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Aleksander Ponomarev

Aleksander Ponomarev Agency Contractor

Lead Ruby and Javascript developer

Russia - Tests: 7

I am full-stack Ruby and Javascript developer from Russia with 10 years of expirience in web dev. I enjoy working on Rails and React apps — architecture design, coding, testing and maintaining. I am a professional remote worker and oDesk is my full-time job. That means I don't work on spare time, I do that when I'm most productive. As a developer I love to participate in and launch long-term projects and create production-quality web apps with well-thought architecture, thorough test coverage and clean, readable code. Here's why you should work with me: 1) Communication & presence Despite the fact that I'm probably in a different timezone than you (UTC+4), presence and communication will never be a problem. * I have fluent written and spoken English, lived in US, travel a lot, I even have IELTS certificate! * I work every work day at the office space , so you can expect daily commits and 100% availability * I have reliable internet connection, backups and a conference room for confidential online meetings * My typical work hours are between 9am and 6pm Moscow time, but I can be available as early as 5PM (yeah, I like mornings), which allows me to work effortlessly with clients form Australia and US, as well as Europe. * I am online at Skype, I read my emails and reply promptly, and I even have a mobile phone that you can call or send message to * Sometimes I even work during the weekend, but this is a rare case, nobody wants to get burned out. 2) Professional skills * I create web apps, APIs, integrate and migrate legacy systems. I have built apps with multitencany and multiple database adapters, offline, real-time and many more. * I am a TDD adept. I work with RSpec and Mocha/Chai, but I can adapt to your environment. * I can pessimistically estimate time required for specific feature, and tell you beforehand if it becomes obvious that estimation was wrong. * I stick to deadlines, commit daily and write comments. * I refactor wisely, my code is DRY, readable and clean * Rails development for 5 years, since 2.2. That means I can maintain, improve and migrate legacy projects, as well as create new ones with Rails 4. * Serious Javascript development for 5 years. I've worked with plain JS, prototype, then jQuery, then Backbone/Marionette, then Node and Coffeescript took over, and finally React/Flux is dominating client-side development (just my point of view). * General web development for 15 years. We all do HTML5/CSS3 now, but you never forget things like Dreamweaver and Perl/CGI. 3) Projects Unfortunately I can't show you screenshots or even links to the apps because of NDAs, but write me an email and I'll send you some code samples Some of the big projects I've been working for recently: * Australian company, worked on airport security apps and created big app for real estate * US client, created data warehouse that integrated lots of sources and presented analytical data in different ways (powered by D3.js) * US client, Backbone/Phonegap mobile app for real estate agents. * Cisco Russia, 4 years as lead web developer, created number of intranet projects, marketing apps and many more

$55.56 /hr
3,178 hours

Aleksey Stroyevskiy

Aleksey Stroyevskiy Agency Contractor

Ruby on Rails / Javascript / SQL

Russia - Tests: 6

Hi! I'm a professional web developer. I have more than 3 years of the experience. I work with these languages: Ruby, JavaScript, SQL and etc. My main skills are: ✓ Ruby / Rails 3.x / Rails 4.x ✓ Javascript & Coffescript (Node.JS / Client MVC frameworks) ✓ PHP / Zend / Codeigniter / Kohana / Yii ✓ HTML / DHTML / HTML5 / CSS / HAML / Less / Compass ✓ MySQL / PostgreSQL / nosql If you need a good and high quality web application, I will be glad to develop it for you.

$30.00 /hr
1,328 hours

Oscar Rendon

Oscar Rendon

Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, Elixir/Erlang

Colombia - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

Experienced Software Engineer, operating on the entire software life cycle, from conception to product release. Solid background on software design and software architecture. I've worked with C#/.NET stack, but now I mainly working with Ruby and Elixir/Erlang. I have a significant interest for most functional languages like Clojure, Haskell, Elixir/Erlang (plus Golang), Current Toolkit: Ruby, Javascript, Elixir, Erlang/OTP, AWS. Approach: Component based, test driven, results oriented, collaborative environments. Research/Interest Areas: Distributed Systems, Functional Programming, Data Science, Healthcare IT. I'm also co-organizer of Ruby Medellin meetup, Rails Girls workshops and RubyConfCo conference. My github profile:

Groups: Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Professionals Network

$50.00 /hr
440 hours

Vadim Marchenko

Vadim Marchenko

Ruby on Rails / JavaScript Developer

Russia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 8

I’m a seasoned Ruby / JavaScript developer with over 5 years of experience. I have experience in developing web-applications & services with both standard functional and unusual features using different platforms and technology stacks. I know how to pick the right instrument to reach the goal. I’m good at: developing multiplatform and security sites, database design, using version control system, using TDD and tests, working in a team, and more. Possess strong technical skills in Ruby on Rails, node.js, Bitcoin stack, CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL.

$33.33 /hr
2,880 hours

Antoine De Chevigne

Antoine De Chevigne

Web developer Ruby, PHP, Javascript

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

Software engineer specialized in web development. I can take care of building the whole stack of your application, from the database design to the frontend. I can also develop non native mobile applications. I'm specialized in PHP (codeigniter), Ruby (rails), Javascript (backbone, spine, ember).

$40.00 /hr
111 hours

Eugen O.

Eugen O.

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, AngularJS

Belarus - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

Senior Ruby Developer, 3.5+ years of experience in Analysis, Estimate, Design, Development and Maintenance of Web­based Software applications in a bunch of domains including News, E­ticket, Social network, ERP and Internet/telephony billing. Experience in both UI programming and Server Side programming. Profound knowledge of Ruby and JavaScript (CoffeeScript), particularly developing rich internet applications based on Rails and AJAX (JS frameworks ExtJS, Spine, AngularJS). Proficient in HTML, CSS and their wrappers haml, slim, sass. Have knowledge in C, C++, C#, Java, Erlang, Haskell, MATLAB (Octave) and R languages, Design patterns, UML, Object Oriented Design, Test/Behavior ­Driven Development, unit and integration testing (using RSpec, Cucumber and Capybara). Worked with relational databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and NoSQL solutions: Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j. Skilled in HTTP, REST, XML and JSON. Have experience in cloud solutions (Amazon AWS, Heroku) and Linux distributions. Expertise in estimating of the development efforts based on project scope on initiation phase, analysis of the complex business logic; support and maintenance of the live applications; performing of technical examination and prove­of­concepts (prototyping) for the effective solutions; code review; communication with the development team and QA; direct dialog with the Client.

Groups: Coding Champs

$33.33 /hr
93 hours

Maksymilian A.

Maksymilian A.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Sinatra developer.

Poland - Tests: 2

I believe that the Internet evolves at the rapid pace, technologies and methods of web development are different each month but only little group of certain web makers understand that fact and this effects in division of them into two groups: those who stick with writing code in old and deprecated way and those who use fresh yet production ready technologies and don't fear to play with experimental ones whilst maintaining high quality of the code. I proudly announce that I belong to the latter group, because I love innovation and self-improvement. In real life, high quality products and services are what I prefer thus offering the poor quality work would make me feel extremely bad. I've spent several years watching the Internet from the other side on my personal websites, now I decided to freelance to improve the Internet. As a beginner at oDesk, I decided to charge little less than usual ( Hourly rate below is a median one, the exact rate will be given during the consultations about the product ). Please do not hesitate to contact me about anything, I am certain that we will make some great business together.

$45.00 /hr
56 hours

Maxim Ananko

Maxim Ananko

Web Programmer - Ruby on Rails/Javascript/PHP

Ukraine - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 1

I enjoy creating web applications that are powered by Ruby on Rails, PHP on the backend side. I have been working as a Web Developer building a wide range of sites using PHP/MySQL, AJAX, Javascript. At the present time, I am looking for opportunities to create, develop and/or enhance websites. In addition, I am available for ongoing support and any other web development needs you may have.

$30.00 /hr
592 hours

Kenrick B.

Kenrick B.

Professional Software Engineer /w Ruby, JavaScript, Go

Jamaica - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

I'll start off by saying I love the web. I enjoy building applications to solve interest problems and have been doing so using Ruby on Rails and Node.js for over 7 years. I don't take shortcuts in the development process ensuring the application is well tested and coded. Using proven coding principles and patterns to build a strong foundation which reduces costs and rapidly grows the software. I'm also proficient in linux based operating systems able to deploy and maintain remote servers (AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku) To learn more about me check out my website: or take a look at some of the code I have written:

$66.67 /hr
609 hours