a wide range of python/django applications. My core competency lies in backend development, and I am seeking opportunities to build web applications for your business. • Programming languages: Python (primary), Perl • Python Frameworks: Django, Flask, Scrapy • IDE’s & debugging tools: PyCharm, NetBeans. • Version Control Systems: GIT (GitHub, Bitbucket) • Databases: sql and no-sql databases (mysql, sqlite, postgres, mongodb). • Classic and Agile software development methods Major areas: - Web applications (both backend and frontend) - Location based services - Python packages and modules - Web scraping

$35.00 /hr
1 hours

Sergey S.

Sergey S.

Data Scientist with Machine Learning focus

Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I have 10+ years of experience in the software development, including 5+ years of experience in creating architecture of high-loaded Internet projects. Currently I am working mostly with data science and machine learning projects. I have about 1 year experience in Kaggle competitions. I have great experience of using machine learning algorithms in real commercial products. Main areas of expertise are: - Machine learning: Classification, Regression, NLP with Python - Numpy, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas (3+ years of experience) - Big data: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark - Intelligent WEB Scrapers development: Python + Scrapy (2+ years of experience) - Internet marketing and analytics: Google Analytics, A/B testing, SEO, SEM, Social media (8+ years of experience) - Custom web applications: Python + Django (3+ years of experience) - Software architecture: (5+ years of experience) - Project management: (5+ years of experience) Software stack – Python, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, Mahout, Django Cloud – AWS Cloud, Rackspace- Open Stack. High Performance computing through parallel computing – AWS cloud, Hadoop. SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL NoSQL - MongoDB, Redis. I have skills in multiple disciplines, which allow me to choose the best solution for the ultimate goal (proper technologies stack selection, etc.) Feel free to connect me in case you have a really hard problem, which may require either very deep domain experience or experience from different areas combined. I have a master's degree in Computer Science from leading national university (NNSU).

$65.00 /hr
6 hours

Azwar K.

Azwar K. Agency Contractor

Web & Mobile Developer . eCommerce . WP . Angular . Ionic & Magento

Canada - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 12

Over the last 12 years I have designed & developed web & mobile applications for 100s of agency partners & clients. Some of the most notable projects include work for Motorola, GM, D+H, Davis & Henderson, Johnson & Johnson, HP & many others. TECHNOLOGIES: WordPress Magento Angular JS Node Express JS Laravel Codeigniter Shopify Woocommerce ecommerce bootstrap jquery php mobile framework ionic phonegap cordova Python django and LAMP PROFILE SUMMARY: - eCommerce solutions bring in over $4,000,000 in revenue to clients - 100,000+ mobile application downloads through the iOS & Google play stores. - Designed & Developed applications used by over 15,000,000 annual users - Membership sites with over 20,000 registered users OBJECTIVE: My goal is to utilize my experience, communication skills & problem solving skills to deliver value and build awesomeness. NOTE: Only accepting serious clients. All fixed price projects are based on the hourly rate. Other Technologies I have worked with include: Magento, WordPress, LAMP, PHP, Laravel, python, mongo, mongodb, MEAN (Mongo Express JS Angular Js Node JS), javascript, sql, postgres, postgresql, mysql, wordpress, html, html5, jquery, highchart js, Highstock js, php yii, cake php, laravel, twitter bootstrap, node js, amazon aws, angular, backbone, java play framework, agile scrum methodology, jira, confluence, project management, consulting, management consulting, startups developer, web engineering, cake php, phalcon php, code igniter, woocommerce, ecommerce, membermouse , bbpress, forums, salesforce api, stocks api, api development, ETL layer, linux / unix administration, shell scripting, automation, ruby on rails, django framework, semantics, sparql, i18n, internationalization and localization, user management software, user subscriptions, paid & unpaid memberships, scrapy framework, web scraping, web crawling.

$55.00 /hr
4,779 hours

Maxim Burdiean

Maxim Burdiean Agency Contractor

+Android +Python

Moldova - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

My main skill is developing Android applications. I have been doing this since 2008, 7 out of 16 years in software development. * analyzing requirements and designs, preparing estimates and roadmaps * native applications, for various device sizes and features * building from scratch and adding new features to existing code * coding, debugging, profiling, analyzing, fixing and tuning * Activities, Fragments, Services, AIDL, Broadcasts, AsyncTasks, ContentProviders * app prototypes with custom UI controls * building NDK libs/frameworks, binding Java code to native * integration with well-known services through mobile SDKs and implementing HTTP protocols with JSON/XML/binary data. Prefer using REST+HAL approaches also like Google Protocol Buffers. * publishing applications to PlayStore. Solving problems related to applications publishing, expansion files, multiple APK, GooglePlay filters * Google APIs: Billing/Licencing, Cloud Messaging, Analytics, My next skill-set is about Python: * developing various toolchain scripts. For image processing, code generation for Android, iOS and WP8 apps * implementing web-services, HTTP+JSON. * GAE back-end, Cloud Datastore, memcache, Cloud Messaging * web-scraping with BeautifulSoup and scrapy More skills: * English, written and verbal communications skill on a pretty high level (although, self-assessed) * Managing software projects, especially about mobile applications. * SQL DML, DDL, stored procedures, triggers, performance tuning (MS SQL, SQLite, mySQL, FireBird) * C# for console applications, web-services, WP8 applications. * JS with node.js and for cloud code Other areas of interest: Cryptography, Machine Learning, Functional Programming Tools I use for doing my job: git, GitHub/BitBucket, AndroidStudio, PyCharm, Google Volley, GreenDAO, UIL Postman, scrapy

$35.00 /hr
0 hours

ZhungJin Jin

ZhungJin Jin Agency Contractor

Expert Python/Mobile Developer

China - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

Hello, I have spent to develop myself as a professional in web&mobile programming industry. I am a full-stack developer with Android & iOS, Rails and Django. I don't like to waste your and my time. I am looking for projects with strong believes to build good relationships. What you can expect from me: * Quality work (heavy testing, best practices, readable and maintainable code that "just works") * Short response time (actually I'd even prefer daily conference calls via skype) * Good speaking English * Seamless integration with your current team What would I expect from you: * Clear task definition * Easy communication * Adequate and in-time payment

$44.44 /hr
20 hours

Aleksey S.

Aleksey S.

Linux && Software routers && Virtualisation && Python

Russia - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 1

1. Linux: big experience in Debian based ditributives. iptables, soft-raids, LVM, squid, exim, Zimbra, OSPF, BGP, VPN etc. 2. Virtualization: ESXi, HyperV, ProxmoxVE (KVM+LXC) 3. Zabbix expert 4. Routers/firewalls: VyOS (Vyatta), Mikrotik, PfSence, open vSwitch. 5. Asterisk, FreePBX, 3cx PBX-es 6. Python (Django/Scrappy), system scripting.

$33.33 /hr
3 hours

Caio Ariede

Caio Ariede Agency Contractor

Django developer with love


I've been working with Python and Django for more than 4 years. Listed below are some tools/libraries I've already worked: * git * virtualenv * nginx * redis * gunicorn * rq * celery * elasticsearch * django-oscar (ecommerce) * scrapy You can see more at:

$35.00 /hr
921 hours

Paolo Calvi

Paolo Calvi

Django Specialist and Senior Web Developer

Brazil - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 6

I love to develop in Django. I can define myself a Senior Programmer and a Technical Leader, specialized in projects that uses Python/Django as backend and Angular JS as frontend. The two frameworks connected through methodologies like RESTful calls, Websocket ( or traditional HTML server side rendering. As corollary I have robust knowledge of Linux servers management and Python application environment deployment. My particular experience makes me capable of autonomous development on small projects plus a great integration skill with teams on larger ones. An in depth knowledge of all development problematics makes me a competent Project Manager and technical advisor. ✎ Languages & Frameworks - Python : Django - PHP: Yii ☉Databases - PostgreSQL - MySQL, - SQLite, - MongoDB ☺ Frontend - Javascript, JQuery, Angular.js - HTML, CSS - Twitter Bootstrap ♨ Servers - Amazon EC2 - Heroku - Linode - Gentoo - Ubuntu - Fedora Core

$27.78 /hr
4,709 hours

Edin Vatric

Edin Vatric

Imacros JavaScript Programmer

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Tests: 2

I am doing iMacros/JavaScript scripting and it's is my hobby plus it's related to my education. I make scripts/bots/macros to automate any task you want. If you want a script to read from excel file and fill some form that can be done. Or if you need a script that will automate submitting forms, automate tasks on traffic exchange sites, account creation (proxy supported) and website scraping I will do just that for you. Over the last year and I have made scripts that fill forms, solve captchas and a lot of other task. My customers were very satisfied with my work since I include safety procedures in my macros/scripts. Personally I am proud of fact that I've broken through iMacros limits and I can use it just as any other language out there. I can open files from hard drive, run programs with iMacros and do stuff that iMacros documentation doesn't say. So far I have 5 years of experience in iMacros and over 1000+ finished projects. The projects include different tasks, from scraping to auto fill and submit the information on website forms.

$22.22 /hr
47 hours

Yury M

Yury M

Web Scraping (scrapy) / Java Web Developer

Belarus - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 5

A highly skilled and widely experienced IT professional with 5+ years in the development of web applications based on different technologies such as Spring, Struts, MyBatis, Grails, Hibernate, Jersey. In-depth knowledge and experience in information systems architecture, software design methodologies, software design patterns, and object oriented analysis and design. Also I am very experienced in web scraping (scrapy, beautiful soup, lxml, phantomjs and selenium frameworks) and have good skills in linux (installation, configuration, bash scripting). - In-depth knowledge and experience in information systems architecture, software design methodologies, software design patterns, and object oriented analysis and design. - Proficiency in all stages of software development lifecycle. - Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities, powerful troubleshooting skills. - Self-disciplined, highly motivated and a quick learner. - Strong team player with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

$30.00 /hr
527 hours