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Alfons Jose

Alfons Jose

Expert in Web Scrapping and Data Extraction(Scrapy/Selenium/Python)


Hi, I'm an expert in Web Scrapping and Data Extraction specialized in extracting data for E-Commerce sites. From my past background as CTO for a E-Commerce company, I look to provide insight and strategize in finding effective methods of auto-mating price and stock updates from your supplier's portals and other web scrapping projects. I hence emphasize highly of precise data-extraction and scrapping in any format my clients require. I highly believe in efficiency and transparency and will be willing to develop automated scrappers so that in the long run your business is self-sustainable with regards to data-extraction and scrapping.

$14.00 /hr
15 hours

Nawazish ul Qadir

Nawazish ul Qadir

Python, django, Rest APIs, web scrapy framework, Sencha touch Expert

Pakistan - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 8

My work speaks for itself and I am happy to make changes until you are happy. I am not going to bore you with a marketing style write-up about how great my coding is and how versatile. If you want a serious programmer, freelancer or researcher, within python, php, sencha touch or Moovweb, that would be me. I have been working in python for a long time. Python Scripting (php to python) conversion Python script writing (download, upload) files on ftp, files data parsing(json,csv), Regex and string modules, text processing. 3rd party libraries(urllib2, BeautifulSoup, Requests, lxml) Social media APIs expert(twitter, facebook, linkedin) etc Scrapy framework expert for web scraping to get the useful data including the images data from ecommerce sites. django framework, Restful APIs development (big data) python with Mysqldb and Nosql(mongos) Google geocodes and google maps expertise. Real estate data expert (large data)

$8.89 /hr
774 hours

Madalin Pasarel

Madalin Pasarel

Web developer

Romania - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 8

Over the last 5 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using Codeigniter, Drupal, Wordpress, HTML, PHP, Python, MongoDB and MySQL including sites for startup companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-to-end management of new websites development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. I also have some experience in the following areas: Javascript, Ajax, OOP, basically in all new technologies.

$33.33 /hr
36 hours

Sergey S.

Sergey S.

Data Scientist with Machine Learning focus

Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I have 10+ years of experience in the software development, including 5+ years of experience in creating architecture of high-loaded Internet projects. Currently working mostly with data science and machine learning projects. I have about 1 year experience in Kaggle competitions. I have great experience of using machine learning algorithms in real commercial products. Main area of expertise are: - Machine learning: Classification, Regression, NLP with Python - Numpy, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas (3+ years of experience) - Big data: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark - Intelligent WEB Scrapers development: Python + Scrapy (2+ years of experience) - Internet marketing and analytics: Google Analytics, A/B testing, SEO, SEM, Social media (8+ years of experience) - Custom web applications: Python + Django (3+ years of experience) - Software architecture: (5+ years of experience) - Project management: (5+ years of experience) Software stack – Python, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, Mahout, Django Cloud – AWS Cloud, Rackspace- Open Stack. High Performance computing through parallel computing – AWS cloud, Hadoop. SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL NoSQL - MongoDB, Redis. I have skills in multiple disciplines, which allow me to choose the best solution for the ultimate goal (proper technologies stack selection, etc.) Feel free to reach me in case you have a really hard problem, which may require either very deep domain experience or experience from different areas combined. I have a master's degree in Computer Science from leading national university (NNSU).

$65.00 /hr
6 hours

ZhungJin Jin

ZhungJin Jin Agency Contractor

Expert Python/Mobile Developer

China - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

Hello, I have spent to develop myself as a professional in web&mobile programming industry. I am a full-stack developer with Android & iOS, Rails and Django. I don't like to waste your and my time. I am looking for projects with strong believes to build good relationships. What you can expect from me: * Quality work (heavy testing, best practices, readable and maintainable code that "just works") * Short response time (actually I'd even prefer daily conference calls via skype) * Good speaking English * Seamless integration with your current team What would I expect from you: * Clear task definition * Easy communication * Adequate and in-time payment

$44.44 /hr
20 hours

Maxim Burdiean

Maxim Burdiean Agency Contractor

+Android +Python

Moldova - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

My main skill is developing Android applications. I have been doing this since 2008, 7 out of 16 years in software development. * analyzing requirements and designs, preparing estimates and roadmaps * native applications, for various device sizes and features * building from scratch and adding new features to existing code * coding, debugging, profiling, analyzing, fixing and tuning * Activities, Fragments, Services, AIDL, Broadcasts, AsyncTasks, ContentProviders * app prototypes with custom UI controls * building NDK libs/frameworks, binding Java code to native * integration with well-known services through mobile SDKs and implementing HTTP protocols with JSON/XML/binary data. Prefer using REST+HAL approaches also like Google Protocol Buffers. * publishing applications to PlayStore. Solving problems related to applications publishing, expansion files, multiple APK, GooglePlay filters * Google APIs: Billing/Licencing, Cloud Messaging, Analytics, My next skill-set is about Python: * developing various toolchain scripts. For image processing, code generation for Android, iOS and WP8 apps * implementing web-services, HTTP+JSON. * GAE back-end, Cloud Datastore, memcache, Cloud Messaging * web-scraping with BeautifulSoup and scrapy More skills: * English, written and verbal communications skill on a pretty high level (although, self-assessed) * Managing software projects, especially about mobile applications. * SQL DML, DDL, stored procedures, triggers, performance tuning (MS SQL, SQLite, mySQL, FireBird) * C# for console applications, web-services, WP8 applications. * JS with node.js and for cloud code Other areas of interest: Cryptography, Machine Learning, Functional Programming Tools I use for doing my job: git, GitHub/BitBucket, AndroidStudio, PyCharm, Google Volley, GreenDAO, UIL Postman, scrapy

$35.00 /hr
0 hours

Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Software Engineer

United States - Tests: 1

I consider myself a multidisciplinary engineer, with backgrounds in biological, biomedical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Currently Django Web Developer. Languages -Python -ANSI C -Java -Javascript -Bash -Shell -CSS/HTML5 -MATLAB -MySQL -MongoDB -SQLite3 Frameworks/Tools -Android -Django -Flask -Arduino -Chef -Ansible -Scrapy Serivices -AWS -Linode Additional Information: American-born (US Citizen) software engineer currently residing in Washington state (Pacific Time).

$66.67 /hr
0 hours

Caio Ariede

Caio Ariede Agency Contractor

Django developer with love


I've been working with Python and Django for more than 4 years. Listed below are some tools/libraries I've already worked: * git * virtualenv * nginx * redis * gunicorn * rq * celery * elasticsearch * django-oscar (ecommerce) * scrapy You can see more at:

$50.00 /hr
849 hours

Elizabeth Esswein

Elizabeth Esswein

python programming, data analysis and processing

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 5

I have an MS in computer science with coursework in algorithms, hardware, databases, information retrieval, and machine learning. I also have background in linguistics and math. I have experience setting up and maintaining Linux servers with Apache, PHP and MySQL and developing applications in that environment. My goal is to put my programming and system administration skills to work while learning about disciplines outside of computer science.

$50.00 /hr
919 hours

Sidharth Shah

Sidharth Shah

6250 plus Hrs, 6 YRS Exp Full Stack Dev Django,Python and Mobile

India - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 17

oDesk has recognized me as one of their top Developers. See the badge on the right of my profile for more information. I have 6+ years of programming experience. I hold MS in Computer Science from USC,CA. I am hands on programmer with hunger for knowledge. I have worked with Django, Flask, Tornado, Google App Engine and CherryPy pythonic frameworks. My interests are Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. I also happen to Coach, Mentor and Tutor fellow programmers on Python and Django You can checkout about latest updates here: also review my development log Please find a list of projects I have done below Django Projects: ============ A Legal Market Place Site WithMe A Real Estate Website(Launching Soon) Customer Support & Knowledgeable Software for Dental Equipments Manufacturer API for Vine like App Inventory system of Construction Contractor Educational Sector Project Outdoor Ad Campaign Management Tools Flask Projects: =========== RatingUI (Details on my Portfolio) API For Escapaide ( Big Data (Hadoop + Python Streaming) Projects: =================================== Amalgamood (Hadoop + Python Streaming) on Wikipedia dataset. Used Scrapy for fetching news from RSS feeds Social Media Analytics Project (Details on my Portfolio) Project Playlist Dashboard Torndao Projects: ============= Alfred Ticketing System (Details on my Portfolio) Google App Engine Project: ===================== Mobile AD Network API & Dashboard build on Google App Engine Following is Dropbox link to images of the project: Arduino Projects ============ 1. Multi Agent Robots controlled via Python 2. Sensor Networks for Detecting Open Doors and Analytics 3. Home Automation System controlled via Android and iPhone Mobile 4. Mood lighting controlled via LED Strip via Android Tablet 5. Promodoro Timer built using custom PCB

Groups: Upwork Verified Developers

$44.44 /hr
6,872 hours